кто выезжал за бугор...

подскажите, кто в курсе, при вылете за бугор, могут ли быть проблемы с вывозом CD дисков?
Hi, I have already reach Australia,
I have crossed boundaries keeping all my CD well and without problems.
Thank you and best regards.

when you settle everything, drop me a line at directly.

glad to hear everything's ok.
are you at north or south of A? how do you like local "winter" :)


I am in Brisbane, winter looks like our very nice summer.
Strong company, very interesting project, good accomadation, smiles around,
may be I am sleeping?
It's cool, really!
welcome 2 mashine (joking)

here is my smile too. what have been one of my most shoking (wrong spelling?) experince is smiles everywhere and grocery stores of cause... ;)

give me your mail, i'll send you my work and home phones. NZ-Australia is cheap talking.

Hey Man, my congratulation to your becoming to Ozzy.
Have you got any questions lifestile about?
Don't be shy to ask me, I'm not so far from you. Even if
you need some adresses. Keep smiling. See you.
Hi Boys!

Who can to tell me about next: may be your employers need one more 3d polygonal modeler-texturer?

I would be grateful very much...

P.S. My address is -

Or such questions are taboo...
А ваще чья таможня может безпредел насчет дисков устроить,
наша или буржуйская.........:)