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  1. Guest

    Rhino: Can anyone knows where I could download Rhino v2.o full functional?
    A friend gave me a version on a .rar file of 22.4MB but I'm not able to open it!

    Jewelcad: I'm using the 4.1 version, because is the only one I could crack.
    Does anyone know something about using other versions?

  2. Guest

    I use Jewelcad 4.1 too. Also I have 4.0 version but 4.1 is a little better in modeling and rendering. I downloaded from the www.jcadcam.com but could not crack 4.2 version. 4.1 has a bug with export in IGES but it can be treated by HEX editor. If you want I send you all necessary addresses.
  3. Guest

    Pleas , send me all you have about jewelcad and rhino.

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