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Known Problems and Limitations in XSI 3.0.1

Тема в разделе "SoftImage", создана пользователем -, 21 фев 2003.

Модераторы: Григорий Чаленко
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    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    77336 XSI- Apply actions not applied correctly in the case of static values.
    Workaround: Instance the action on the mixer and delete the clip.
    80059 New Mixer - Audio d&d rules

    If you try to drag and drop an audio file on the same track as an audio file of different frequency or mode (stereo/mono), it is disallowed and you loose the display of the curve on the original clip.

    Workaround: Delete the current clip or track and undo and all should be restored.
    80148 Sometimes cycles are created on the mixer when storing Transformation FCurves (related to the "priority" of mixer connections)
    Workaround: Store the actual animation (and not the rig itself).
    80263 Animation Mixer | Ripple - Basic ripple functions do not seem to act as expected (including UNDO)
    82368 We can't save a Pose offset more than one without removing it. Should be able to handle setting it a few times and picking up the right transform.

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    80172 Render a sequence with field rendering on then load it -> We can't load it because "Field sequences" are not supported in the browser.
    80980 Linux - Black artifacts on the FXTree after a NewScene when importing nodes (seems to be repro with NVidia Quadro DCC graphic cards only)

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    81660 dot XSI Import / Export - Explicit UV domains not set on imported realtime shaders
    Workaround: Freeze the texture support
    82567 DotXSI - Export material animation is not plotted on export
    Workaround: Plot the material to linear inside XSI before exporting.
    85490 DotXSI - Import object with SI_Material gets an extra texture projection on Import (when Exported with version 3.6)
    Workaround: Clean the imported file by switching the UV used in the texture editor.
    85629 DotXSI - When exporting scenes with long animation sequences, you sometimes get an 'Out of memory' message.

    We are trying to improve the memory management of dotXSI export but will be a future project. In the meantime, workaround is to export in blocks of frames or break up the scene into separate models and export them.

    Data Management
    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    81331 Cannot duplicate an object inside a referenced model.
    82577 Cannot duplicate model source
    Workaround: Duplicate the reference model
    83177 Addons appear as Installed when found on Disk. It should not. Addons should only appear in list once user has installed it.
    83826 Up Vectors and Reference Models don't work together
    85347 Can't merge the same opened scene
    Workaround: Save the scene in v3.0 format (not dotXSI format) and then open/merge.
    85784 locked scene files are not invoking warning message

    Rep steps:
    1-Launch XSI on one computer, load a scene
    2-Launch XSI on a second computer and load the same scene= warning message appear, load anyway.
    3-Close XSI on the first computer, you still have the scene loaded on the second computer
    4-Restart XSI on the first computer, load the same scene= no warning message

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    81943 If a rendered sequence contains negative and positive frames, they won't be displayed together in the Browser.
    85613 IRIX : Window Focus problem (on top)

    The transient explorer problem is a focus problem. If you set the focus policy to click to type, the problem is gone. This problem doesn't happen on IRIX 6.5.5 (r11) only on IRIX 6.5.12 (r82).

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    On LINUX, if, upon starting XSI, your fonts don't look ok, simply run the following commands in your xsi system shell and they will be reset:

    xset fp default

    xset fp rehash

    66347 Deletion performance slow on multiple models. Duplicate with 'remove animation' off is much slower than with it on.
    76782 Instances - OM/Command: Find the master an instance belongs to
    Workaround: Get the information through the file service object.
    78767 User Preferences->Data Management->Recovery File: a message needs to be displayed when an invalid path was set.

    What Happens: You are able to exit with no messages
    Expected behavior: You should get a message saying you wrote an invalid path.

    81020 Instances | Unable to instance certain models
    Workaround: Put the object in a new model
    82151 Right-clicking in image clip does not pop menu anymore

    Note: This is by design. Without extended component selection you need to use alt+RMB on the clip to get the context menu. Or just use extended component.

    82433 XSI - Selection tools not working in Object View when embedded in a layout -without a view manager present
    84052 Usability with Remove Chain Up Vector constraint
    Note: The Chain Up Vector is not an XSI constraint, but a normal operator. You remove it by removing the operator you can see nested underneath the Kinematic Joint property on which the up vec lives. If you selected first bone on the chain to apply the up vector, go to the scene explorer (Selection scope) look underneath the Joint property and you will see the operator there. You can then click and
    delete it.
    To remove an upvector constraint:
    1. Select constrained object
    2. Go to its Kinematic Joint properties in the Scene Explorer
    3. either freeze the operator or delete it

    84294 Save scene does'nt update icon if you save a scene with render region as icon.
    Workaround: Use 'save as'.
    84894 Browser : Refresh doesn't group an image sequence on generation correctly.

    Note: You need 2 XSI's running- 1 rendering. The sequence group/folders sre confused by the new files being created by the other XSI's render. If you go up a level and then back down to render pictures you get a new folder.
    [1..12].pic, [1...38].pic each time you do this.

    85549 Negative numbers allowed as identifiers (we shouldn't allow that)

    Note: If you name an object e.g. -23, you won't be able to use it with the expression op.

    86001 Lighting differences when loading the same scene on different platforms also when saving and reloading
    Problem is in OGL only. Rendering is not effected.

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    81185 Disable From Here, Topology operators and clusters don't go well together
    Note: It is not recommended to create clusters and do topology operations when 'disable from here' is used on the stack.

    Workaround: Use the cluster property with a new operator (eg. a weight map and a push operator)
    82668 Extract polygon does not work with Reference model (an empty object is created)
    84047 Grow selection in Select menu in MCP stops working if you just used Grow or Shrink tools in Texture Editor before.
    Workaround: Select a vertex on the object in 3D View and then Select MCP-->Grow Selection
    84336 Stripes are not redone after scrubbing until next refresh (rotate camera, ...)
    Workaround: Perform an action that requires a refresh (orbit, for example) then it refreshes.
    85223 Classical scaling will mess up imported scenes
    Workaround: Set your preference to be what it was in SI3D before loading it into XSI.
    85689 Disable above still active when you freeze operator task , but is no more visible in SE
    Workaround: Toggle the enable/disable above on the node above what was frozen.

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    78955 Cannot set current pass on specific passes. Once all passes are deleted, the user cannot create an empty one.
    79826 Instance model - instanced light should have effect in OGL
    79890 Crop tool + Horizontal/Vertical Flip offsets image clip
    80511 Image Source and clips must be reworked to be memory savy, so the user should be able to deal with 6k and up images
    Workaround: Reduce the texture to 2k or stamp it on a 2k black image. Then blow it up to 8k in the texture editing software of your choice.
    81019 TE needs to figure out which cluster you need based on poly selection
    Workarround: Select the polygon cluster with middle mouse selection.
    82174 loading old scene ( V1.5) with grid acceleration should default back to bsp accel, since grid is not support well in Mr3.1
    SetValue "Passes.*.RenderOptions.Acceleration", 0
    SetValue "ViewRenderOptions.Acceleration", 0
    82322 Merge scene will not prompt for action when inclusive and exclusive lights are presents in source and destination
    Workaround: Re-associate object to light manually when the merge scene is completed.
    82378 Spotlights cone angle not pushed to mental ray
    82436 Render Tree | Stops auto updating when the objects material is changed
    Workaround: Push update to refresh the material.
    82646 Freeze scaling resizes texture supports/projections
    82909 Cannot specify -frames when rendering with -pass all
    Workaround: Don't use "all" in -pass, but rather specify all the passes in -pass explicitly.
    82961 Cannot use Environment Map and Ratraced reflections simultaneously

    Note: This is by design. When a surface shader casts a reflection ray, there are two possible outcomes: hit or miss. In the case of a "hit", the object surface will return, so you have a raytraced reflection. If the ray "misses", the env shader is being evaluated. If you want to have both to show up you need a rendertree to make it happen.
    phong > mix8color::base
    reflection_diffuse1 ( raytraced ) > mix8color::color2
    reflection_diffuse2 ( env only ) > mix8color::color1
    So now you will have a full control over each type of reflection. Note that this rendertree workaround will render slower since two reflection rays are being cast in the scene.

    83003 Fast lens effects: camera produces no result

    Note: This is by design. The lens shader does not work alone. You need to also assign a fast light effect on the selected light and then enable glow/star to see it in action. Or you can select the flare file in : Application\phenolib\Shader_Lib\FLARE.

    83237 Rendermap shadow artifacts when creating large textures.
    Workaround: Manually break the problem into smaller pieces.
    83953 Can not use transparency and environment maps at the same time

    Note: This is by design.

    84180 Light list no more active [not rendered] when copy/pasting material
    Workaround: Remove the light from the list and reconnect the light.
    84323 lzw compressed tiffs do not show up in render

    Note: This is not supported by mental ray.

    Workaround: Convert to another format before rendering.
    84461 Cannot apply textures to referenced models
    84874 RenderPass View no longer updates tiles when max verbose is enabled
    84888 Cannot select texture implicit mode in the texture_projection, the texture projection selector won't even show the options
    85072 Hide Unselected should not hide lights otherwise rendering goes black !
    Workaround: Use region selected only in region.
    85226 HAIR | TOON | Toon ink lens renders hair volume B-Box, toon shaders incompatible
    85288 Ocean shader takes more memory to render now.
    Workaround: Use scripting to set the "select" parameter
    SetValue "Camera.camera.Toon_Ink_Lens.Color2scalar.Image_lookup.Texture_space_generator.select", -3
    "Intersection" = -1,
    "Surface Orientation" = -2,
    "Motion" = -3,
    "Camera Orientation" = -4,
    "state->dPdu" = -5,
    "state->dPdv" = -6,
    "state->dPdudu" = -7,
    "state->dPdvdv" = -8,
    "state->dPdudv" = -9,
    "2D Background" = -10,
    "Inherited (state->tex)" = -11,
    85532 LINKTAB | PTP+linktab.ini does not work for Windows to Windows path, path is unresolvable.

    Note: Linktab only suuports window vs unix path and vice-versa at the moment.

    85641 Toggling visibilty on an entire hierarchy takes several seconds, it should be instantaneous
    Here is the script that workaround the override usage
    set AnimGroup = CreateGroup
    AnimGroup.name = "AnimatedVisGroup"
    AddProp "Custom_parameter_list", , , "AnimatedVisibility"
    SIAddCustomParameter AnimGroup.name & ".AnimatedVisibility", "ViewVis", siBool, 0, 0, 1, , 5, 0, 1
    SIAddCustomParameter AnimGroup.name & ".AnimatedVisibility", "RenderVis", siBool, 0, 0, 1, , 5, 0, 1
    SetValue AnimGroup.name & ".AnimatedVisibility.ViewVis", True
    SetValue AnimGroup.name & ".AnimatedVisibility.RenderVis", True
    SelectObj AnimGroup
    for each obj in Selection
    RemoveAnimation obj & ".visibility.viewvis", 1
    RemoveAnimation obj & ".visibility.rendvis", 1
    CopyPaste AnimGroup.name & ".AnimatedVisibility.ViewVis", , obj & ".visibility.viewvis", 1
    CopyPaste AnimGroup.name & ".AnimatedVisibility.RenderVis", , obj & ".visibility.rendvis", 1
    SelectObj AnimGroup.name & ".AnimatedVisibility"

    How to use the script
    1) branch select the object
    2) run the script
    3) an new custom pset will be inspected with two controls
    vis and render which control the render and view visibility
    of all the objects ( which belong the branch selection )
    85877 Shadow_Pass - Overrides alpha-transparency maps applied to objects' surface - material shader - no transparency

    Note: The shadow pass will override the Surface and Shadow inputs of the material shader thus any Alpha-transparency maps used to burn holes into surfaces will be ignored in the shadow pass, resulting in incorrect shadows on surfaces.

    1. Set the scene's pass to Shadow_Pass
    2. Select the object and click Partition - New
    3. In the Explorer view, expand your Shadow_Pass and expand the BackgroundObjectsPartition and the new partition you've just created.
    4. Select the Override on BackgroundObjectsPartition
    5. Press Ctrl on the keyboard and drag N drop the Override to the new partition (To copy it over)
    6. Select the new Override under the new Partition and press 7 (To open the Render Tree)
    7. Re-apply the image nodes used to drive transparency in the default pass to this render tree. Plug this into the Min input of Shadow.
    80537 shader wizard is missing the uitype = "combo" in the spdl file, when the combo type is selected for a given parameter

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    76096 Activescene paramater adding incremental numbers on save.
    Note: If an object in the scene has the same name as the scene name, both will clash if they are in the same name space.

    Workaround: Alter the name of the active scene to not clash with existing models.
    78159 XSI-Limits with ApplyCns command-pointers as parameters forced to convert to strings
    79988 SDK: PerlScript ( *.pls ) doesn't show up in open script dialog

    Note: The activeperl installation for .pls is a scripting extension, so it doesn't show up in the dialog if you have WinAmp installed.

    85744 SDK: SIStoreAction doc says that clipin and clipout are optional - they aren't
    85970 Unable to set a key on the Roll Parameter (Path cns) using scripting. Working using the UI

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    78463 XSI ADDON: DLLs added to addon as other files are not registered if they are installed in a workgroup location
    Workaround: on each machine that points to the workgroup you will need to register the DLL using the regsvr32.exe utility.
    79177 SDK Support: unloading shader DLLs after each render
    Note: You cannot unload shader DLL/DSO libraries from the Libraries dialog. If you want to replace the

    library you must exit XSI first.

    82120 XSI: Linux: Shader wizzard does not work with Mozzilla..

    Note: The shader wizard only works with Netscape on LINUX. Netscape is not the default browser for Red Hat so you will need to download and install NetScape in order to use the shader wizard.

    85020 KinematicState-PutTransform frame doesnt work

    Note: You cannot set the transformation of an object at a different time other than the current time.

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    81368 SPM can shut down frequently when the CPU load is high.

    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    76487 We do not increment the state file name when duplicating hair.
    83022 Hair | Collision type "XSI" Causes hair to jitter spastically when obstacle is in static position within hair

    Note: With the 'XSI' collision type, both objects need to be moving or you will have numerical problems. Use the other collision types if this is the situation you are in.

    83395 HAIR | Copy Style fails if donor object has dynamics applied
    85722 HAIR | Black render if transferred uv supports are frozen on a hair object
    Workaround: Freeze the uv prop before transferring the map
    82870 Crash after cloning hair and then parenting
    Workaround: Freeze the uv prop before transferring the map

    Viewing and Interaction
    Bug ID Description/Workaround
    67893 XSI SDK: Shader : rendertree : Cannot use manipulators with lights utilizing custom light shaders
    75732 Refresh - docked property editor viewport not refreshing
    77213 Linux : freeze when scrubbing timeline with LMB and RMB pressed
    77957 XSI-Vertex Color- propagation problems when subdividing model (RenderVertex, Subdivision)
    Workaround: Scripting. Adjust a parameter for any other axis to generate a command, and then adjust the command for the x axis:

    ie: SetValue "Passes.Default_Pass.Environment.transform.StaticKineState.sclx", 2

    79674 Hidden Polygon: Grow Selection and Select Adjacent polygon should not select the hidden polygon
    80549 UI Bottom of timeline buttons are cutoff [XP only]
    81216 XSI does not remember custom aspect layout.
    82136 Floating schematic doesn't preserve layout of nodes
    82564 Display mode switching (based on distance) doesn't work unless "display distance to output camera" is on
    84478 XSI - Environment pass shader, unable to edit X transformation from ppg, only from command line.
    Workaround: Scripting. Adjust a parameter for any other axis to generate a command, and then adjust the command for the x axis:

    ie: SetValue "Passes.Default_Pass.Environment.transform.StaticKineState.sclx", 2

    84935 Bad refresh when clicking on points with the paint tool

    Note: When a weight map is present the problem does not occur. This problem occurs on both NURBS and Meshes with no property to paint.
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