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Тема в разделе "Maya", создана пользователем -, 25 янв 2002.

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  1. Guest

    segodna vishel ocherednoi update
  2. Guest

    ыгы.... и весит она 86 метров... а документация 82.....:))
  3. Slava

    Slava Знаток

    С нами с:
    А что там нового в этом апдейте
  4. Guest

    What's fixed in Maya 4.0.2

    In Maya 4.0.2, we've corrected various problems with the Maya 4 software. We hope this release addresses your specific issues. The following lists the software limitations that were fixed for Maya 4.0.2 based on your comments.

    Paint Effects

    * Editing a pressure curve in Paint Effects (using Make Pressure) now updates the stroke properly.


    * Rendering a scene in which a texture attribute is keyframed no longer causes the scene to break. Previously, the evaluation of the dependency graph could fail in this case.
    * Maya now properly renders layers with interlaced fields and outputs them to their respective directories.
    * The hardware buffer can now display multiple cameras without having to close and re-open Maya.
    * Previously, typing -rs flags in the Command Line returned an error message. This has been fixed.
    * blur2d is now able to read files that contain padding in front of numbers.


    * Previously, when using particle instancing, a large amount of memory was allocated during various scene traversals.This has been fixed.


    * Maya no longer crashes when rendering Fur due to a pathname that is too long.

    Character Animation

    * Previously, in some cases the Jiggle node created cache file names that were too long and would overflow an internal buffer. This resulted in Maya crashing when reloading a scene. This has been fixed, although long cache file names are still created.

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