сложно сказать! надо пробовать! пока не могу подключить AE Partikular 1.0 пишет ошибку
Generally speaking, plug-ins created for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe AfterEffects are compatible with combustion.

Please note that Discreet does not provide specific support for 3rd party plug-ins, users should contact the plug-in manufacturers for support.

Plugins designed by 3rd party developers may or may not meet the API standards as provided by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Be sure to check with the plug-in manufacturer for potential compatibility issues. Several of the manufacturers provide trial and demo versions of their plug-ins. Before making a decision as to what plug-in may be useful for your application, please take the time to try them before purchasing.

combustion only supports Photoshop and After Effects filters provided as plug-ins by 3rd party developers. The filters that ship with the actual Adobe products cannot be used with combustion (this is a result of the Adobe plug-in specifications and not a combustion limitation. To avoid confusion between the two filter types, it is highly recommended that you install your Adobe filters either directly into the combustion Plugins folder from the original CD, or into a directory other than the Adobe products native plugins directory. Is is also highly recommended that you use After Effects compatible plug-ins with combustion whenever possible, as most Photoshop plug-ins are not designed for animation purposes and may give unpredictable results.

After Effect plug-ins are now supported for Mac OSX with combustion 2, SP1. There are now two types of AE plugins, carbon and non-carbon, the following are loaded:
OS 9: Non-Carbon only.
OS X: Carbon only.

Additional Notes:

All of the plug-ins are parsed, so if a user still drags some non-carbon plug-ins into the plug-in folder and attempts to run the program in OSX, these specific plug-ins will not load into the system.

There are literally thousands of variables involved with testing the reliability of every single individual plug-in effect. Consider this number by the number of platforms needed to test them on such as Win95/98, NT, 2000 and Macintosh operating systems. Needless to say, potential compatibility issues do exist.

Discreet has tested a wide variety of plugins, orginally designed for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop, with combustion. While the great majority of them function properly, there may be certain plugins that are not compatible with combustion, often due to issues beyond our control.

Please be aware that some After Effects plug-ins may conflict with the background rendering mechanism of combustion, and "lock out" manipulating controls while rendering. If this occurs, wait for the After Effects plug-in to finish its processing. Normal operation of combustion will resume.

The following is a current list of compatible third-party After Effects plugins:

Alien Skin
Atomic Power Evolution 1.0 (except Turbulator 4.0 plug-in; Multiplane does not produce alpha in black areas; Turbulator 3.0 works, but force fields do not work on Windows versions.
Atomic Power- Psunami 1.0
BorisFX- AE 3.0 (except 3D Text and Flat 3D Text on Macintosh); Blur does not pull alpha from edge; DVE may crash if you apply a border; Flat 3D Text on Windows may terminate the application if you apply a drop shadow). DVE may cause when a border is applied.
Cycore - Cult Effects v1.5(except Paint, Noise HLS, Basic Fill, Noise Turbulent II); Radial Shadow does not work when the "softness" parameter is applied; some plug-ins have unusual default values, but work correctly otherwise; thumbnail previews sometimes display incorrectly, but viewport has correct settings).
Digi Effects Aurorix
DigiEffects Berserk
DigiEffects Cinelook Except on Macintosh Film Damage works on both platforms.
DigiEffects Cinemotion (Letterbox displays incorrect preview, but renders correctly).
DigiEffects Delirium except Lens Flares and Sketchist; Fire and Fog Factory on Windows do not work, but they DO WORK on Macintosh.
Foundry Tinderbox is now supported in combustion 2, SP1 (Mac OSX)
ICE Final Effects Complete (except Glass, Glass Wipe, Scatter, Alpha Map, Colour offset, Mr.Smoothis(Macintosh), and all "Time" plug-ins; Composite Controls behave differently than AE; "Bumpmap option doesn't work on Ripple Plus)
Panopticum Tools 1.0 Custom Speed and Photo Exposition
Pinnacle Systems Composite Wizard Except Colour Matcher and Matte Feather EZ.
Pinnacle Systems Image Lounge Except Border Patrol, Colour Map, Effect Blender, Fractal Brimstone, Fractal Clouds, Fractal Fire, Fractal Fire, Fractal Tunnel, Real Shadows, Text Scroll, Video Feedback.
Pinnacle Systems Knoll Lens Flare Pro
Pinnacle Systems Light Factory
Puffin Designs Composite Wizard (except Colour Matcher and Matte Feather EZ)
Puffin Designs Image Lounge Macintosh version ONLY (except: border Patrol, Colour Map, Effect Blender, Fractal Brimstone, Fractal Clouds, Grunge, Read Shadows, Text Scroll and Turbulent Edges)
Puffin Designs Knoll Lens Flare Pro
Puffin Designs Light Factory
RE: Vision Effects - ReelSmart FieldsKit v 1.0.4
RE: Vision Effects - ReelSmart Motion Blur v 1.8.2 (Pro and Regular)
RE: Vision Effects - ReelSmart Shade/Shape v 1.2
RE: Vision Effects - ReelSmart Twixtor v 2.02 (Pro and Regular)
RE: Vision Effects -Video Gogh v 2.5.1
Ultimatte, Ultimatte AE

NOTE: Adobe After Effect Plug-ins are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH combustion

The following After Effects plug-ins have been tested and DO NOT WORK in combustion:

Forge - Freeform 2.0
Panopticum - AnimaText
Panopticum - Fire II
Panopticum - LensPro
Puffin Designs - Image Lounge (some plugins work, such as Typewriter but most inthis set do not).
Puffin Designs - Primatte AE
Ultimatte, Ultimatte AE
Pinnacle System, Inc. - Primatte Keyer AE
ZaxWersk - 3D Invigorator

There may be other 3rd party After Effects and Photoshop plug-ins that work correctly within combustion, as every available plug-in has not been tested. Discreet cannot guarantee the compatibility of plugins not verified for use with combustion.

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