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SplutterFish Brazil rs 1.2.21 for 3ds max

Тема в разделе "Brazil", создана пользователем -, 13 фев 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Появился кряк....
    Вот кусок инструкции от него:

    SplutterFish Brazil - Generic license server for all versions inc 1.2.21

    First remove any old version of the sfmgr you have running on your system.

    at a dos promt type:

    cd c:\sfmgr
    sfmgr -stop
    sfmgr -remove

    Then delete both the old sfmgr.exe and brzlic.txt

    del sfmgr.exe
    del brzlic.txt

    or just copy the 'RemoveOld.bat' file into your sfmgr directory
    and execute it.

    Create a new folder called 'sfmgr' in your c: drives root, or use your existing one
    if you already had an older version installed. Make shure you delete the old 'sfmgr.exe & BRZLIC.TXT'
    They will not be required anymore.

    Extract the enclosed 'sfmgr1_2_1.zip' folder and it's contents to the new 'sfmgr' directory
    of the machine you wish to designate as your License Server.
    It can be your workstation, or another machine on your lan. The choice is yours.

    These two files.... The license and the sfmgr are linked.
    You cannot use one without the other.

    Open a command prompt and cd to the 'sfmgr' folder. e.g. cd \sfmgr
    Install the service by typing at the prompt: sfmgr
    The service will install and start without any interaction from you.

    sfmgr is now installed and running as a service. The next time you re-boot
    your machine, it will start automatically and there is no need for further intevention.

    Make a sub-folder named Brazil inside your Max plugins directory, and copy all the
    files from the plugins folder contained in the relative archive into it.

    Edit your Plugin.ini file to reflect this new path. e.g. Brazil rs=C:\3dsmax5\plugins\Brazil
    Save it and start max.

    Enjoy Any version of Brazil, up to.... and including v1.2.21 for both Max4-5 and max6


    Если интересно могу выложить....
  2. Guest

    выложи, будь добр :)
  3. Guest

    thank u 4 brazil
  4. Guest

    for the english speakin users...any help on how to get a copy of brazil r/s?
  5. Guest

    ene wrote:
    > for the english speakin users...any help on how to get a copy
    > of brazil r/s?
    > thx

    It is spouse to be here.
    oblom3d.fpn.hu/BRR/Brazil 1.2.21_XobotEdition_V1.rar
    just copy this line and paste it to your download manager (DAP, FlashGet, Reget etc.)
    this *.rar file has been archived by WinRAR. You have to get this program first (try www.download.com for shareware) to be able unpack RAR archive.
  6. Guest

    thx Aplesin!
    now i just can t seem to find the "sfmgr1_2_1.zip" wich i need in order to replace the old sfmgr.exe an the brazil.txt....
    please help
  7. Guest

    I quess that link I gave to you is dead already.
    I am sure you can find this archive on share with eMule, or eDonkey
  8. Guest

    i have to rhank u for ur attention
    i manage to grab it
    but......now i,m facing a major prolblem
    u see u just got this manager for nvida wich woud, they say, increase the graphics performance....i installed it and all my licenses went to the roof....and when i start 3ds max it prompt me for the autorization code.....wich i get...as i did before...it accepts...but when i hit ok it just prompts me for the same thing....i ve tried to unistall it and re install, but it just seems not to work....
    any ideas?
  9. Guest


    So... as far as I can see you got problem with 3D Studio MAX authorization? Am I right? I didn't really understand what is "manager for nvida" you talking about...

    But... If authorization in 3DS MAX doesn't work as usual you can solve it by deleting ALL files from this location
    \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Macrovision\SafeCast\Product Licenses

    and then do authorization procedure as you did before.

    Are u from Portugal? ;)))
  10. Guest

    tusen tusen tak!!
    sim, tu?

  11. Guest

    I am from Belarus,
    but I've been in Portugal... I've traveled around Europe by hitchhiking (autostop) and I've spent couple of beautiful days on the cost in Avero, and Lisboa as well.
  12. Guest

    i m from porto....sunny porto....sometimes

    i have to thank u for ur help
    everythin is workin just fine.....for now....hehe

    by the way ...u work with brazil....archi stuff?
    i ve been browsing the net for a few days....
    have u any idea were to find grass-o-matic, rpc content or the multicar plugin?
  13. Guest

    I am using just RPC plug-in. But contents are too big for downloading. (each model about 25 Mb).
    Try peer-to-peer file sharing clients. (shareza, eMule, eDonkey)
    But it will not really helpful if you are using dial up connection for internet.
  14. Guest

    Please can you tell how to solf this problem :
    I've installed Brazil v1.2.21 XobotkEdition and the Licence "sfmgr.exe" and when
    i start 3dsmax v6 and choose the brazil renderer , a error message appairs :

    " licence buffer is null "

    Please help me !
    sorry for my english ...it's terrible lol !
  15. Guest

    Have you got network card in your computer?
  16. Guest

    I have the same problem:
    I installed it on my laptop and it worked perfect from the first time.
    I installed it on my desktop pc and i got that error. I thought it was something I installed and it was interfering so I formated my computer clean and I installed only the drivers max and brazil and still the same problem.
    It is true that on the laptop I have onboard lan and I don't have a network card on my desktop. But I do have a network conection and TCPIP configured. (but maybe not properly for sfmgr)

    Pleaze help
  17. Guest

    If you don't have lan card in your computer you can emulate it.
    If you are using WinXP go to Control Panel>Add Hardware
    When Hardware wizard started press "NEXT". It will start looking for new hardware. Then tick "Yes" for question "Have you already connected this hardware to your computer?" Press "NEXT". Now scroll to the very end and select "Add a new hardware device" Press "NEXT"
    Tick "Instal the hadware that I manualy select from a list" NEXT
    Select "Network adapters", "NEXT"
    Select "Microsoft Loopback Adapter". NEXT , NEXT

    Now you got emulation of LAN Card. It should be ok.
  18. Guest

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    You have made my day! It was troubling me for a week and now it finally works.
    I need it so thank you.
    I looked for this for a while and it was hard (at least for me) to find this place.
    Thank you again
  19. Guest

    not at all :)))
    cheers :)))
  20. Guest

    Error in sfmgr.

    Command Prompt Say : You must have Administrator privileges to install.

    I have Windows 98.

    No must have Windows 2000 or XP???
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