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Vray Fur Styler

Тема в разделе "Maya", создана пользователем Бабуинище, 30 окт 2015.

Модераторы: Dark™, Skif
  1. Бабуин

    Бабуин Мастер

    С нами с:
    не могу поключить стайлер.
    вот инструкция:
    1. Create a color set for the parent mesh (the mesh VRayFur is on)

    2. Create a VRayVertexColors texture.

    3. Connect the color set just created to the vertex texture: using the connection editor, choose the shape node on one side and the vertex texture on the other. Connect meshShape.colorSet[0].name --> vertexTexture.colorSet

    4. Middle click and drop the vertex texture from hypershade into the bend/direction slot of fur properties node. Use can use either of them or both. You also can assign different textures.

    5. The tool is now enabled, there are some options available: select the tool, double click in Maya's toolbar area to display its options. You have brush size, type (which slot you are working with when styling) and sensitivity.

    Мне не понятен первый пукт, объясните, уважаемые знатоки
    может секрет какой?
    все равно в конце пишет
    Warning: Fur styler: no vertex colors texture set in "Bend direction" slot //
Модераторы: Dark™, Skif

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