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June, 4, 2018 - Ornatrix Maya v2.1.4 BETA is out!

:)New: Scatter operator for feathers and foliage (WIP)
:)New: Added ability to displace hair roots into the surface (opposite surface normal) with a map
:) New: Added Weaver support for instanced curves
:) New: Allow the Weaver user to select multiple curves at the same time
:)New: Added hair dynamics model using elastons to MoovPhysicsNode
:)New: Added oriented particles (elastons) and the corresponding Cosserat rod constraints to Moov
Fixed: Unable to select a camera as scene object in GSD
Fixed: Moov Solver Visualization option not working
Fixed: Unable to paint Per-Vertex channels on hairs
Fixed: Assertion and crash when rendering with VRay 3.x
Fixed: Hair animation is not being updated at render time
Fixed: Moov Simulated guides penetrating the distribution surface
Fixed: Changed default generation in Generate Strand Data to New Channel
Fixed: Using select brush on strands close to the surface can select back-facing strands
Fixed: Clumper crash when undoing addition of a pattern
Fixed: Maya Crash when changing the guide count if the stack containt a Clump operator with a braid pattern assigned.
Fixed: Incorrect clump shape interpolation when Attract to closest stem point option is used
Fixed: When generating new random clumps for a strand selection some resulting strands go into previously existing clumps
Fixed: Clicking "Assign External Clump Strands" generates a MEL error
Fixed: Don't allow user to add the same pattern to ClumpNode patterns list twice
Fixed: Clumper crash when using patterns and input hair doesn't have any strands
Fixed: Hairs point in random directions when using Guide Proximity option in HFG
Fixed: Strand rotation tool in EG changes strand shape
(yes)Fixed: Hair From Mesh Strips strip editing tool crashing when performing selection with DirectX 11
Fixed: MEL error after using EG, deleting hair, and selecting something else
Fixed: Cannot Import Multiple.. in Edit Guides Shape after doing undo
Fixed: MEL error when selecting a clump stem in ClumpNode
Fixed: Out of range access in HFG/MeshFromHairGenerator from mesh without UV coordinates
Fixed: Disable texture map in AE GSD controls unless texture map or SeExpr generation method is used
Fixed: Preserve Strand Length option breake clumps creates from patterns
Fixed: Selecting itself as control guides crashes Adopt External Guides node
Fixed: Error when rendering hair with Arnold and clump node
Fixed: Incorrect Viewport V1 strand drawing
Fixed: RotateNode: Failed assertion on mesh without UVs
Fixed: Guides remain visible when SER is on and guides shape is deselected
Fixed: Guide double display when adding an operator on top of EG
Fixed: Weaver UV faces and edges do not respect UV scaling parameter
Fixed: Weaver face and edge manipulation should work with DirectX
Fixed: WeaverNode does not respect its transformation
Fixed: Moov Cosserat rods root orientation does not change when rotating the base mesh

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Ура! Официальная 2я версия для Maya вышла сегодня!

June, 11, 2018 - Ornatrix Maya V2.1.5 is out. This our official V2 release!

New: Allow deleting clumps, not just clump hairs
Fixed: Hair is not displaced completely when using UDIM maps
Fixed: ChangeWidth operator not working with Redshift
Fixed: Clumper's flyaway hairs change when roots are re-generated
Fixed: Multiplier not copying texture coordinates
Fixed: Visual glitch on the guides when zooming out the camera

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June 15, 2018 - Ornatrix 3dsmax v6.0.9 BETA is up!

New: Ox Clump modifier (WIP, initial implementation)
Fixed: Using select brush on strands close to the surface can select back-facing strands
Fixed: Changed default generation in GSD to New Channel
Fixed: Multiplier modifier does not copy texture coordinates
Fixed: Assertion when combing hair on some computers
Fixed: Guides points are resampled when playing a baked simulation with Dynamics node and a non-0 starting segment
Fixed: No logo image is displayed inside the settings dialog
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July 2, 2018 - Ornatrix 3dsmax v6.0.10 BETA is up!

New: Finished Ox Clump modifier
New: Braid object (to be used with Ox Clump modifier)
New: Added shape blending curve to GroundStrandsModifier
New: Added "Record Active Time Range" option to StrandAnimationModifier
New: Options in Ox Strand Detail modifier to better control how strand smoothing is performed
New: Time scale parameter of StrandAnimationModifier can go above 100%
New: Ox Strand Multiplier modifier generates strand groups
Fixed: Proxy mesh distorted when its local coordinates go into negative Z values
Fixed: Popping of animated strands with high point count and stacked Frizz modifiers
Fixed: When using EG to paint per-vertex color channels the colors do not update correctly after mouse is released
Fixed: First per-vertex channel always named "Selection" in drop downs
Fixed: Detail modifier smoothing is too slow
Fixed: Duplicated strand IDs with multiple levels of propagation
Fixed: "Ignore Backfacing Strands" doesn't work with Select brush in Surface mode
Fixed: Select brush cannot be used in Surface mode
Fixed: Crashes when modifying curve diagrams in various operators


Урок по новому движку динамики Moov в Ornatrix Maya.

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☀☀☀July, 3, 2018 - Ornatrix Maya v2.1.6 is out! ☀☀☀

New: Added a graphic indication to Plant Guides Tool of where the guide is going to be placed
New: Multiplier operator supports generating strand groups
New: OxEditGuides command can be called from pymel directly without a string
New: Added "-help" flag to OxEditGuides command
New: Added an option to choose a curve point number in Plant Guides Tool windows property
New: Shape attributes are restored to 1 when deactivating Mesh From Strands (aids in preserving Arnold render properties)
Fixed: Maya crashes when deactivating HFG
Fixed: VRayOxHairPrimitive crash with some configurations
Fixed: Broken guides after reloading a scene with Nucleus Simulation
Fixed: Unable to remove objects from the Force Fields list in Moov node
Fixed: MtoA and Ornatrix 2.x crash
Fixed: Maya crashes when loading Ox plugin on Linux
Fixed: Match mouse cursor offset when control points in EG are moved
Fixed: Planting a new guide with adopt shape option with EG crashes Maya when there are 0 guides
Fixed: Edit Guides resetting shape when deselecting and re-selecting all strands using a Select brush
Fixed: Ignore Backfacing option not working with Surface brushes
Fixed: Select brush can work in surface mode
Fixed: Ignore Backfacing Strands option not working in Edit Guides strand or control point selection
Fixed: Maya Field/Solvers don't affect Moov
Fixed: Selection is not preserved in EditGuides when loading V1 scenes
Fixed: Incorrect shape sub-selection in EditGuidesShape
Fixed: Proxy mesh distorted when its local coordinates go into negative Z values
Fixed: Popping of animated strands with high point count and stacked Frizz modifiers
Fixed: Duplicated strand IDs with multiple levels of propagation
Fixed: Crash when changing hair settings while running Arnold IPR
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Два отличных тутора по новой физике в Ornatrix для Maya.


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Кстати, там же на странице - есть видео с этим пауком.

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July 16, 2018 - Ornatrix 3dsmax v6.0.11 BETA is up!

New: Added an option to Lengthener to scale whole strand
New: Baked Hair object can load one to five external Alembic files
New: Hair from Mesh Strips object can orient hair based on UV direction
New: Added strand grounding to Baked Hair object
WIP: Moov Physics modifier
Fixed: Edit Guides mode icons are black in newer Max versions
Fixed: Render Point Count in Detail modifier does not work with HairFromMeshStrips object
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July 18, 2018 - Ornatrix Maya v2.1.7 is out!

New: User Brush in Edit Guides: new brushes can now be created using custom Python scripts
New: Added an option to Lengthener to scale whole strand
New: Hair from Mesh Strips hairs can be oriented based on strip mesh UV coordinates
New: Optional integration tests can be installed, containing our full suite of Python scripts for automatically testing Ornatrix features
Fixed: Undoing Distribution or Interpolation Type does not update the attribute editor UI
Fixed: Render Point Count in Detail Node does not work with HairFromMeshStrips
Fixed: Increasing input strand count into Edit Guides where strand(s) have been planted can produce incorrect hair
Fixed: "Unexpected Internal Failure" and broken UI in Ornatrix V1
Fixed: A second Namespace is created when creating a groom
Fixed: Maya Field/Solvers don't affect Moov
Fixed: Propagated strands don't appear if Propagation is added on top of ChangeWidth
Fixed: If Change Width is added on top of propagated strands only current group of strands is visible
Fixed: Graphic artifact on VP2.0 in Maya 2016 Ext.2
Fixed: Issues with copy pasting some grooms
Fixed: Colored guide display regression
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July 29, 2018 - Ornatrix 3dsmax v6.0.12 BETA is out!

New: Initial implementation of Moov Physics modifier is complete, including script loading, dynamic parameters, collision objects, and external forces
New: Added SeExpr expressions to GenerateGuideDataModifier, including full expression editor (3dsmax 2018+)
New: Added external forces to Oscillator modifier
New: Added progress bar to Alembic export, implemented cancel, and improved export speed
Fixed: Remember Roots Position buttons are always gray in 3dsmax 2016 and older
Fixed: ResolveCollisions and Osicilator crash after Clone
Fixed: Guides from Shape modifier taking too long when applied to NURBS curves
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August, 3, 2018 - Ornatrix Maya v2.1.8 is out!

New: Added distribution curve to Propagator
New: Added Merge strands node (only supports guides for now)
Fixed: Hair does not render when scattering shader on Mesh from Strands node
Fixed: Maya crashes when removing a clump pattern from the Clump node
Fixed: Loading V2 scenes with Remember Root Positions on in GFM doesn't load any guides
Fixed: RenderSettings operator does not work with Redshift 2.6.14
Fixed: # Warning : Could not create desired MFn. Defaulting to MFnDagNode. #
Fixed: Clumping to guides or external guides doesn't match the guide center tips to clump tips
Fixed: Edit Guides minimized rollouts do not remain minimized


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