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Jumping Bean Studios

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Модераторы: He77ga, Stanislav Linus
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    Dear Artists

    Do you really love modeling and animating objects in 3D? Are you 18 years old or over? Would you be interested in getting in on the ground floor with a new adventure game company modeling and animating 3D objects? If so, consider applying for Jumping Bean Studios!

    We are an international team of artists dedicated to creating fun, educational, non-violent adventure games for children. You can work out of your home!

    If this sounds like fun to you, and you would like to be eligible to make a percentage of the companies profits, based on your attitude and performance then contact me at futographer@cox.net.

    Please send your resume, biography and samples of your best realistic 3D modeling work or animations. We are always looking for creative people who are "Bean Team Material".

    Come on and join the fun!


    Patrick Ellis
    Artistic Director
    Jumping Bean Studios

Модераторы: He77ga, Stanislav Linus

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