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    Russia - Sochi
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    ул. Несебрская, д. 14
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    Вакансии: 1 (посмотреть)
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    • Производство телерекламы, клипов
    • Спецэффекты в кино
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  • О компании: is San Francisco Bay area company founded in 2017 based in Sochi.

    We are an adtech company that is going to blur the distinction between photos and videos.
    We introduce a completely new format of video advertisements by making any photo alive with just a few clicks. We strongly believe that ads should be engaging, fun and easy-to-produce. mobile app allows users to create cool videos with their friends in branded templates that breaks new ground for native video advertising.
    We solve the toughest tasks using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence for your greatest marketing experience.
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