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    Итак это случилось - рендер в реальном времени.


    Quote from site: We use some of Christophe Desse's detailed objects to make a 500,000+ polygon scene. The starting raytraced light is movable in real time, but that isn't much challenge for FPrime to show. We overload the scene with 144 new raytraced point lights using LightWave's Luxigon tool. This produces a nice radiosity-like soft lighting effect. Every light can still be interactively and independently changed! We pick one light, change it to a full-featured area light, and move and size it. FPrime has no problem rendering the 145 shadow casting lights at once! The FPrime render view is particularly useful when tweaking area light shadows.

    Quote from site: FPrime does not use graphics hardware to render, so it has no light type or count limit. Today's scene shows an overwhelming 500,000 object polygons. It adds a few fully raytraced shadow casting lights. 144 of them in fact...
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    Today, we share some final feature demos before FPrime's launch next week. We'll be shipping both PC and Mac OSX versions simultaneously.

    To answer a popular question, FPrime's engine has no difficulty rendering radiosity, even interactively. FPrime's feedback is particularly useful since radiosity effects are hard to anticipate during setup and take a long time for LightWave to render.

    The other popular question is whether FPrime can render high resolution images and sequences. Again, the answer is yes, of course. It in fact FPrime goes beyond a simple sequence saver, and changes the entire workflow of project rendering.

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    9 марта, блин... ждёмс...
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