ВЗЛОМАН Brazil 0.4!!!!

Вот так можно заставить его работать без лицензии....Муторно , но Ведь МОЖНО!:)))

Here's a text file I wrote. It contains a work-arround to get Brazil 0.3 beta working. Please read it very carefully. And also not the real people to thank for this. Also note the cautions when using it.

* How to use Brazil v0.3.55 beta *

First of all I have to thank VOX for making this info available, and also Hotpixel for telling me how to use Softice. All I did really was pass on info and addresses to him, and write this file.

First this will only work with Windows 2000

Install brazil, dont bother with the license server cos we don't need it. Get yourself a copy of Softice, I got mine from here - choose the mirror link for win2k, the other is to a porn site, (a crap one too). LOL

Install Softice, you will probably have to reboot twice, I did. Then when it's all installed and you're back at the desktop, open up the Symbol Loader and Edit Menu > SoftIce initialisation settings, go to troubleshooting and mark the last 4 entries strating with keyboard, ending with thread. Click OK and close Symbol Loader

You'll need to print the following steps, coz ure not allowed to be online or switch to another aplication during the process

Launch Softice then launch max. Go to render and choose your render, but do not press OK.

Press ctrl+D to switch to SI

Type in :-

bpx Showwindow - this will set a breaking point and monitor any popup windows

Press Ctr+D to go back to max

Press OK to select Brazil as your renderer

SI willl pop up, now to disable the breaking point

type in :-

BD 00

then BL

Now press F12 twice you should see the licence error window


It will crash your system and might corrupt your windows registry, just use your TAB button to move to the RETRY button on the error box, and press enter to use it.

SI should pop back up

Now, press F12 untill u see "Brtestre!+XXXX" in faint green in the lowest window of SI, XXXX will be some strange numbers

Now if you look in the code window, thats the one above the green line which has Brtestre!+XXXX in it, you will see the address you need. The firts 4 numbers or letters after the colon. This will be different every time. They are the ones you want.

now type in :-

ed xxxx2CDB (xxxx being the mumber we just found)

This will open a 3rd window within SI, there you can move along with your arrow keys and change the vaues using your keyboard

The original values should be - FFFF 3EBF 00F2 E9FF edit this with your keyboard to 0000 3EBF 00F2 E900

Press escape to exit the editor, then press F5 to write your changes into the memory. This will simply DISSINTEGRATE the brazil warning window (becasue the plugin is working, just the window is stopping u from using it) and now you're free to use it.

You can delete the break point by typing in BC 00

Like I said before, all credit must go to Hypervoxal and also to Hotpixel for showing me how to use Softice. Also I take no responsibility for any @#%$-ups caused. Like VOX said in his original post, "Not for people of a nervous disposition". It definately works on mine and Hotpixels computers. So by all means go ahead and try it.

Anyway, I'm off to play with Brazil 0.3 now, catch you all later, and good luck.



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3/9/02 4:42:35 am
Re: Cool I'm Going to try it out! Neoflash
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3/9/02 6:07:19 am
Re: Here you go, you lucky people ScribbleOf
Hi, i want to thank you in first for have pointed the way for make work good Brazil, then a question from me ... i have read you have talked about the " license server ", i have written a post fwe minutes ago about the problem which i have had with Brazil ... i havent found setup for install it, and i dont know where should ask about this license server ? The one i had, for be installed needed to copy some file into the Brazil folder under plugs folder of MAX ...

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3/9/02 9:28:16 am
Cool it works on XP to!! Neoflash
Thanks 3D WIG
But when I close MAX, then open it again I get the licence error is where a way to make it so I dont have to do all the stuff in SoftICE every time I use MAX?

I had to use SoftIce 4.05 Patch for Win XP
ya all can download it from hxxp://

Oh & ScribbleOf you rename the plugin folder
(in the Brazil 0.3.55 zip you downloaded) to Brazil & then copy it into you MAX plugin folder, then open the plugin.ini file in the MAX dir and add
Brazil=C Program Files\3dsmax42\plugins\Brazil\
Brazil=C 3dsmax42\plugins\Brazil\
Depends there you Installed MAX!
Ну вобщем это не новость! Но очень приятное дополнение к патчеру, который я щас тестю!
Мда , муторня конешна не из приятных ....Но *за неимением лучшего*...:)
Я лучше подожду кряку нормальную . ( читай *патчер* %)
SoftIce падла не работает по ХР %/ .
Есть люди которым удалось под 98/2000 сломать ??