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RAT4.5 Installation problem

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  1. Guest

    I heard so much about the standard of this forum that I could not resist trying my luck here in the time of trouble, though I don't know a word of Russian.
    I have two questions:

    1) I installed RAT4.5 on single machine with network card. I can run the applications like Slim, Alfred etc. independently but not from within Maya4. I am even able to load mtorsubdiv.mll but when I load mtor.mll, it gives message “Error: No plug-ins loaded - "initializePlugin function failed".. And in script window it say license file format problem. The second time I load mtor.mll Maya crashes.

    2) Is it possible to install RAT4.5 on single machine and will loopback adapter will work for that or should the machine must have network card in it?

    Any help would be great.
    If you don’t feel like replying in English, then do use Russian. I will try to figure out using Astalavista translator.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Ruslan_3D

    Ruslan_3D Активный участник

    С нами с:
    Hi Zeni

    I'm install RAT 4.5 in single PC with network card. And It work from within Maya4 good. May be You have bad Lisence. You can write to my E-mail and I will help You where You can find Working RAT4.5 and Lisence for it.
    Sorry for my English
  3. Guest

    Thanks a lot Ruslan . I am sending you email.
    Большое спасибо Ruslan. Я посылаю Вам электронную почту.

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