Create a max scene in which a box will be an unbreakable object and a sphere will be a breakable object.
Place the sphere on the top of the box with some distance in between both objects.
Now go to Standard Primitives drop down list --> run4fx objects --> Fragile.

Draw a fragile icon in the top view port and pick sphere as a breakable fragile object from Fragile Parameters list.
Select any deflector from the Space Warps --> Deflectors List.
For the time being choose Udeflector and draw a deflector icon in the top view port & click box as the unbreakable deflector object from the Udeflector parameters list.

Now what you do next is bind the fragile icon & Udeflector icon with the bind SpaceWraps.


If you draw fragile icon in the top view port then the box moves towards the opposite direction, that is towards the bottom. And same is the case with other view ports.
The only precaution you have to take is that both icons should be within the boundaries of all viewports.

That’s it.
Scrub the timeline or create a preview, sit back & enjoy the mind-blowing effect of face collision in front of your face.