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Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы", создана пользователем -, 20 апр 2000.

Модераторы: Артер
  1. Guest

    Поставил Phoenix, а он не работает! И все из за Digimation DigiSrv.
    Если кто зает как обойти эту проблему поделитесь опытом.

    Про пач Digimation который решает данную проблему знаю. Но она не поможет.
  2. Guest

    - нам это помогло.
  3. Guest

    хорошее решение я нашел в форуме maxplus ---http://www.piratecity.com/warez/maxplus/---вот оно-----
    Hey man,
    Here's a screen scrape I saved from an old FI post that really made authorizing Digi plugs a little easier.
    It goes:

    This apply to Windows 2000 Pro build 2195. I don't know
    about other versions (previous maybe and further should).

    1°) Go to "control panel"->"Admin tools"->"Component services"
    in "Component services"
    Right click on "My computer" and select "Properties"
    in "Default security" tabs, edit "default access permission"
    and add the following users (if none is present)
    "Power Users"

    in "Default launch permission" be sure to have at least

    Now you MUST reboot (Thanks to M$)

    2°) When you have installed your first digimation
    plugin, the "Digimation protection server" is also
    installed, replace with the cracked one.

    3°) Now you have two solutions.
    - Run "Digip_register.bat" in your 3dsmax3.1 root dir
    to start the regserver. You should see in the "Task manager"
    a process named "digipsrv" if not do the next step.

    - Go to "Control panel"->Admin tools"->Services and search
    for a service named "Digimation Protection Server" now
    you just have to start it. If it starts successfully,
    put it in automatic start (if it's in manual start).
    Note: If you want to start/stop the service in command line
    type the following commands :
    net start "Digimation Protection Server"
    net stop "Digimation Protection Server"

    It's really usefull to always start the "Digimation Protection Server"
    because each time you want to add a Digimation plugin, during
    the install process, you will see a warning. This is normal
    because the install process can't replace the cracked server
    with a real one so you never need to reinstall the cracked version.

    The last part is very optional ie. sometimes it works and sometimes no.
    Good luck
  4. Guest

    как в Альтеровском maxPlus подключиьт графический режим??
Модераторы: Артер

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