Помогите установить плаг Stich!

Вот инфо на английском, надёюсь поймешь :)

Installation Instructions:
Start with a clean computer reboot, especially if u were
just running max.
1) Open your 3dsmax4 plugin.ini file and put in the entries
below (note the categories in brackets):

Stitch Plug-in=C:\3dsmax42\plugins\Digimation

Stitch Help=C:\3dsmax42\Help\Stitch Manual.chm

NOTE: Obviously, change the 3dsmax4 directory to match your
installation directory.

2) Move the files from their respective directories to your
3dsmax4 directories (ie. \3dsmax4\Scenes\ is moved to
<installed max4 dir>\Scenes).

NOTE: Any files not in a sub-directory of the 3dsmax4 directory
go in the root directory of 3dsmax4, such as DigiSrv4.exe.

3) Once installed run the DigiP_register.bat file that should
now be in your 3dsmax4 installation directory. Start max4
and create a server name by hitting add (use your computers
network id). Register using the keygen that has been included
with this release.

NOTE: If you already have digisrv4.exe installed and registered,
there is no need to do it again.

Thats all. Have fun and dont forget to buy it if you like it.