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Rhino 4 Update

Тема в разделе "Rhino", создана пользователем EGGO, 4 июл 2007.

  1. EGGO

    EGGO Мастер

    С нами с:
    МакНил'овцы апдейт выпустили для Рины - качать с www.rhino3d.com
    Чего пофиксили:

    Bugs correction :
    -Display: Under some conditions, it was possible to eliminate
    selection highlight. This is fixed.
    -Installer: installer can now be deployed using Active Directory or
    This failed before because parts of the installation executed under
    the wrong user context and during the wrong part of the install sequence.

    -Installer: SR1 patch installer is now 50MB instead of 100MB.
    -Installer: SR1 patch now updates localization files for all languages that were installed by previous installers.
    -Open: SolidWorks - If the SW file contains geometry imported viaiger or other non-SW source two copies of that geometry were created in the Rhino file. This is fixed.
    -Open: SolidWorks unit settings were not imported correctly. This is fixed.
    -ShowEdges: Failed under some circumstances. This is fixed.

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