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  • Специальность:
    3D моделлер
  • Город:
  • Принимаются ли иногородние?

  • Образование:
  • Художественное образование:
    не важно
  • Знание английского языка:
    свободный разговорный

  • Опыт работы:
    3 года
  • Режим работы:

  • Зарплата, руб.:
    по согласованию

Должностные обязанности:

Become familiar with game design documents so as to know the environments, objects, atmospheres, story, and style in order to build their level
Become familiar with the visual references and respect the chosen artistic direction
Participates in the search of precise graphic references that are specific to their game level(s)
Becomes familiar with tool installation methods and their settings, the project’s file nomenclature system, and the data updating processes in the engine, and follow all of the instructions
Creates documents that list and present the graphical content of the levels (objects, environments, atmosphere, lighting, styles, etc.)
Helps estimate, after assessing level content with the PM – modelling, the working time and plan tasks per priority and per level
Builds the rough map of the level with the level designer to show and get approval for the first graphical intentions and gameplays
Helps establish the modelling and texture needs, place the order with the map 3d artists, and follow up on the progress and quality of the work with the PM
Integrate the produced objects and textures into the level
Creates the architectural and lighting elements of the level and integrates them
Constantly optimizes his/her map and by, for example, adjusting the size of the pieces according to gameplay situations, after assessment with the level designer
Participates in setting the properties of each of the objects in his/her map (e.g.: movement, collision, lighting effects, SFX, sound, etc.)
Acts as a resource-person for the artistic team
Oversees the debug process for all levels
Backs up the files at a specific point in Perforce and exports the information to the engine using the same nomenclature
Verifies the quality of the maps once they are imported into the game and make any necessary improvements
Remedies the bugs entered by the testers to eliminate any anomalies
Carry out all other related tasks
Contribute to the team-oriented environment

Требования к кандидату:

Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
Ability to work well under pressure and deadlines
Proficient in 3D Studio Max / Zbrush / Unreal engine
Shaders Creation
English level above upper-intermediate

Условия работы:

Working with an international team of world class professionals on exciting and challenging projects
Relocation program for new hires
Learning & Development opportunities – mentoring, lectures, participation
at industry conferences and events
Medical Insurance package
Sensible flexible working hours
Breakfasts, snacks and fruits available during the day, tea and coffee machines
Friendly team and a friendly environment
Casual workplace environment in downtown St. Petersburg; including bicycle parking, gym, game and chill-out zones
Additional benefits – care bonus to cover health, educational and safety needs, three paid days without sick list during a year, corporate parties and team buildings, referral bonuses and many more others
Potential Business trips to Canada and USA

ООО "Сперасофт студия"

Контактное лицо - jobs@sperasoft.com Виктория


E-mail: jobs@sperasoft.com

О компании:

Do you have a passion for playing games? Would you like to develop great game products that are sold around the world? Then you should consider joining Sperasoft creative team! We are engineers, artists, designers and other game dev. professionals with one collective goal: to deliver great games and to become the best at what we do! We work with some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the industry such as Electronic Arts, BioWare, Sony Entertainment. We bring the best specialists on board and create a great working atmosphere to keep people motivated, happy and productive. We work as a team where everyone’s opinion is heard and creative input is always appreciated. We share knowledge and ideas to get the most out of our work processes. Strong ethic and communication skills, honesty and openness are something we are proud of. Join our team and start working on cool projects that will skyrocket your career in game development in the right direction!

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