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I would like to share my problems whit AutoCAD 2016 and Couldworx 6.0.3, maybe some users have the solution. I have 3 machines with:
- CPU INTEL i7-5820K - I7 6700K
- VGA NVIDIA 970 AND 960
- WIN 10
- 8/16GB DDR4
Everyday we doing 2D/3D stuff with AutoCAD and CloudWorx.
We are so tired of the follow problems: 1. Crashes... many crashes. 2. When We activate cloudworx autoCad stop to combine Pan/Zoom command and We need to Undo several time just to delete a line. I try to ask help to Leica but I so difficult get back answer. Someone is afflict by this kind of issues? Someone have a solution? Maybe the problems is my hardware but, in my opinion, should be good enough ??

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you