Всем привет!!!!
столкнулся с проблемой.............
как привязать объект к вершинам другого объекта
(к примеру корабль на волнах качается.......)
буду признателен за помощь
посмотри скрипт SubLink здесь:

или используй:

Attachment Constraint
Animation menu > Constraints > Attachment Constraint

The Attachment constraint is a Position constraint that attaches an object's position to a face on another object (the target object doesn't have to be a mesh, but must be able to convert itself to a mesh).

By keying different attachments over time, you can animate the position of an object over the irregular surface of another object, even if that surface is changing over time.

удачи ;)
лучше всего это делает digimation glider. ищите и обрящете.


Real game is coming !!!
Vot jeshchio odna ssylochka (novyj script kak raz dlia tebia):
Follow Surface 1.1 3ds max 4.x

Here's a script to allow an object to follow the contours/etc. of another object. It's called 'Follow_Surface' and it will enable you to have an object follow a surface even if the surface is animated. You can also follow the surface with a time delay (like a buoy does when it's floating on water).
Written by Shawn Lewis.