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[Need] Natfx 1.9 Cracker

Тема в разделе "Графика в фильмах", создана пользователем -, 20 июл 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Hi friends :eek:)

    Please I need one cracker for NatFX 1.9 Standalone version.

    Thanks for all

  2. Guest

    Friends ? You and We are ???? You are joke.... Ж)))
  3. Guest

    I think you Druid have to call the guys who make that NatFX and ask them for the crack. There ain't any cracks around here !!!!
  4. Guest

    OK fine thanks :eek:)!

    Obrigado pela atenзгo de todos, mesmo que nгo seja das melhores, afinal, que culpa tenho eu de nгo falar russo, pelo menos eu tento ser amigo das pessoas, e nгo sou nenhum "camarada" revoltado :eek:)!

  5. Guest

    Мож кто ещё чем нибудь попантуется?
  6. OKEAH 2164

    OKEAH 2164 Активный участник

    С нами с:
    Москаль хохлу не товариш!
  7. Guest

    It makes many ppl sick when some guy talk them the language they don't know.
    Are you from Italy or frome Greece . or frome the Moon came here ? I dont know that are you try to talking about but it just seems to be attemtion to adobe us.
    You have forgot whom you talk with , our contry have many A-bombs and the one they can share with you .I haven't understand any words you have wrote here but the one "camarada" makes me feel like you havent a brain , and the other one "russo" seems like you dislike us. Get uot of here the bustard speaking not understandeble language and never back again .

    Bye. _|_
  8. Guest

    Um outro "camarada" revoltado, isso faz mal pra saъde meu amigo.

    In the NET, used one site to translate with me to do to translate russian to portuguese, OK!

  9. Guest

    OK ! I will .
  10. Guest

    Kill the enemy !!!
  11. Guest


  12. Guest

    to Druid
    Druid I didn't find any resourcs in NET to translate from Russian to Portuguese and back. Can you write me adresses of some sites?

    to Misha :))))
  13. Guest

    Friend Misha, sorry, not exist, so Portuguese Brazilian to English!

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