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Hot news„Ј NPR1 Reyes

As promised we have put together the most comprehensive set of plug-ins of 3ds max 4 and we are offering it to you for an incredible price. This offer not only includes the famous range of Reyes plug-ins, but also the first of a new line of future products that represent the most innovative concept in non-photo realistic render (NPR) software to date. NPR1 Reyes achieves spectacular effects such as cartoon, portrait, etching or oil painting and it does so by focussing on the representational units used to interpret them such as lines, brushstrokes, pencil strokes etc. In other words, NPR1 takes these and links them to information sources, (flow field, Z-buffer, luminance) allowing the user to mix and match the combinations by modifying the available parameters. The results are a myriad of different effects on the render. Future versions will open up the possibilities of this versatile approach. This product includes the well-known CartoonReyes render.

CartoonReyes 2.0 is a non-photo realistic rendering program that produces high quality 2D cartoon images, based on 3D data from scenes. CartoonReyes brings to cartoon the flexibility of all the 3ds max standard render features as well as cartoon line and greater control over the line parameters than ever before.

ClothReyes 3.11 includes such revolutionary features as tearable cloth and dynamic rigid bodies, taking its potential beyond fabric simulation. Its unique technology based on the detection of self-collision within "cloth" has established ClothReyes as the most advanced solution for fabric simulation.

DirtyReyes 1.6 3D weathering tools and as such was awarded a Computer Graphics World Innovation Award. It enhances realism in 3D objects by applying the effects of deterioration, decay and the wear and tear of everyday life.

MetaReyes 5.0 was the first organic modeling software ever to introduce the primitive metamuscle, a totally new concept that broadened the scope of metaball modeling. Today the metamuscle primitive is able to reproduce ever more complex shapes whilst reducing the number of primitives needed to create a model.

SurfReyes 1.3 is an extremely powerful tool for generating complex surfaces of varying curvature. Based on the principle of "subdivision surfaces", SurfReyes acts upon an initial control mesh, to generate one continuous, smooth, and easily animatable surface.

JetaReyes 1.4 is a gesture synthesis system for use with 3D characters. Its unique approach to facial animation offers a very interactive, productive and timesaving alternative to the more traditional methods of morphing or gesture captures.

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