New CGI and Design Forum!

We would like to inform you, that we are starting today at the server a first part of our project, a discussion forum aim at fine art, animated film, graphic design and 3D graphic. It is the very specialized forum for students and profesionals from the branch. The goal of this project is to make real contact and respect with art schools and their students and proffesors all around the world, also between people from art community and public. That reciprocal connection without barriers often absents in artistic happenings, or it is an advantage of a small group of people. A chance for direct education and contacts is not ideal. We think that the internet communication could partly compensate the real study stays and confrontations. The next reason is a fact, that the students, who finished the school are often under presurre of the production and their enthusiasm and artistic growth will be stopped. Only confrontation and knowledge lead to positive progress. Second goal of this project is to gain friends and to make a support.

Forum has two parts, the first is in slovak language and the second is in english. It is for a better comfort for people, who speak with different languages. This forum gives a chance to publish some production news, hot news from design web-portals, exhibition and festivals promotion, press releases from software companies and design or animation studios.

And what is different and unique at our forum? We think, that there are not only technical questions and problems important, but we lay stress upon the creativity problems and usual human experiences in this beautiful, but often hard job. We hope in participation of the specialists and people, who we respect. We want to speak to individuals, art organisations and art schools all around the world. This forum is for all the people who want to communicate. We hope you support our idea through your regular sharing. Thank you very much.

Petra Stefankova (student at Academy of fine arts and design) a Roman Vrbovsky (student at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology)