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finalRender Stage-0 R1.1 update -shipping now!

Тема в разделе "FinalRender", создана пользователем -, 22 фев 2002.

Модераторы: Stanislav Linus
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    Собственно сабж
    Всем искать
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    finalRender Stage-0 1.1 -New Features
    cebas plug-ins and applications are known for their great value and state of the art technology. It's our philosophy to deliver constant updates to our products and also we are not scared to add new functionality for free into a shipping release.
    This makes us special among all others in this business. Updates do not only fix bugs, we also ship with every update several "sweets" and valuable additions without any extra cost!

    finalRender Stage-0 1.1 is more than fixing reported bugs!
    See your self:

    Updated and Optimized Area Light Types

    Double Precision Anti Aliasing to fix Scanliner Issues

    Max. 2X Speed Improvement when Building MSP Acceleration

    Enhanced Brute Force GI Importance Sampling Method

    NEW! Highly Optimized, Real Area Rectangular Light Type

    3 GI -Engines, New: fRAnimation to Render GI-Animations

    Over all Enhancements and Improved Accuracy of GI-Renderings

    Streamlined Material Editor Interface

    New Skylight feature for Improved Illumination Handling

    True Saturation GI-Controls

    True GI-Contrast Controls with HDRI Support

    Enhanced Rraytracer Texture Filtering

    Raytraced Soft-Shadow Types: Disc, Rectangle, Sphere, Cylinder

    Enhanced Color Shadow Map

    Additional Sub Surface Scattering Features

    Workflow Enhancements when Saving/Deleting/Reusing GI-Solutions

    Better Integration with Shag:Hair
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    И в нем кстати обещали пофиксить баг с DarkTree SimbiontMAX
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    осталость сп##дить да принесть...
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    Я достал, но ставиться он не хочет. Говорит нету у вас старого FinalRender - а.
    (хотя он стоит). Ждем кряк.
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Модераторы: Stanislav Linus

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