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VRay 1.08.04n

Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы", создана пользователем -, 10 июл 2002.

Модераторы: Артер
  1. Guest

    Лежит на cosmo фтп. Обратите внимание - исправить файл, чтобы он работал, надо самому с хекс едитором.
  2. BorisK

    BorisK Знаток

    С нами с:
    Хм. А где этот космо фтп?
  3. Guest

    Да только ftp у cosmo не пашет.. он же его только через неделю собирался снова открывать... или ты "с чёрного хода" заходил?
  4. Guest

    Вот забирайте, мы не жадные:)))
    Зайдите на h**p://arch6d.narod.ru, там по ссылочке "То, что обещал - успешного рендера" качните файл, переименуйте расширение с .jpg на .zip и таки да - успешного рендера:)))
    ЗЫ Ключик-лекарство подходит от предидущей версии....
  5. Guest

    а там временем уже валяется версия
  6. Guest

    работает... :))
    спасибо Paul
  7. Guest

    Умерла по моему на хоботке ссылка - не качает нифига, или это только у меня???
  8. Guest

    О - заработала..
  9. Guest

    Ну шо? Ктонибудь уже юзал? Че там хорошего (нового)?
  10. Guest

    Version 1.08.04p - July 9, 2002
    Objects with VRayMtlWrapper did not cast shadows from lights with VRayShadows.
    Objects seen through a transparent VRayLight were always supersampled by the irradiance map.

    Version 1.08.04n - July 5, 2002
    Fixes a single bug - VRayMtlWrapper crashed if no material is selected as a sub-material.

    Version 1.08.04m - July 4, 2002
    Some bug fixes plus a new material wrapper added:
    Caustics did not get affected by the Fog color of VRayMtl.
    Occasionally environment maps were not filtered (bug in 1.08.04x only).
    A new VRayMtlWrapper material type added. The purpose of this material is to allow control over GI, caustics and matte properties of specific materials. These settings override the settings for the particular object that the material is applied to. In this way you can have parts of the same object have different matte properties, for example, by applying different materials to faces with different IDs.

    Version 1.08.04k - June 29, 2002
    This is mostly a bug-fix build.
    Some compatibility issues with SimbiontMAX 2 were solved.
    Light include/exclude with groups of objects now works.
    Using irradiance maps with relfective and refractive materials caused blotches in the rendering.
    Some multi-threading problems which could cause VRay to hang are hopefully resolved, which results in more stable work with the Material Editor and when cancelling the rendering.
    Motion blur on objects that change topology is different - in previous versions such objects did not render at all. In this build, they will be rendered with only the motion blur resulting from matrix animation (move/rotate/scale).
    VRay area shadows and lights did not filter opacity maps properly.
    Displacement mapping is enhanced with some new parameters in VRayDisplacementMod:
    Water level - turning this option On will make transparent all parts of the displaced objects for which the displacement map value equals the value of this parameter.
    Filter map - turning this off will suppress filtering of the displacement map when it is sampled. This may speed up the sampling of displacement maps.
    Displacement mapping has changed slightly to ensure better compatibility with Bake3D.

    Version 1.08.04g - June 19, 2002
    Fixes some numerical problems that could cause dropped faces during rendering.

    Version 1.08.04f - June 18, 2002
    Objects with visibility set to 0.0 in frame 0 did not render at all.
    Total internal reflections were ignored when glossy refraction was used.
    Setting Refraction glossiness to 1.0 makes Translucency almost twice as fast.
    Additional fog parameter "Affect shadows" has been added to the VRay material. It controls whether the fog affects shadows cast by the object.
    Additional parameter "MAX-compatible shade context" has been added to the System roll-up. By default VRay will cheat other plug-ins (materials, lights, atmospherics) that it works in camera space. This presents problems in shading when the camera transformation matrix is not orthogonal (as may happen if a camera modifier like Technical Camera is used). Unchecking this checkbox will make shading in these cases correct, but may lead to incompatibilities with some plug-ins (mostly atmospherics like Shag:Hair and AfterBurn, which wrongly assume that the renderer always works in camera space).
    VRay is compiled with Visual C++ 6.0 Serivce Pack 5 which gives a few percent speed-up. (In internal tests using the Intel compiler version 5.0 produces as much as 15 % speed increase, which means that future versions of VRay will probably be compiled with it).

    Version 1.08.04c - June 6, 2002
    Environment map in VRayMtl did not update properly.
    Normals of motion-blurred objects were slightly wrong (especially obvious with multisegmented moblur).
    Particle systems did not get correctly motion blurred.
    The new Distance threshold parameter had a small bug.

    Version 1.08.04a - June 5, 2002
    VRayMtl and VRayMap did not update sub-textures properly.

    Version 1.08.04 - June 4, 2002
    Fixed superfluous exceptions with distributed rendering (introduced in 1.08.03x versions).
    Fixed a problem with irradiance maps and reflections/refractions that caused increased noise.
    (Quasi) Monte Carlo motion blur on triangle meshes is on average faster, because the motion blur raycast accelerator will take motion coherence in account (the fact that nearby faces tend to move in the same direction).
    A new parameter - "Distance threshold" has been added to the irradiance map parameters. It might help the irradiance map to capture details better by taking in accoung the distance from a GI sample to the nearby objects.
    Z-buffer was not exactly matching the RGBA channel (at object boundaries); this is fixed which means better support for image motion blur and post-effect DOF (for example with X-Dof).
    Camera effects are supported (including X-Dof; however X-Dof shaders are still not supported and will cause exceptions during rendering).
    The timelock of the demo version is extended till July 1st 2002.

    Version 1.08.03h - May 26, 2002
    Fixed a problem with motion blur and MAX's standard lights (sometimes wrong shading) as well as incorrect motion blur of 3D texture maps (including shadow maps).
    Fixed a weird bug that caused ultra-slow rendering of animated Noise textures.
    Reduced splotches with irradiance map and reflections/refractions (recomputing of irradiance maps is required for the fix to work).
  11. BorisK

    BorisK Знаток

    С нами с:
    2 pixel: в конце каждого предложения ты забыл приписать Fixed :)) А то народ от такого кол-ва багов с ума сойти может :)))
Модераторы: Артер

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