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В след месяце релиз 9.6

Тема в разделе "Cinema 4D", создана пользователем BIMMER, 19 апр 2006.


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    CINEMA 4D Release 9.6 – Make Your Work Flow

    With CINEMA 4D Release 9.6, your work will flow from concept to final composite faster than ever before. This outstanding free upgrade is specifically geared to the needs of the broadcast motion graphics artist, but its sweeping enhancements are sure to put a smile on any 3D artist's face. Take a look at just a few of the new features, and discover how CINEMA 4D continues to help you work faster, and smarter.

    Massive Mac OpenGL AccelerationMac users will enjoy dramatic speed improvements immediately due to OpenGL optimizations. You willl be able to navigate your real-world projects 50%, or in some cases even 150% faster, and those speed gains will come in handy when a client is looking over your shoulder or breathing down your neck.

    CINEMA 4D Release 9.5 already earned the title as the first professional graphics application available as a Universal Binary, and Macintosh users will continue to have a free choice between PowerPC and Universal Binary versions. The choice for Universal Binary is even easier now with full support for H.264 and MPEG, OpenEXR, FBX and FlashEx export formats, as well as command-line rendering.


    From Scene to Screen
    CINEMA 4D Release 9.6 offers numerous compositing and rendering advancements to ease the flow between your scene and the final composite. The new Motion Vector multipass channel will help users achieve more accurate motion blur using post-processing plugins, while antialiasing of 16- and 32-bit renders has been improved for easier compositing. Matte objects offer another compositing aid, allowing the user to mask portions of the render with geometry.

    In addition to existing support for After Effects, Combustion, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Shake and Alienbrain, multipass data can now be exported directly to eyeon Fusion. Users of Adobe After Effects will appreciate an enhanced project file export including the exchange of PSR data for any object using the new External Compositing tag.

    CINEMA 4D supports and offers you the choice of numerous compositing applications, so when selecting a 3D application your choice is clear.

    Material MattersWorking with animated textures is easier than ever in CINEMA 4D Release 9.6. Procedural and image-based animated textures on any object now display animated previews within the editor view. Further the MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4 movie files can now be utilized directly through QuickTime, and the duration and framerate of all animated textures are now automatically detected and applied. Finally, most procedural noise types can now be looped seamlessly.

    Other Sweeping Enhancements
    The Sweep NURBs object has been enhanced to allow both start and end growth, as well as scaling and rotation throughout the sweep.
    A new Sudivided spline interpolation mode makes deformation of spline-based objects a piece of cake.
    Text splines have been re-engineered to support more font types on Macintosh and honor the font's built-in kerning options on all platforms.
    “Only Select Visible Elements” option within the Create Polygon tool
    Xpresso sound node now supports FFT analysis
    User Data can be edited and reordered, new interfaces for in/exclude lists and drop-down options

    Available in May 2006.
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    Мельчат гансы, по крохам обновляют. Хотя, может там уже будет встроеный новый хаер. Возлагаю большие надежды на нинджю :)
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    от чего молчат, вот:
    так что, дело живет, и надеюсь побеждает.

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