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Помогите с толковой книгой Maya 4.5

Тема в разделе "Maya", создана пользователем Serghei Ambros, 28 авг 2002.

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  1. Serghei Ambros

    Serghei Ambros Активный участник

    С нами с:
    Нужна книга по Майке 4,5 (цена -> любая)
    главное чтоб книга содержала обширный курс обучения по данному продукту
    желательно линки на сайты гдеб я мок взять описание издательства и название литературы и конечно автора ,,,,,,,
    Заранее СПАСИБО
  2. Guest

    Maya™ 4.5 Savvy™
    By John Kundert-Gibbs; Peter Lee
    List Price: US $60.00 | Can $96.00 | UK Ј45.99
    Not yet in stock
    November 2002 | 1st edition | 864 pages | Softcover | 1 CD | Trimsize: 7.5 x 9"
    ISBN: 0-7821-4109-9 | EAN: | UPC: 0252-11-441091
    Level: All Levels | Type: How-to/Reference

    Maya is an essential tool for creating cutting-edge 3D animation and special effects. Today, it's used by everyone from students and advertising firms, to game companies and elite film houses such as Industrial, Light & Magic, Pixar, and Disney.

    Written by a top-notch team of Maya professionals, Maya Savvy is a thorough update to the best-selling Mastering Maya 3. It delivers the most comprehensive coverage available for Alias/Wavefront's extraordinarily powerful software. Key topics include: Modeling with NURBs and polygons; creating realistic textures and shading; and working with particles, dynamics, and MEL.

    Maya Savvy also features hands-on tutorials that integrate Maya instruction with real-world advice on planning, organizing, and managing your Maya creations. A full-color insert illustrates the techniques discussed in the book. And the enclosed CD adds a 3D gallery plus a collection of demos and plug-ins

    Like all Savvy books, Maya Savvy is printed on quality, coated paper for crisp image reproduction.
  3. Guest

    А на русском есть? хотя бы по 4.0 ?
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