Пожалста объясните чайнику как приконектить максвел к майке


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максвел версии 0.9(Beta) и майка 6.5. Конектор скачал, а что с ним делать не знаю.


Mayall Windows Installation
In this chapter you can get information about how to install Mayall in a Windows System
You can setup and get Mayall running in a few steps
Uncompress the in c:\.
You need to setup several enviroment variables, in order to do it:
go to: Start -> Control Panel -> System
Into the System dialogue look into the Advanced Tab, Click on Enviroment Variables.
If you a re installing the Plug-In for all the users use System Varibales, if you are installing only your user you can use User Variables too.
Setup the next variables:
MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH = c:\mayall
MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH = c:\mayall
XBMLANGPATH = c:\mayall
MAYALL_ROOT = c:\mayall
The Maxwell install program must set you enviroment variable MAXWELL_ROOT to the Maxwell install dir, check it. If it doen's exists create your own MAXWELL_ROOT variable pointing to your Maxwell install dir, for example: if Maxwell isinstalled in c:\maxwell, set the enviroment variable to this path.
Launch Maya and go to: Windows -> Settings/Preferences -> Plug-In Manager
Go to c:/mayall folder and select mayall_maya60.mll for Maya 6.0 or mayall_maya65.mll for Maya 6.5 .
Click on Load and Auto Load if you want that Mayall will be loaded every time Maya is launched.
If you click on the Info button on the right tou can see the Mayall version.
Enjoy Maxwell!
ADVANCED: if you want to install Mayall in other location different than c:\mayall, you only need to substitute the c:\mayall path used before by your new mayall installation path.