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Deep Paint 3D

Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы", создана пользователем nirat, 1 мар 2003.

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  1. nirat

    nirat Знаток

    С нами с:
    Граждане, нужен Deep Paint 3D... Полазил по инету - не нашел...
    Если кто знает где можно взять, подскажите плз...
    Если в Москве, то за умеренную плату взял бы диск на денек в аренду :)
  2. Guest

    В сети edonkey лежит несколько вариантов. См. клиента для етой сети www.emule-project.net
  3. Guest

    Key Features In Deep UV
    Unfold is a revolutionary new automated UV unwrapping tool
    Preserve Bitmap lets you make changes to the UV mapping after the object has been textured and preserves the texturing regardless of UV changes
    Real-time preview of UV editing simultaneously in 2D and 3D
    Advanced relax tools that will automatically minimize local or global distortions by selection
    Complete support for all n-sided polygons
    Direct integration with 3ds max and Maya, workflow for XSI and LightWave

    Supports open GL allowing large models to be used
    Grow selection and grow soft selection
    Box Mapping, ideal for buildings of any kind

    Improved algorithms for faster and better Automatic Pack functions

    Features in Deep UV
    Directly manipulate texture UV's interactively on 3D models

    Untangle overlapping UV's instantly
    New intuitive transform tools for UV manipulation
    Advanced interactive 2D and 3D soft selection and feather tools for creating selections sets for scaling, rotating, etc
    More efficient UV packing algorithms that packs faster and closer for the most optimal use of UV space
    Merge many materials to create a single material with no loss in quality. Place all the objects from an entire scene on a single larger bitmap as an ideal way to speed up the loading of game textures while automatically preserves the original texture maps

    Plugins to and from 3ds max, Maya and Deep Paint 3D (more in development)

    Deep UV is a stand-alone product and has full integration with Deep Paint 3D
    Automatic interactive V.A.M.P (Variable Angle Multi Patch) and Box Mapping creates distortion free mapping at the push of a button
    Interactive Mapper, allows you to dynamically preview unwrapped UV coordinates while altering your Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical and Polar mapping
    The 'Lift' function automatically separates upper and lower UV coordinates. Ideal for automatically mapping the front and the rear of a model in one operation
    Easily apply different UV map types to different parts of an object or material. e.g. spherical for the head of a character and planar for the body
    Move, scale, rotate, shear, and flip UV data with a soft selection for precise control over the area of influence of an operation
    Select UV points, polygons or groups in 2D or 3D with magic wand, lasso or rectangular selection tools
    Zoom and pan navigation
    Advanced 3D selection set features. Select surface areas of objects by angle deflection from selected faces. Selection sets can be featured by angle. e.g. select a flat face of an object with precise control over inclusion or partial inclusion of fillets or adjacent surfaces
    Apply materials to imported objects

    Это инфа с сайта производителя. Поставил на закачку. Попробую - поделюсь впечатлениями.
  4. Guest

    есть - в Москве, находи время - подъезжай с болванкой,и полная и последняя версия, и не полная и не последняя.
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