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Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы", создана пользователем -, 6 мар 2002.

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    Kakimi sposobami mozhno dobitsja podobnih effectov sveta?Plagini?kakie? smotrite na eti lights.
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    Savin Denis Moderator Команда форума

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    Jens Karlsson

    JK: Fascinated by special effects in film, primarily sci-fi, I began experienting in 97 trying to achieve what I had seen on the big screen. Initially I combined a lot of my own photographic material and started adding all sorts of light streaks, explosions and starfields into manipulated environments and since I studied at the time I had access to most software available on the market. After a year of using Corel's Photopaint I was introduced to Adobe's Photoshop 3.0 which was amazing because I had never worked with layers before. Ever since I have been thorough in my neverending search for more exciting software, but the combination of Photoshop, 3DsMax and Illustrator just works best right now.
Модераторы: Артер

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