Poser 7 Service Release 1

Вышел первый набор дополнений для Poser 7.

На вопрос, какие именно изменения коснулись "седьмой" версии Poser, лучше самих разработчиков e-frontier никто не скажет. Вот полный текст с оригинала.

Poser 7 English Service Release 1 for Windows

e frontier Poser 7(r) Service Release 1

Thank you for downloading Service Release 1 for Poser 7 by e frontier.

This readme includes important information about this Service Release. Poser 7 Service Release 1 updates all English versions of Poser 7 by addressing several known issues present in the originally released version. Installing Service Release 1 on top of your existing Poser 7 installation will enhance Poser 7's reliability. e frontier is committed to creating stable and functionally rich software tools.


- Installing Poser 7 Service Release 1
- Enhancements and bug Fixes in Service Release 1
- Documentation Errata/Additions
- Known Issues
- Deleting Temporary Files
- Technical Support
- Copyright

INSTALLING Poser 7 Service Release 1

Installing Service Release 1 for Poser 7 is a very simple process that updates your existing Poser 7 application to the latest version. You must have a valid installation of Poser 7 already installed prior to installing Service Release 1.

- If you modified any of the content that shipped with the retail version of Poser 7, the Service Release will not overwrite these modifications and your Poser 7 figures, etc. will not be updated. In this case, e frontier recommends backing up your modified content and reinstalling Poser 7 from your original CD. Any modified application support files such as UI XML, etc. might be overwritten and should be backed up before applying the Service Release if you want to preserve the changes.
- If you haven't installed the Poser 7 Content Updater yet, please download and install it in addition to the SR1 application updater. The SR1 application updater does not contain any content updates.
- You can find further information here:

To install Service Release 1, simply double-click the 'Poser7-SR1.exe' (Windows) or 'Poser 7 SR1' (Mac OS X) icon. The installer automatically locates your Poser 7 installation and patches the necessary files to the latest version. You can press 'No' if you'd like to browse directly to your installation folder. This installer upgrades all English versions of Poser 7 to the current version. Please do not apply this Service Release to any localized version (Japanese, French, German) of Poser 7. Doing so would damage the installation.

We attempt to create updaters that will work with existing installations as seamlessly as possible, however given that a user's Poser directory can be in varying states of organization, it is always the "safest" to apply the updater to a clean install of the application.


FireFly Render Engine
- Fixed case where artifacts would show while render in separate process was progressing.
- Improved stability when making movie with multithreaded rendering active.
- Improved stability when 3D motion blur is active.
- Increased stability by further optimizing raytracing database.
- Now shutting off raytracing automatically if raytracing database setup fails due to lack of memory.
- Fixed case where canceling a FireFly render would show 'Problem during rendering' dialog.
- Improved 3D motion blur quality for transparent surfaces and reduced memory consumption. Please note that the result is visually different from previous versions.
- Enabled rendering in separate process (Mac OS X Panther only).
- Fixed case were rendering in separate process would leave artifacts in rendered image (Mac OS X only).

Sketch Render Engine
- Enabled Sketch Designer presets.

Preview Render Engine
- Fixed case where applying certain materials would corrupt transparency preview (OpenGL Hardware shading only).
- Fixed case where applying certain materials would corrupt preview (OpenGL Hardware shading only).
- Fixed problems with Enhance Multilayer Transparency (OpenGL Hardware shading only).
- Made Preview transparency Settings persistent.
- Now always drawing current/active selected item with red outline in the Preview window.

File I/O
- Enabled multi-frame export for LWO format.
- Enabled search for files referenced by movie texture nodes.
- Fixed instabilities with file Open dialog in background while web browser downloads a file (Mac OS X only).
- Now properly saving animation layers set to 'add' composite mode.
- Improved reliability of bump map handling.
- Enabled removing injected morph targets using decompressed REM pose file (Windows only).
- Improved reliability of alternate geometry path handling.
- Improved stability after importing OBJ file.
- Added 'Hide Extension' option for exporting images (Mac OS X only).
- Improved performance for deleting large objects.
- Fixed case where Poser would prompt 'Cannot find body prop' erroneously.
- Fixed case where saving a scene containing 3rd party figure with binary morph targets would result in an unreadable file.
- Fixed crash on undoing deletion of props imported from 3DS file (Mac OS X only).
- Fixed file corruption on export when 3DS size limit of 64K elements is exceeded.
- Fixed freeze after reporting error on importing 3DS file.
- Corrected format filter to facilitate loading of PWK files in Walk Designer (Windows only).
- Now exporting BMP images with 24 bit color depth for increased compatibility.
- OBJ export: MTL file now includes texture references for all materials that share a certain texture.
- Improved file search to find items from external runtimes more quickly.
- Fixed external binary morph target instability for JCM/JSM.
- Improved file search for bump map textures.
- Now exporting JPEG images at quality specified.
- Now exporting images at resolution (pixel per inch) specified on Render Dimensions dialog.
- Exporting BVH now does not trigger undo any more.

- Fixed case where replacing figure with 'Keep deformers attached' enabled would corrupt scene.
- Fixed case where adding item to Collection would corrupt original file.
- Fixed case where creating Collection on Collections tab would expose Runtime folders (Mac OS X only).
- Now not attempting to apply Universal Pose any more when configuration file is missing.
- Now preventing creation of gratuitous camera object on applying newly added camera set from library.
- Improved stability on selecting 'Build Library Menu' after building library menu timed out due to runtime size.

Material Room
- Fixed memory leak in movie texture node (Mac OS X only).

Face Room
- Corrected position of Face shaping tool parameter value text entry fields (Mac OS X only).
- Improved head-to-neck welding for JessiG2 figure.

Cloth Room
- Improved reliability when handling multiple cloth simulators with the same collision figure.
- Fixed corruption of scene caused by very long cloth simulation.
- Corrected shortcut for canceling cloth simulation - now Esc cancels instead of Enter.
- Canceling cloth simulation via keyboard shortcut does not cause corrupted scene any more.
- Improved reliability when handling multiple cloth simulators.
- Canceling cloth simulation now more responsive.
- Canceling cloth simulation does not cause corrupted scene any more.
- Synchronized simulation Start and End Frame default values with scene animation length.

Setup room
- Improved stability on undoing bone adjustments in setup room.

Content room
- Fixed Auto-install problems (Mac OS X only).

- Exporting BVH does not create keyframes in animation layers any more.
- Enabled playback of result after making AVI movie (Windows Vista only).
- Corrected behavior of Pause button.
- Fixed crash on making Flash movie.
- Animation layer selection menu now shows correct layer order.
- Translate parameter dials now work when IK is enabled and an animation layer is active.
- Now playing back frames before first keyframe.
- Fixed case where applying an HDR IBL set while an animation layer was active would fail.
- Fixed Graph palette resizing problems.
- Applying layered pose with merge to base layer chosen now works when composite method is Add.

Talk Designer
- Poser now uses init value to restore default eye position.
- Fixed instability caused by high blink frequency.
- Fixed case where repeatedly importing the same sound file during one session would lead to error message.
- Fixed crash on importing empty WAV file.

Walk Designer
- Adjusting tweaks does not stop preview figure any more.
- Fixed crash on canceling loading custom figure while walk preview is active.

Hierarchy Editor
- Now properly initializing 'Object Parent' and 'Point at' dialogs (Mac OS X only).
- Enabled toggling body part visibility on invisible figure.
- Enabled toggling visibility of universe.
- Enabled 'Apply Std Rotation Order'.
- Enabled Figure->Set Figure Parent for body parts without actual geometry.
- Reduced flickering of Hierarchy editor.

- Now saving thumbnail for newly added library item to correct location (Mac OS X only).
- Enabled setting import/export options.
- Improved stability after running compressPoserFiles script (Mac OS X only).
- collectSceneInventory now reports texture maps in any image shader node.
- Improved reliability of Compress Files checkboxes.

- Enabled network serial check (Mac OS X only).
- Enabled Document window full screen switch (Mac OS X only).
- Enabled site license serial numbers.
- Improved editing tools usability when camera is scaled.
- Enabled undo for Figure->Figure Height.
- Added new modifier key: Shift-Delete now deletes an object without recording it for undo (deletion is then not undoable any more).
- Mouse button assignment now more flexible, Hierarchy editor obeys reversed button setting.
- Enabled duplication of lights.
- Now redrawing application window after closing document, switching task to other app and switching back to Poser.
- Edit->Duplicate now disabled after deleting figure.
- Delete key now more reliable.
- Enabled undo for "Hide figure" and "Show all figures".
- Enabled saving of UI preferences (Mac OS X Panther only).
- Editing Tools keyboard shortcuts now work after alt-clicking parameter dial.
- Conformed objects now remain conformed if Body or hip is rotated by exactly 180 degrees.
- Corrected state of magnet visibility checkbox.


- The Poser 7.0.0 Reference Manual contains a number of glitches that were corrected in the Poser 7.0.1 Reference Manual, which is installed by the Service Release 1 updater.


- Poser 7 generally runs fine under Windows Vista. There are a few issues that might require workarounds. Please refer to our Windows Vista knowledge base article for details:

- We strongly recommend saving hair groups to the Hair library with their underlying prop. This is because hair is grown from vertices and must be associated with vertices on its underlying object in order to function correctly.

- To save hair to the Library palette, select a hair group (or its underlying prop) then click the ADD TO LIBRARY button. You will be prompted to select your desired hair subset(s). Clicking the SELECT SUBSET button opens a hierarchical display allowing you to select the hair groups that you want to save. Be sure to save the parent object!

- When saving a subset of props to the library only the currently selected object will retain its morph targets. To save morph targets on all members of the subset choose Edit->General Preferences... and uncheck "Use external binary morph targets" temporarily. Once the subset has been saved to the library, "Use external binary morph targets" may be reactivated.

- Adding a prop to the library: When adding a prop with morph targets that is parented to a figure, the prop might not retain its morph targets if Poser is set to write external binary morph targets. In case you encounter this problem, please choose Edit->General Preferences... and uncheck 'Use external binary morph targets' temporarily. Once you're done adding figure-parented props with morph targets to the library, you may reactivate 'Use external binary morph targets'.

- Texture search: In previous Poser versions, textures were occasionally specified by their file name only. Since in that case the search mechanism has to search with just the name, it will find the first texture with a matching name. Please keep your texture names unique to avoid loading the wrong texture when opening legacy scene files. Poser 7 always attempts to store an application relative path or an absolute path (whichever is appropriate) in the scene file. Also, the Poser 7 Texture Manager always displays the full path of all loaded or previously loaded textures. This will aid in determining the location of any texture file.

- Rendering in separate process: In some cases, Area Render might fail when rendering in a separate process. If you encounter this problem, please retry, render a full frame, or consider rendering internally.

- Color on the alternate diffuse channel of a root node will not preview in the document window.

- If you have difficulties using the Face room's photo matching feature due to the rotation of the head in your photos not matching the selection outlines, please consider rotating your photographs in an image editing application.

- A note on using the DivX codec when making movies: the DivX codec can only be used with standard aspect ratio (4:3).

- Some 3D file formats have restrictions in output size. In 3D Studio (.3ds), an object can consist of no more than 65,000 polygons. In Lightwave 5 (.lwo), the maximum size of a scene is 65,000 polygons. Please use the LWO2 export option if you want to export LWO files of objects larger that 65,000 polygons.

- Using the Auto Install feature in the Content room might leave temporary files behind. Please delete the files in the temp folder if you want to conserve disk space (Windows only).

- There is an incompatiblity with Unsanity's Window Shade X potentially causing an undesired Window Shade effect on Poser palettes. Please add Poser to Window Shade X' list of excluded applications if you encounter this problem (Mac OS X only).

- Library thumbnails in PNG format that contain both data and resource fork can cause instabilities. Deleting the resource fork resolves this issue (Mac OS X only).


You must be registered to receive technical support. The Registration dialog shown on the first launch of Poser 7 offers to automatically register you. You can register at a later point in time through following the REGISTER Poser 7 web links under HELP->e frontier WEB LINKS.


Please visit our Web site for the latest information on registration and technical support. For up to date information on our technical support policies or for our online frequently asked questions go to:

For issues related specifically to Python support or enhancement requests, please email

Please note that e frontier reserves the right to change its support policies at any time.


The Program and the Documentation are ©1991-2007 e frontier America, Inc. and e frontier, Inc. All rights reserved. The e frontier logo is a trademark of e frontier America, Inc. and e frontier, Inc. e frontier and Poser are registered trademarks of e frontier America, Inc. and e frontier, Inc. All other product names mentioned in the Program, the Documentation, or other documentation are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Registered and unregistered trademarks used herein are the exclusive property of their respective owners. Licensed product.