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Люди подскажите как его авторизировать это чудо Версия 7,0v1 i686 для 7 Maya
в Майском плугменеджере выкидывает окно
с требованиями Pixar Online Product Authorization

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0)IMPORTANT** In every install screen which asks for a servername,
it is already listed as LOCALHOST - leave this as it is, EXCEPT on the matre-d install page.
This should be changed to your hostname and the 'install matre-d locally' tick box checked.
1) install licence dont reboot
2) Install RAT6.5.1 dont reboot
3) Install Renderman Pro Server 12.5.2 dont re... ok you get it
4) Extract both the DOCS to the same location - i.e. c:\program files\pixar\docs
5) Run the keygen. Enter your computer name in the top, and your mac address (without the '-')
6) click Patch Renderer - and browse to "pixar\RenderManProServer-12.5.2\bin" you should get a 'patch ok' message
7) Click Patch RAT - and browse to "\pixar\rat-6.5.1-mayaX\bin"
8) Click Generate and this will create a licence.dat file which you need to put in your \pixar\license-3.0 directory.
9) start the server from start>run>services.msc and click START for Pixar License Server

10)разобратся с файлом хост в дериктории : C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etch\hosts
изменить в последней строке на 127.0.01 localhost на имя компьютера

а в alfrede изменить huntgroup на своё имя компьютера.