Vue d Espirit4...

Народ,кто-нибудь пользуется даной программой?Закиньте,пож-та,Serial Nummer на .Как ваши впечатления от программы?

unpack and install with serial: VUE4-32423-R-87283-131
on first startup enter this serial: VUE3-45420-F-47850

this setup installs v4.0 only, but it's very unstable.
to apply the included 4.01 update copy the files to the
install-directory and overwrite the existing ones.

although the 4.01 update makes it a little more stable, we
encoutered numerous crashes on some PCs, on others it ran
very well. it mostly crashed on PCs with a GeForce, with other
adapters there were no problems. In some cases it helped to disable
OpenGL. See for