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Open Selected URL (очень полезно для форума)

Тема в разделе "LightWave", создана пользователем -, 8 июл 2002.

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  1. Guest

    Как вы обычно поступаете когда в форуме видите такую ссылку?


    копирете ее через clipboard :)

    а если такая h__p://downloads.come2store.com/Relentless/HandyUtils.rar

    ссылка или такая


    Все это ссылка на меленькую утилитку:
    Которая может вот что

    No more copy / pasting of URLs from web pages !
    1. Select any text on the page (doesn't need to be a link)
    2. Right click with the mouse
    3. Choose "Open Selected URL" from the context menu
    4. A new window will popup with the new url loaded !

    That sounds a bit boring - can it do anything else ?
    a. Works automatically for http:// and ftp:// and news: URLs
    b. Converts "sneaky URLs" into normal ones :
    hxxp or h**p to 'http'
    fxp or f*p to 'ftp'
    w*w or *** to 'www' (new in v1.6)
    - and it's easy to add more, see Modification notes
    c. Handles and fixes typographical errors in http & ftp URLs :
    htp:site.com htp:/site.com htp://site.com
    http:site.com http:/site.com
    ftp:site.com ftp:/site.com
    d. Converts \ BackSlashes to / ForwardSlashes :
    (eg: http:\\thesite.com is opened as http://thesite.com)
    e. Strips out spaces, dots, linebreaks, tabs, table cells &
    other wierd characters from inside the selected text string.
    f. Still works if URL is partially selected (quite easy to do
    accidentally !) eg: ://mysite.com opens http://mysite.com
    g. If no '://' found in the text, it adds http:// to the start
    (eg: www.newsite.com is opened as http://www.newsite.com)
    h. Handles private server logins both HTTP and FTP
    (eg: http://john:smith@www.private.com)
    i. Handles email addresses, and opens default email program
    j. If the selected text does not contain any . (dots) or is
    otherwise impossible to resolve, it will give a friendly
    error message rather than opening an invalid URL. The error
    message appears next to cursor, & disappears automatically.
    k. Easily modified to accept other URL types (eg: telnet://)
    - see Modification notes below
    l. Probably also some other stuff that I have forgotten :)

    Стяните и не пожалеете

    PS: Тянуть надо броузером доунлоад менеджеры не прокатят
  2. Guest

    неужели трудно вписать две буквы :))))
Модераторы: logosman

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