snake animation in maya (help)

so.... i am from georgia Tbilisi and i need HELP :) i made snake in maya its subdev surface i need to know wich is the best way to animate it ? :) i can translate it to polygonal object if it helps so... waiting for help plz no russian :)
Ok. i would use joints(@smooth skinning) and forward animation.(at least it is first came to my mind). You might want to experiment with maya built in deformers. Read maya online manual "Character Setup" and try to figure out which way works best for this particular case. There is no direct answer to your question...and there are no people who know how to solve the problem you faced. Use your imagination and believe your feelings...Riggers try 1000 possible combinations to find the best way to set the model. The the fully rigged model sent to animator who will test it for a find the situations when set just doesn't work well. then the model sent back to rigger...and others ways are being explored...the idea behind this story is simple: try to try! don't be afraid to find your very own way to rig your snake! if it works then it is OK.

Vot tak vot "GENAZVALE"! I potom pochemu "no russian"? Ti ved' smog razobrat'sja gde post your message? right? znachit naviki obshenija na russkom est....hmmm..ok..never mind...

Effector =)
i will try to try :) i just can make snake in 3ds max and just animate it there but i want to get closer to maya i mean we are startng projects now with dead lines and i would do enything to made them in maya :) so.. thanx for help GENAZVALE ! :) and i hope u contact !
1.Flow path animation;
2.You can use sceleton plus flow path animation;
3.In maya`s help the`are good examples(in sceleton section)
4.Study russian! plz...
heh :) i will try to study russian :)
about flow path i dont think subdev surface support path and when i tranlate object to polygon it gets to complex. i tryed to export dxf into 3d studio but result where .... normals uncorect and ... its there eny plug or cript wich will export to 3ds directly? :) waiting ....

veniko nachkenia wrote:
heh :) i will try to study russian :)

about flow path i dont think subdev surface support path

Your first lesson:

То есть, совету не внял, документацию не читал...Могу тебя огорчить, ты ошибаешься.

You think so much and so wrong. heh-heh:)