Concrete box house

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Concrete box house by Robertson design Looking through ArchDaily I found interesting project of Robertson design’s dwelling house. The main characteristic of project is deep rethinking of Japanese traditions in home improvement. Straight lines, simple value and asceticism at all combined with bright greening that was inspired by zen-gardens obviously. This project impressed me for creating architecture animation. It’s my first experience of creating full-length video-project, generation of animated plants and composing video. All plants were generated and animated in SpeedTree, and you can download static version some of them by links below. It was interesting project and I got much fun during process. The project was made with 3ds max, Corona renderer, Photoshop, Blackmagic Fusion and After Effects. Hope you like it.
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Впечатляющее видео. Местами грустновато и как-то заброшено что ли выглядит, но, может, в этом и была цель.
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авард этому хлопцу. Great work! thank u for sharing it here.