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вопросец есть

Тема в разделе "Maya", создана пользователем -, 6 июн 2002.

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  1. Guest

    народ понаставил я плагинов а в hotkeys нет их
    как им назначить горячие клавиши а то задолбало лазить через меню
    (плагины BonusGame , polypowertools)
  2. Guest

    :::::::::::::::::::::::Window > Settings/Preferences > Hotkeys:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Assigning hotkeys
    If you use a selection frequently, you may want to assign it to a hotkey. For example, if you frequently select File > Import, you can assign a hotkey to it. This decreases your reliance on the main menu.

    You assign hotkeys in the Hotkey Editor (Window > Settings/Preferences > Hotkeys) window. It lists menu items in the main menus, as well as commonly-used operations, such as Display Wireframe (hotkey 4). Also, you can assign hotkeys to your own MEL scripts or to commands that accompany plug-in software.

    Hotkeys on menu labels
    When you assign a hotkey to a menu item, the change appears on the main menu label. (This feature does not apply to menu labels in the hotbox.)

    How hotkeys are saved
    Maya saves your custom hotkey preferences so that they do not interfere with the default Maya hotkey settings. Your preferences will not be overwritten when you upgrade to the next Maya version.

    The file names containing hotkey preferences are userHotkeys.mel and userNamedCommands.mel under user prefs directory:

    ~username/maya/4.0/prefs (UNIX)
    drive:\WINNT\Profiles\username\maya\4.0\prefs (Windows NT)
    drive:\My Documents\username\maya\4.0\prefs (Windows 2000)

    Assigning hotkeys to standard commands
    Use the top half of the Hotkey Editor to assign hotkeys to a menu selection or standard command. To help you choose hotkeys, you can also view a list of mapped and unmapped keys.

    To assign a hotkey:
    Choose Window > Settings/Preferences > Hotkeys.
    Select the category and command.
    There are categories for all of the main menus and for several other commands. Menu commands for plug-ins, including Live and Fur, are under the User category. If you have trouble finding a command, click Search (see Example—creating a hotkey for a view menu option:).
    In the Assign New Hotkey area, specify the key combination and other settings. You can see a list of which keys are unmapped by clicking List All.
    Enter the key you want to assign to the selected command. Enter a letter from A to Z (upper and lower case are different keys) or a number from 0 to 9. You cannot use more than one letter or number.

    Or, choose a special key from the pull-down list. For example, if you want the right arrow key to act as the trigger, assign it here.

    Select either Alt or Ctrl for the hotkey modifier.

    Use Press or Release to associate a command with the press or a release of a key. For example, you can create a hotkey to instruct Maya to snap to a curve when you press a key, then turn off the snapping when you release it.

    If you added a key to an operation ending with (Press) or (Release), add the same key to the corresponding (Release) or (Press) operation.

    Add to Recent Command List
    Turn on so that this hotkey can appear in the Edit > Recent Commands window.

    Click Query to determine whether the specified key settings have already been assigned to a command.

    Click Find to highlight the category and command for the key you enter in the Key field.

    Click Assign. The new hotkey appears in the Current Hotkeys list.
  3. Guest

    у меня в разделе HOTKEYS
    нет пунктов по новым командам поэтому я и не могу им хот кеи назначить
  4. Guest

    Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Hotkeys
    Hotkey Editor: Categories -> User
    <button> New
    Name:<your name>
    Description:<your description>
    Window -> General Editors -> Script Editor
    Script Editor: Script -> Echo All Commands
    <execute new commands>
    <select appropriate lines in script editor> + MMB +
    <drop to Hotkey Editor: Command>
    Hotkey Editor: Accept
    И пункт появится.
  5. Guest

    дело в том что я так и делал
    но при активизации toolа drawsplittool
    никакой команды нет а только когда этот тул сплитит сурфы ((Aver wrote:
Модераторы: Dark™, Skif

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