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How download softimage 3D ?

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  1. Guest

    How to download softimage 3D v3.9 or better ?
  2. Guest

  3. Guest

    Thanks nobody, but in my browser I see this message :

    Sorry, you cannot acces this page directly

    ... and not are possible to download .. ! :(
  4. Guest

    use some download programm, smth like ReGet, FlashGet or so...

    another one:
  5. Glazirin Evgeny ( depol )

    Glazirin Evgeny ( depol ) Мастер

    С нами с:
    зачем ?... опять ведь ужесточат

    пусть буржуй сам покупает софт : ) подешевел тем более : )

    с уважением
  6. Guest

    damned... !... Thanks nobody for the links... but I can use ... why ? I see in all browser the message :

    Sorry, you cannot acces this page directly

    ... Do you have the principal web page ?... Are abnormal this message ?... :-(
  7. Guest

    just paste the link into new download window in REGET thats it dude...dont try to open the page or do anything else because you cannot get access..
  8. Guest

    Ok.. I have try with reget to download from this 2 link:




    On the first REGET continue ( to infinite... ) to retry for download... ( and don't download... )

    On second REGET download 2 file called " access denied.asp" the file are web page...

  9. Guest

    :( ... help me ...
  10. Guest

    you already have all you need to download soft. Read instructions above carefully and try another download programs. Also try copy-paste in Internet Explorer. It MUST work!!
  11. Guest

    .. I have try all ways.... (explorer,netscape, opera - download accelerator, getright, lightning download, netvampire and reget ) ....
    Today I have try to make a treceroute on download server ... and I see the " * " over 15 point.. at the end I can't arrive to the server for download ( it show me this words " Sorry, you cannot acces this page directly " ) !!!

    I can use other application for joint the download point ?

  12. Guest

    Godzer, you are late. They closed the door...
  13. Guest

    Eeehh ? :)) I'm too lucky ! :)
    ... I'm from Italy.. and are very hard to find apps on the net...
    How I can find apps to download on Internet ( ex. softimage, pixar renderman and softman ) ?
    ... I know this:
    they sell a software.. but have high prices !!!
Модераторы: Григорий Чаленко

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