Virtual Private Servers, what are they?


Virtual Private Server or VPS is a service of hosting provider that allows you to offer the user practically a complete functioning server, not unlike the traditional physical one. The client has full root access to the operating VPS system, can install any software, change settings, work with system files, configure rules for access to ports and much more. VPS uses the virtualization technology, which creates several independent copies on the same hardware, at the same time built into a common core. This technology of the creation of the VPS-server reduces the consumption of hardware resources and, therefore, reduces the cost of rent.

There are several advantages of Virtual Private Servers. Among them are the following:

- Cost. This is a crucial factor for any business. Renting a physical server is quite expensive, and buying a full and powerful machine costs a few thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars;

- Independence from hardware failures. Virtual private servers are not physically attached to the equipment, so in case of a failure, they can be easily copied and transferred to another machine;

- No responsibility for the operation of the equipment. If a dedicated server is not in your private property, then taking care of its maintenance and replacement of defective parts doesn’t effect your wallet.

Taking all the benefits into account, please do not forget about several critical points:

- Lower performance rate. The output of VPS is still lower than in the individual dedicated server, as it shared, at least a few independent hosts;

- The complexity of the setup. As a rule, these problems are already solved by pre-installed software, which suits the majority of users;

- When using VPS-hosting, the clients do not have access to some hardware features that can also cause inconvenience to solve a number of problems.

Virtual Private Servers are very practical to us in the case where the project is not able to accommodate the scale of conventional hosting and a dedicated server is a lot more expensive.