:( cant animate texture

i got sphere and i want to add a animated texture wich i rendered in max 3 i got *.tga files and i got *.avi file but eather of them are wokring what should i do?
Предположим у тебя сиквенса :
MyTex0000.tga - MyTex0200.tga
imgcvt.exe -n 0 200 1 MyTex#.tga MyTex.tga.#
Получиш сиквенсу MyTex.tga.0000 - MyTex.tga.0200
В File текстуре указываеш на MyTex.tga, включаеш Use Frame Extension,
в окошке Frame Extension в нужном тебе кадре (например 100) ставиш 0, затем кликаеш над ним правой кнопкой мыши и Set Key
Становишся на кадр 300 (100+200) во Frame Extension ставиш 200,
правая кнопка, Set Key.
А вот как все это будет по английски я к сожалению незнаю :(
First of all, i thought till this day...snakes eyes are not moving!!!
That is why many people feel themselves hypnotised than trying to see in snakes eyes:))))))))))))

But...if you want to fake this phenomena, the simpliest way is:

1. In file texture check the mark "Use file extensions"
2. Right under this checkbox you could see an input field named "File Extension". Go to the start frame of animation, input the start number of your anumated file sequence.
3. Using RMB set key for this property (i mean File Extension).
4. Go to the end frame of your animation. Input the last number of your animated file sequence. Set Key.
It's all folks!

file extensions will be in such format:


If you'll try format such as file.001, file.002.....file.099, file.0999 or similar, you'll get sex:))) Big big loooooong sex:)))))
Waw....and more!!!! file extensions such as *.tga...*.tif (i mean file TYPE EXTENSIONS) are not required....they detected automatically by Maya:)))

Hope this helps to you.
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