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Тема в разделе "Maya", создана пользователем -, 13 сен 2002.

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    Alias|Wavefront Ships Maya 4.5
    Toronto, Canada (Sep. 12, 2002)

    Alias|Wavefront has shipped Maya 4.5, the company's flagship 3D modeling and animation suite. The new version is available now for Windows, IRIX and Linux and will be available for Mac OS X Sept. 23. This will mark the first time there has been version parity with Maya Complete for Mac OS X and other platforms.

    Maya 4.5 includes new modeling tools, Fluid Effects and, according to Alias, the largest collection of API enhancements since version 1.0. Maya Fluid Effects (available in Maya Unlimited) will allow users to create atmospheric effects like clouds and smoke; thick liquids; flame and explosions; and "space effects," like nebulae and comets.

    The new software also includes an Ocean Shader, which allows users to create oceans through a displacement and shading technique, and provides the ability to create buoyant objects that react to the simulated water movement. It also offers a library of examples and presets.

    New modeling tools include a range of advanced NURBS and subdivision surface tools, including the ability to convert from subdivision surfaces or polygons to NURBS. Smooth Proxy tools have also been added.

    API enhancements cover the Polygon and Rendering APIs, as well as new extensions to file referencing for additional API access.

    Maya Complete 4.5 for Windows, IRIX, Linux and Mac OS X runs $1,999 and includes Advanced Modeling, rendering, animation, dynamics, Maya Artisan, Maya Paint Effects and Maya Embedded Language. Maya Unlimited is priced at $6,999 and includes Maya Fluid Effects, Maya Fur, Maya Cloth and Maya Live. Version upgrades run $699 for Maya Complete and $999 for Maya Unlimited. For more information, visit http://www.aliaswavefront.com.

    Mac OS X version coming Sept. 23
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    цо ето такое?? я по англиски не бум
  3. Guest

    Значит вышла финальная релиза Maya 4.5
    Ждем кряка.
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