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На всяк: апдейт ID CS CE до 3.0.1а

Тема в разделе "Верстка и дизайн", создана пользователем -, 24 мар 2005.

Модераторы: Mic Nau
  1. Guest

    Патч включает все предыдущие апдейты (3.0а - 3.0.1).

    Changes include:
    - Tagged Text Export: the export of some information is resolved.
    - Hyphenated word indexing in Polish version: the hyphen is no longer removed, when the word is indexed.
    - Numbers: in some languages, numbers are no longer hyphenated.
    - Create Outline: when creating an outline on an hyphenated text, the hyphen is maintained.
    - Font weight display: font weight is correctly displayed.
    - Font: fonts not included in a document are no longer displayed in the Find Font window.
    - Shortcuts: the application unexpectedly closed when using shortcuts in some cases. This issue is solved.
    - Snap-to zone: the snap-to zone upper limit has been increased to 72 pixels.
    - Polish translation: the localisation of InDesign CS, Polish version is significantly enhanced.

Модераторы: Mic Nau

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