Конвертер анимации из Maya

Как называеться софт ......который конвертит анимацию из Майя в Макс и наоботот......???
Сильно сомневаюсь, что такой конвертер вообще существует. Может знает кто возможно ли просто голую модель из МАКСА в МАЙКУ затащить?
A mozhet u kogo est' PolyTrans For MAYA, ili crack k nej, a?

Stand-alone version of PolyTrans u mnea est so vsemi "nuzhnymi primochkami". I Plug-in modules for MAX tozhe est'. S etim pomogu, a vot kto pomozhet s MAYA....a?

Zaranee Vsem blagodaren...
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Release Notes:

Neutral Zone is a robust Softimage to Maya translator. The Maya plug-in
offers a complete solution to seamlessly handle NURBS and polygonal models, skeletons, keyframe animation, camera animation, camera settings, constraints (aim, point, orient), lights, and hierarchy information.



Release Notes:

Harness the full power of your animation data. Use Maya, 3D Studio MAX,
and SOFTIMAGE 3D to create and manipulate animation scenes. LambSoft's
MoveTools is an animation database that allows you to transfer skeletons,
geometry, cameras, lights and other objects between 3D Studio MAX, Maya,
and SOFTIMAGE 3D. Hierarchies and full animation transforms are preserved
perfectly. Use one package for modeling, another for animating and a third
for rendering. Our powerful freshen option allows you to split your
pipeline for maximum productivity. Use all previous animation data as a
resource for current projects. Work collaboratively with others using
MoveTools as your common format. Hire talented people and allow them to use
the animation tools they are experienced with. Work faster and more
efficiently with MoveTools.