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SHAKE 3 in LINUX 7.3

Тема в разделе "Apple Shake", создана пользователем -, 31 июл 2003.

Модераторы: Григорий Чаленко
  1. Guest

    Dear All
    I have shake 3 for linux with crack and also I installed it on my PC whitch is the OS is LINUX 7.3. When I want to run it, the shake is runing but I can not see software interface.I also check my VGA whtich is RADEON 7500.
    what do i do? please help me....
  2. Guest

    Too many possibilities...
    Can you post the log?
  3. Guest

    you need Mesa OpenGL drivers installed in system and properly configured X-Window for working with Shake.

    In your case, see http://www.mesa3d.org for OpenGL library and http://dri.sourceforge.net/home.phtml for Radeon device drivers.

    Keep on shaking!
Модераторы: Григорий Чаленко

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