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Web publish Rhino files and view with a free viewe

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    Web publish Rhino files and view with a free viewer

    3DCT Rhino Pack gives you a choice of two Rhino Plugins:
    3DCT Web Export Plug-in
    ModelPress Web Export Plug-in
    What's ModelPress? Please visit: http://www.modelpress.com/

    3DCT Rhino Pack brings together two web export plug-ins for publishing Rhino models into a highly compressed format, so the file is small and fast to download. 3DCT Viewer and Modelpress Viewer enable non-Rhino users to have a free 3D viewer for published models.
    The Web Export Plug-ins run inside Rhino and add a menu option to publish to 3DCT’s 3DC files or Informative Graphics’ Modelpress ISF files. The published Rhino model can be attached to emails or placed on your web site, as an HTML page is created by the plug-ins. Apply digital rights to your published Rhino model showing your copyright notice, add expiration or password protect. As a published model, you control what they can see and do with your model and you never have to distribute your Rhino model files.

    Rhino Pack is a bundling of the 3DCT and ModelPress Web Export Plug-ins into one download, but you choose which one suits your needs.


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