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Хочу чтоб тачка реалестично...

Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы", создана пользователем Amadey, 13 мар 2001.

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  1. Amadey

    Amadey Активный участник

    С нами с:
    ...себя вела, там колеса когда надо подпрыгивали, наклонялась...
    Видел описание одного плага(Vehicle Simulator) по моему это то что мне нужно, так вот где бы его сдыбить.
  2. Guest

    В книге "Петерсона"есть подробное описание.(очень легко!)
  3. Guest

    Программа называется ReelMotion. Вот её описание:

    ¦ ReelMotion is a realtime simulator that uses physics and collision ¦
    ¦ detection to create realistic animations of objects and vehicles ¦
    ¦ including cars, aircraft, motorcycles, helicopters and nearly any rigid ¦
    ¦ body object. ¦
    ¦ ¦
    ¦ The ReelMotion Simulator is a standalone application that you can use ¦
    ¦ with any animation program that supports the Biovision or Acclaim motion ¦
    ¦ capture file formats. The ReelMotion plug-ins for Electric Image, Cinema ¦
    ¦ 4D XL, LightWave, Maya and 3D Studio MAX make it easy to transfer data ¦
    ¦ between ReelMotion and the animation software. Plug-ins for several ¦
    ¦ other animation programs are under development. ¦
    ¦ ¦
    ¦ In addition to the animation tool described below, the ReelMotion ¦
    ¦ physics engine can be used in games, movie rides and other custom ¦
    ¦ projects. For more information about these, please visit the APPS page ¦
    ¦ when you have finished. ¦
    ¦ ¦
    ¦ What Does ReelMotion Allow You To Do? ¦
    ¦ ¦
    ¦ Drive it. If you've ever tried to animate a car, you know how hard it ¦
    ¦ can be. With so many elements like tire rotation, strut position and ¦
    ¦ sway, it's nearly impossible to make it look real. It could take weeks ¦
    ¦ to create 20 seconds of animation. Wouldn't it be nice to just drive the ¦
    ¦ car? ReelMotion allows you to do exactly that. 20 seconds of animation ¦
    ¦ takes 20 seconds to make. Use a mouse or joystick to drive or fly your ¦
    ¦ vehicle in realtime - just like a game or flight simulator. ReelMotion ¦
    ¦ creates the motion data for your animation program. ¦
    ¦ ¦
    ¦ Fly it. Configure nearly any fixed wing aircraft or helicopter in ¦
    ¦ ReelMotion. Then fly it with ease using the advanced autopilot. ¦
    ¦ ReelMotion's flight models will make your aircraft animations look ¦
    ¦ absolutely real. Climb it. In the real world, vehicles drive on more ¦
    ¦ than flat pavement. Almost every surface has cracks and bumps. ¦
    ¦ ReelMotion allows you to import any terrain and then climb all over it. ¦
    ¦ It automatically detects the surface and makes the car and suspension ¦
    ¦ react accordingly. The nightmare of positioning tires frame by frame is ¦
    ¦ gone. ¦
    ¦ Shoot it. Film the action using your choice of camera: TV Track, Chase, ¦
    ¦ External, you name it. Pick the object to track and ReelMotion will do ¦
    ¦ the camera work. Add jitter and bounce for realistic motion or increase ¦
    ¦ the lag if it's tracking too quickly. Use the mouse to get behind the ¦
    ¦ camera - you have as much manual control as you'd like. Record a ¦
    ¦ simulation, replay it, and save as many camera takes as you need. From ¦
    ¦ 8mm to IMAX, you can be sure to capture all of the action. ReelMotion ¦
    ¦ will be your camera man so you can have fun being director. ¦
    ¦ Roll it. Import a proxy of your vehicle and ReelMotion will let more ¦
    ¦ than your tires touch the ground. Take a turn too fast and you'll roll ¦
    ¦ onto your roof. Touch a wing tip when landing and your airplane will ¦
    ¦ flip. Your proxy doesn't have to look like a car. Bring in a bottle, a ¦
    ¦ ball or a can. The physics will work regardless of the shape. The proxy ¦
    ¦ is also used for collision detection. Have fun throwing things around. ¦
    ¦ ¦
    ¦ Bounce it. With control over the friction and collision characteristics ¦
    ¦ of your object, you dictate the way it behaves. A plastic bottle will ¦
    ¦ bounce off the floor. A half-deflated soccer ball will thud against the ¦
    ¦ ground. Adjust your object's settings until it rolls, bounces and slides ¦
    ¦ the way you want. ¦

    Хотя и вручную всё это можно воспроизвести... правда если анимации действительно много, это может занять много времени.
  4. Amadey

    Amadey Активный участник

    С нами с:
    А где взять такую кульную прогу (не демо, я ее толко что слил ;)
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