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Что подразумевается в комбахе под Background rendering

Тема в разделе "Combustion & Toxik", создана пользователем Andrei_S, 5 мар 2002.

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    Что подразумевается в комбахе под Background rendering?
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    Name: Richard Lawler
    Date: 03-04-2002 21:19:44 gmt
    Subject: Re: Dilemma Please help

    Combustion uses AE plugins. Not all AE plugins work in Combustion though. There is a list on Discreet's site of AE plugins that have been tested. http://www.discreet.com/support/combustion/faq/answer.php3?prod=combustion&id=331

    Things Combustion 2 can do that AEPB can not:
    - Vector paint (ie animatable spline based drawing and painting) The Paint plugin in AEPB is the old Cult Effects paint and is not vector based or editable.
    - Realtime rotoscoping: You can work in one view while combustion renders your changes in another view thats playing.
    - RPF integration. If you use 3ds max to render RPF sequences combustion can use the extended channels and layers in the RPF files to do all sorts of tricks. (AE has support for Kinetix' extended RLA files, but they don't support the extended channels and layers in RPF. These channels and layers fix some of the artifacts and aliasing problems that happend with RLAs.)
    - Use combustion compositions as live textures in 3ds max and even paint on them in the 3ds max viewport.
    - Combustion 2 uses OpenGL for 3D composite visualization.
    - Editable schematic view, AE's is a look but no touch thing.
    - Weighted garbage masks.
    - Compatibility with Discreet's FFI products - eg Keyer, Tracker, CC data are compatible.
    - Some of the tools like the Tracker in Combustion are better than AE.
    - Background rendering.
    - Combustion 2 works with 8, 10, 12, 16 bit and floating point channels. AE works with 8 and 16.

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