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    Оказалось, что есть уже несколько версий Сервис Пака3-
    ловят баги и кое-чего добавляют.
    Начинаю охоту за последней версией-где взять???
    Какие мнения о этих версиях???

    What's New - 3.0 Service Release 3c (21-Apr-2004)

    Service Release 3c is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, and Polish. Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese will be available in June 2004. Until that time, please download SR3b.

    Download Service Release 3c Now

    New Features:
    PluginLoadProtection: The PluginLoadProtection command lets you specify plug-ins that may be causing problems. You are notified when the plug-in tries to load, and can decide whether or not to allow it to load. This will help diagnose whether a problem is related to a specific plug-in. command

    Bug Fixes:
    ApplyCrv: Did not leave the output selected. This is fixed.
    ArrayCrv: A flaw that caused inaccurate spacing has been fixed.
    Audit3dmFile: A new option AuditPlugInData to audit plugin data has been added.
    BooleanDifference: Created a bad object in some circumstances. This is fixed.
    BoundingBox: Failed with curves and text. This is fixed.
    ChangeLayer: Changing an object to a locked layer incorrectly displayed the object as selected. This is fixed.
    ClosestPt: A crash bug with a curve on the surface and the surface has been fixed.
    Digitize: Romer digitizer only allowed point probes. This is fixed.
    DupBorder: Did not pay attention to the surface normal.
    Ellipse: Vertical option added.
    ExtrudeCrv and ExtrudeSrf: Do not autocomplete. This is fixed.
    ExtrudeCrv: Solid tapered extrude with sharp corners created a bad object. This is fixed.
    Fillet: Filleting with radius 0 created unexpected results in some cases. This is fixed.
    Fin: A lockup bug has been fixed.
    MeshBox: Backfaces did not shade. This is fixed.
    Import: Drag and Drop did not prompt for a scale change. This is fixed.
    STEP: Several bugs in STEP import and export have been fixed.
    Layer dialog box: A crash when dragging the layer dialog box has been fixed.
    Layout: A crash bug and other more minor problems have been fixed.
    License Manager: A problem with low-level user checking out licenses has been fixed.
    Line: "2Curves" option has been added to Line Tangent and Line Perpendicular. The behavior and prompts are identical to LineTT and LinePP in V2.
    Line: In the Perpendicular option an unnecessary extra mouse click has been fixed.
    Make2D: A crash when using Blocks has been fixed.
    Make2D: A crash bug has been fixed.
    Mesh: The Weld control has been removed. Welding did not do anything, but the control was still there.
    Added to Bonus Tools Help.
    Open 3DM: When Rhino 3.0 opens Rhino 1.1 .3dm files that have hidden or locked objects in them, the objects can be recovered by turning on the Hidden layer, and unlocking the Locked layer. But all objects on those layers lost their "original layers". This is fixed.
    Plug-in dialog box: A problem with plug-in error dialog boxes staying behind the Rhino splash screen has been fixed.
    Open SafeMode: Now prompts to load plugins.
    IGES Import: The units were not being properly set when a file was imported. This is fixed.
    Import OBJ: Importing FormZ Mac files caused a crash. This is fixed.
    Open OBJ: Failed on Windows 98. This has been fixed.
    Open STL: Failed on Windows 98. This has been fixed.
    Crash when adding search path to Options has been fixed.
    Endpoint osnap: The Endpoint object snap failed on corners of kinked single surfaces and curves. This is fixed.
    Int Osnap: Did not work reliably when there were several overlapping curves at the intersection. This is fixed.
    Patch: In cases using curves with Automatic Trim on failed. This is fixed.
    Trim: Scripting the AutomaticTrim option did not work properly. This is fixed.
    Patch: Failed with AutomaticTrim through a group of points. This is fixed.
    Surface editing: A problem that was adding unnecessary distortion during control point dragging has been fixed.
    Popup toolbar: Did not work correctly during a command. This is fixed.
    RenderedViewport: Objects like curves and annotations could incorrectly be selected even if they are not visible in the RenderedViewport. This is fixed.

    Open: Normal users get an "Unable to create application registry key" when starting Rhino 3 SR3. This is fixed.
    Save, SaveAs, Export: A new scripting option SavePlugInData has been added. Set to No to save the Rhino file with no plug-in data attached.
    Split: Several crash bugs have been fixed.
    Several problems with toolbar locations changing have been fixed.
    Sweep2 didn't allow the Closed option to be scripted. This is now fixed.
    Toolbars: Tapered extrude added to Extrude toolbars.
    UnrollSrf: A bug that created a bad object has been fixed.
    UnrollSrf: Text dots and points added to things that can get unrolled with a surface.
    UnrollSrf: An accuracy problem has been fixed.
    UnrollSrf: New command line option to display difference in area.
    Weld: It was not possible to weld selected mesh vertices like V2. This is fixed in MeshTools.


    What's New - 3.0 Service Release 3b (9-Dec-2003)

    Bug Fixes:
    Korean service release installer now works with locked English CD-Keys.
    IGES export failed to write entity 514 (shell). This is now fixed.
    STL export didn't allow scripting of detailed mesh options. This is now fixed.
    Extrude command and associated toolbar buttons didn't work correctly. This is now fixed.


    What's New - 3.0 Service Release 3 (11-Nov-2003)

    Known Problems:
    Installer fails to update toolbar buttons to match the change from Extrude to ExtrudeCrv and ExtrudeSrf. You may need to manually update the toolbar buttons after installing the patch.
    New Features:

    Korean language support has been added.
    Polish language support has been added.
    CheckNewObjects: New command turns on automatic checking for new and imported objects. This is a tool for debugging geometry creation to try to track down commands that might be creating invalid geometry.
    New selection commands have been added:


    Installer: several bugs that caused installation problems for low-privilege users have been fixed.

    Many memory leaks fixes have been made.
    Contour: Could crash Rhino under certain circumstances. This is fixed.
    Cut/Copy/Paste:Crash bug fixed.
    DimRadius: Caused a crash when dimensioning a circle created with V2.
    DivideByLength: Curves of even number lengths could crash when divided by into 2-unit lengths. This is fixed.
    Extrude Tapered: A crash bug has been fixed.
    Extrude: Caused a crash at an extrusion distance of less than the tolerance. This is fixed.
    ExtrudeCrv: A crash when selecting multiple circles has been fixed.
    ExtrudeCrv: A crash bug with the Tapered option has been fixed.
    ExtrudeCrv: Failure and crash bugs with the Cap option has been fixed.
    FilletEdge: Several join and crash bugs have been fixed.
    Join: A crash bug when invalid surfaces are selected has been fixed.
    Layer: In a new model with no template, renaming Layers caused Rhino to crash. This is fixed.
    Loft: A crash bug creating Developable surfaces has been fixed.
    MergeEdge: Several crash bugs have been fixed.
    MeshDensity: Setting value to a low number caused the mesh to be disconnected. Setting the Around option smaller than the Vertical option caused a crash. This is fixed.
    Move: Using the nudge keys (Alt+arrow) inside the Move command caused Rhino to crash. This is fixed.
    Rebuild: A crash bug has been fixed.
    Ribbon: A crash bug has been fixed.
    SelVisible: Caused a crash during a Shade operation. This is fixed.
    Split: A crash caused by duplicate isocurves has been fixed.
    Wallpaper: LZW compressed .tif image as wallpaper caused Rhino to crash. This is fixed.

    Background Bitmap and Wallpaper: The bitmap image is now saved in the file.
    BackgroundBitmap: A mismatch between the display of the bitmap and curves traced over it occurred during zooming. This is fixed.
    BackgroundBitmap: Slows view down even if it is not visible. This is fixed.
    BackgroundBitmap: Missing bitmap message improved.
    Display: Lights did not show in RenderedViewport, even when the option was on. This is fixed.
    OpenGLInfo: Z-buffer information was added.
    Shaded viewports: Restoring maximized shaded viewports during a command left latent images of original full-screen view. This is fixed.

    Object snaps: Ortho + int osnap does not snap to apparent intersections like it did in V2. This is fixed.
    Ortho: Setting the Ortho angle affected the snap distance. This is fixed.
    Project Object Snaps: Interfered with snapping to surfaces and curves. This is fixed.
    User Interface:

    Command Prompt: Did not remember its previously displayed height when reopening Rhino. This is fixed.
    Implied intersections between real objects and ortho or other tracking lines now works with the Int osnap. We're still working on making the Near osnap work in this condition.
    Layer: Changing a layer name did not flag document as changed, so there was no prompt to save. This is fixed.
    Layer: Importing a V2 file caused the layers to be reordered. This is fixed.
    Layer: The Material dialog box does not close with Esc.
    Layer dialog: Bugs in setting the Layer dialog box column width have been fixed: Column width changing when clicking column title; column width not sticking when dialog is docked.
    Layer dialog: Reordering layers does not update the list in the Object Properties window. This is fixed.
    Layer dialog: Column widths resizing problem has been fixed.
    Layer dialog: Changing the order of the columns did not work properly. This is fixed.
    Layer dialog: Many cosmetic problems have been fixed.
    Layer dialog: Help button on Material dialog was in the wrong place. This is fixed.
    Toolbar: When editing button text, Ctrl+A will now select all the text in the edit window.
    Toolbar: With the workspace and docking dialog changes it is now possible to migrate saved docking dialog and toolbar positions/state when installing Rhino upgrades.
    Toolbar: Uninstalling plug-in toolbar layouts caused the toolbars to fail. This is fixed.
    Toolbar: Docking and saving of toolbar layouts has been improved. The toolbar file format has been changed. Toolbar layouts are now saved in .tb files. Now, Rhino should correctly save and restore docking information for toolbars, the layer dialog, properties dialog, and other dockable windows.
    Toolbar: Many problems with toolbar docking, linking, flyouts, saving position and sizing have been fixed.
    Toolbar: Fly-outs can now be activated by click-drag-release. You no longer need to release the mouse and click again to activate buttons on fly-out toolbars.
    File Import and Export:

    3DM V2 Open: When opening the V2 file in V3, the dimension size settings from the V2 file are ignored and replaced with other values. This is fixed.
    3DS Export: Material names were not exporting correctly. This is fixed.
    3DS Import: Opening a file did not always read all mesh objects correctly. This is fixed.
    .3DX Open: File extension did not properly appear in the Open dialog box or open with Rhino from Explorer. This is fixed.
    ACIS SAT Export: A bug exporting cylinders, cones, and surfaces of revolution has been fixed.
    ACIS SAT Export: A bug caused saving SAT files to fail has been fixed.
    Adobe Illustrator Import: Some TrueType fonts did not work properly. This is fixed.
    Autosave: A custom location for the autosave file was not saved between sessions. This is fixed.
    CSV Export: When exporting as CSV, planar NURBS not detected as planar. This is fixed.
    DWG Insert: The units were incorrectly set when inserting a DWG file. This is fixed.
    DXF Export: The "Entities Only" setting for AutoCAD R12 was missing. This is fixed.
    IGES Export: A dialog box now warns when unsupported objects (meshes, text, dimensions) are exported.
    IGES import: Ruled surfaces were not importing correctly. This is fixed.
    IGES Import: Several import bugs have been fixed.
    IGES Open: Several bugs that caused bad objects when reading IGES files have been fixed.
    LWO Export: Rhino will now save to Lightwave 6.0+ files without a mesh size limitation.
    OBJ Import: When importing files, duplicate vertices were created. This is fixed.
    SaveAs: Deleted the overwrite file on cancel. This is fixed.
    SaveAsV2: Saving text as V2 failed. This is fixed.
    SaveAsV2: Should work much better now. Several bugs in writing objects to Rhino V2 file format have been fixed.
    If you encounter objects that still don't read correctly into 2.0, please let us know.
    SaveAsV2: Problems with saving text and dimensions have been fixed.
    STEP Export/Save: A warning regarding objects not exported (meshes, text, dimensions) has been added.
    STEP Import: Several STEP import bugs have been fixed.
    STL Save: Settings did not accept decimal values. This is fixed.

    Bonus Tools:

    Advanced Display: New setting for the transparency of locked objects displayed as ghosted.
    Bonus tools: Left the wrong commands in the recently-used command list. This is fixed.
    Bonus Tools Help: A new help file is available from the Bonus menu. This will contain help for all of the commands in the Bonus menu. The help will be rough and often not very helpful, but it should improve as we get feedback on the bonus commands.
    MoveHole: New Slab Tools command.
    MoveSide: New Slab Tools command.
    AdvancedDisplay: If wires were turned off for shaded viewports, selected block instances do not highlight. This is fixed.
    Other Bug Fixes:

    Aliases: Installing Rhino did not always update the Alias list properly. This is fixed.
    ArrayCrvOnSrf: Several bugs have been fixed.
    Arrowheads: Changed size on zoom when in blocks. This is fixed.
    Black meshes: Transforming a render mesh caused it to turn black. This is fixed.
    BlendSrf: Picking a set of edges that forms a closed loop automatically proceeded to picking the second set of edges. This meant you had to pay careful attention to the command prompt so that you don't accidentally cancel the command by pressing Enter. This is fixed. In addition the the "Undo" option is now visible even when the edges form a closed loop.
    Block: Exporting block instances did not carry layers of nested blocks with them. This is fixed.
    Block: A block whose insertion point was on a layer that was off rendered. This is fixed.
    Block: Object snaps did not work on block instances. This is fixed.
    Block: A new block instance was not considered in the Zoom Extents operation. This is fixed.
    Booleans: Several bugs introduced in the previous beta are fixed.
    BoundingBox: An error in calculating a bounding box with the construction plane option has been fixed.
    Camera points did not show through objects in XRay mode. This is fixed.
    Cancel: When time-consuming operations are happening, Rhino now displays an hour glass cursor to indicate that it's busy.
    Cancel: Canceling a time consuming operation may cause Rhino to become unstable. Rhino now warns you when this condition occurs, and provides information about submitting a bug report.
    Center Osnap: Works on arc spans. If you join curves together and then point edit the result, any parts that started out as arcs and remained arcs through the point dragging will still support center object snap.
    Chamfer: An error extending arcs has been fixed.
    ChangeLayer, SelLayer, SetLayer, OneLayerOn: Remembering size and placement has been fixed.
    Clipboard was emptied when Rhino was closed. The result was you could not copy between two Rhino sessions unless both were open. This is fixed.
    Clipping Planes: Improvements have been made to the display to help fix some problems with objects being cut off in the view.
    ClosestPt: Now has a new Object option that lets you pick a curve or point as input.
    Command prompt: Resizing the command prompt window could cause the currently running command to cancel. This is fixed.
    Cones and cylinders did not draw the correct direction when numeric input was used for the "End of cone" prompt. This is fixed.
    Copy: A bug that caused group objects copied in place to merge with the original group has been fixed.
    Copy: A bug that caused grouped objects with control points on to merge with the original group has been fixed.
    Copy: The Copy command would not accept the same coordinates for the base point as for the second point. This is fixed.
    CopyToLayer: Problem with resizing the dialog box is fixed.
    CrvDeviation: Put the KeepMarks objects on the first layer on the list instead of the current layer. This is fixed.
    CrvThroughSrfControlPt: New "CurveType=Interpolated/Control Point" option has been added.
    CurvatureAnalysis: Did not report the curvature statistic of the selected objects like V2 did. This is fixed.
    Custom colors: Colors.txt lists now work as in Rhino V2. The colors.txt file can be edited to create a custom color list.
    DimRadius and DimDiameter: Incorrectly projected the dimension measurement points to the construction plane. This is fixed.
    Dir: Arrows displayed outside trimmed surfaces. This is fixed.
    Display: NURBS object in block that were not shaded before being added to a block did not shade correctly. This is fixed

    Display: Objects on locked layers were incorrectly drawn over other objects. This is fixed.
    Document Properties: Ambient light color was not saved when Document Properties dialog box was closed. This is fixed.
    DocumentProperties: The scriptable version of this command did not report the current angular settings correctly. This is fixed.
    DocumentProperties: If the document units were changed and geometry was scaled accordingly, Undo would not undo the scaling. This is fixed.
    DupEdge and SplitEdge: Arrow indicators for closed surface seams no longer display.
    EdgeSrf: Did not show arrows when surface edges were selected as input. This is fixed.
    EdgeSrf: In V2 EdgeSrf picking order determined the singularity location. In V3, there was no such control. This is fixed.
    Ellipsoid: Ignored the ortho setting for the third pick. This is fixed.
    EndBulge: Preview did not match the results. This is fixed.
    EndBulge: A bug that interfered with controlling the bulge has been fixed.
    Explode: Block transforms were not applied to the objects when the block is exploded causing them to return to their untransformed shape. This is fixed.
    ExportBitmaps: New command exports bitmaps saved in the model as wallpaper and background bitmaps.
    Extend: New Undo option added.
    ExtendSrf: New functionality - now works on the untrimmed boundaries of trimmed surfaces.
    ExtractBadSrf: New command extracts bad surfaces from a polysurfaces.
    ExtractSrf did not correctly highlight surfaces with isocurves off. This is fixed.
    ExtractSrf did not report the number of surfaces extracted. This is fixed.
    Extrude: The Extrude command has been divided into ExtrudeCrv and ExtrudeSrf to fix workflow problems with picking parts (surfaces, edge curves, etc.) of objects.
    Extrude: Icon commands updated to reflect the new ExtrudeCrv and ExtrudeSrf commands.
    Extrude: Extrude tapered with cap left naked edges. This is fixed.
    ExtrudeCrv: A failure with closed curves using the ToPoint option has been fixed.
    ExtrudeSrf: A failure bug has been fixed.
    Fair: Opened closed periodic curves. This is fixed.
    Fillet: Could create a bad object. This has been fixed.
    Fillet: Failure error message has been tuned up.
    Fillet: Several bugs that caused Fillet to fail due to tolerance settings and the locations of the pick points have been fixed.
    FilletEdge: Several bugs in the FilletEdge command have been fixed.
    FilletSrf: The "Extend=No" option on FilletSrf was not working properly in some cases. This is fixed.
    GCon: Reporting improved. Tangent reporting moved to end.
    Group: Several problems with picking objects in groups for other commands have been fixed.
    HBar command incorrectly turned off display of a curvature graph. This is fixed.
    HBar command incorrectly changed a shaded viewport to wireframe viewport. This is fixed.
    Heightfield: An error in the Heightfield command offset the pixels. This is fixed.
    HidePt: Hiding mesh points makes the polygons connected to the hidden vertices invisible like in V2.

    Insert: Scaling and rotating blocks during Insert was broken. This has been fixed.
    Insert: Inserting Block instances caused shading problems with view rotation. This is fixed.
    Insert: Inserting Block instances caused shading problems with view rotation. This is fixed.
    Join: Feedback when join failed has been improved.
    Layer dialog: Changing the color of locked layers in the Layer dialog box did not cause update the display. This is fixed.
    Layer dialog: Selecting layers and pressing Delete key incorrectly did not delete the layers in the Layer dialog box. This is fixed.
    Layer dialog: The Empty layer filter will not find objects in blocks on the layer. This is fixed.
    Layer dialog: When deleting multiple layers, there was not confirmation dialog box for all of the layers. This is fixed.
    Line Perpendicular: New functionality improves the ability to get perpendicular lines.
    Line Perpendicular: Several bugs with feedback and failure have been fixed.
    Lock: Locking point objects obscured control points. This is fixed.
    Make2D: Did not create the correct layers. This is fixed.
    Make2D: The custom layer names were not remembered between Rhino sessions. This is fixed.
    MakePeriodic: Scriptable options have been added.
    MakeUniform: Curves made by joining and then removing the knot did not respond to the MakeUniform command. This is fixed.
    Match: Several continuity matching problems with the Match command have been fixed.
    MatchSrf: Made a bad object when matching the extracted surface of a box and the box itself. This is fixed.
    Menus in NT4: The menus did not update properly in NT4. This is fixed.
    MergeEdge: A bug that caused the command to fail when very short edges are selected has been fixed.
    MergeSrf: Failed when edge control points were weighted. This is fixed.
    MergeSrf: Created bad objects in some cases. This is fixed.
    Mesh: Mesh objects in blocks did not display correctly. This is fixed.
    Mesh: A bug with meshing joined surfaces has been fixed.
    Move: Moving dimension points with relative input (@) did not work properly. This is fixed.
    NamedView: When saving a named view, the viewport title was not being updated to reflect the updated named view. This is fixed.
    NamedView: While another view was maximized, restoring a named view did not work properly. This is fixed.
    Nested commands: (Such as Grid Off) incorrectly repeated with Enter. This is fixed.
    Notes: Focus did not move to the Notes window immediately after using the Notes command to open the window. This is fixed.
    Notes: if the previous file had the Notes window open, the Notes window briefly displayed in the current model. This is fixed.
    Notes: The right-click context menus for Copy, Paste, etc., did not work in Win 98 and NT4. This is fixed.
    Offset: Allows selection of more than one surface as V2 did.
    OffsetSrf: A bug that caused trimmed surfaces to not offset properly has been fixed.
    Options, Appearance: Turning off the display of menus did not stick between Rhino sessions. This is fixed.
    Paste: Undo was not working correctly if the object was pasted into the same file. This is fixed.
    Paste: Using the Paste command from the menu canceled the running command.
    Patch: Did not properly work with a periodic starting surface. This is fixed.
    Patch: Several bugs that caused the Patch command to fail have been fixed.
    Pipe: Setting Pipe to use diameter instead of radius and dynamically picking a size used the picked size did not work correctly. This is fixed.
    Pipe: The second radius for the Pipe command was not set as the default for the next Pipe use. This is fixed. If the default is accepted for the first radius, the default for the second radius carries over from previous use. Otherwise, the second radius defaults to the first radius.
    Pipe: New "ShapeBlending "option controls how the pipe start and end radii are blended when the pipe is built. Local causes the pipe radius to stay constant at the ends and change more rapidly in the middle. This is the old method. Global causes the radius to linearly blended from one end to the other, making it possible to make pipes that taper from one radius to the other.
    PointDeviation: Scriptable options in the PointDeviation command did not update. This is fixed.
    Popup menu: Favorites did not repeat. This is fixed.
    Print: Using a black background caused problems with printing a window area. This is fixed.
    PrintPreview: PointClouds do not show in PrintPreview. This is fixed.
    Properties light intensity is listed as "Varies" whenever more than one light is in the scene regardless of whether it is selected or not. This is fixed.
    Pull: In some cases, the Pull command created a curve that did not reach the edges of the surface.
    Render: Banding in zoomed render window has been fixed.
    RenderedViewport: When set to not display isocurves and curves, wires in blocks incorrectly displayed. This is fixed.
    Render: Using custom resolutions, the display displaced in the render window. This is fixed.
    Revolve: Revolving with a profile segment on axis made a bad surface. This is fixed.
    Revolve: Ignored angle setting order. This is fixed.
    RotateCamera: The scriptable version of RotateCamera was not properly updating the viewport target. This is fixed.
    Save Points: Scripting option Precision renamed to SignificantDigits.
    Scale2D: Did not properly pay attention to picking in alternate viewports. This is fixed.
    Select: Edge arrows always display when edges are selected. They should only display when there is an ambiguity about what is being selected. This is fixed.
    Select Objects: When postpicking in commands (Join, Offset, etc.) that allow selecting just one object, unsuitable objects will not be selected with SelAll, SelSrf, etc.
    Selection: New feedback has been added to selection commands to indicate when nothing is selected.
    Shaded Viewports: By default polygon mesh edges don't show in shaded viewports. This is fixed.
    ShadedViewport: Blanked all viewports while meshing objects. This is fixed.
    ShowEdges: Now reports the number of edges and naked edges selected.
    Split: Feedback messages have been added to the Split command.
    Split: Did not correctly handle splitting at curve start/end points. This is fixed.
    Split: The Shrink option did not work in some cases. This is fixed.
    Split: Several bugs in the Split command have been fixed.
    SrfSeam: The new SrfSeam command lets you change the position of the seams on closed surfaces.
    Status bar: Shows wrong information when hovering over the bonus menu items. This is fixed.
    SubCrv: Now accepts numeric input for the length of the curve.
    SwapView: Swapped view misplaced a viewport on Maximize/Restore viewports. This is fixed.
    Sweep1: A bug that caused twisted surfaces has been fixed.
    Sweep1: Created bad objects in some situations. This is fixed.
    Sweep2: The selection order affected the sweep results in some cases. This is fixed.
    Tab constraint: Did not work if arrow keys are set for nudging. This is fixed.
    TextObject using some fonts did not match the letters typed in. This is fixed.
    Toolbar: Toolbars do not work correctly if the "workspacename.ws3.bak" file is read only. This is fixed.
    Toolbar: Problems with toolbars have been fixed: Cancel symbol did not work properly in some cases and flyouts did not happen instantly when toolbar definition was empty.
    Treefrog: New "favor memory over speed" option makes it use less memory for rendering. This may allow you to render larger scenes than you were able to render before.
    Trim: Canceling a trimming operation did not work properly in some cases. This is fixed.
    Tube: Typing coordinates for the last point did not work. This is fixed.
    Undo did not reliably undo units changes to objects on locked layers.
    Undo: Dragging objects did not undo in certain circumstances, especially when the Bongo plug-in was loaded. This is fixed.
    UnrollSrf: Was not accurate enough. This is improved.
    UnrollSrf: With curves on the surface created multiple duplicates of the curve objects. This is fixed.
    Untrim: A bug that caused a bad object has been fixed.
    Untrim: Small trimming objects were unjoined. This is fixed.
    Untrim: Split surfaces at kinks and turned them into polysurfaces. This is fixed.
    ViewportProperties: Wallpaper options allow toggling wallpaper image on and off and display in color or grayscale.
    Viewports: Opening a file from Windows Explorer caused an extra set of viewports to be created. This is fixed.
    Volume: A failure bug has been fixed.
    Volume: Was not able to calculate volumes on some objects where it used to fail.
    Zebra: Canceling the meshing could hang Rhino. This is fixed.
    Zoom: The camera object was causing problems with Zoom Selected and Zoom All variants, even if no camera points are selected. This is fixed.

    What's New - 3.0 Service Release 2 (6-Jun-2003)

    Download Service Release 2 Now

    New Features:
    Shade is similar to the Rhino 2.0 Shade command - you can press any key, left-click, or right-click to return to the previous display.
    In addition, there are several command prompt options that let you quickly change the display to suit your needs. These options include:

    Display mode (Shaded, Rendered, Ghosted, Flat shaded)
    Draw curves
    Draw surface wireframe
    Draw grid
    Draw grid axes
    Background color of StaticView mode

    The -NamedCPlane command now has a Select option that lets you click the screen to select a named construction plane.
    Rhino now imports VRML files.
    TreeFrog Help has been added - please let us know if anything is missing.
    Camera Animation Tools have been added - these are just like the ones that came with Flamingo 1.0, but work with all renderers. The toolbar is linked under the Render button on the main toolbar.
    Romer/CimCore digitizing arms are now supported in Rhino 3.0.


    When logged in as a user other than the one that installed Rhino some parts of Rhino were missing: toolbars, help files, and template files.

    A crash when shading bad surfaces has been fixed.
    A bug in the Revolve command that made invalid surfaces is fixed. Shading these surfaces caused Rhino to crash.
    A crash with saving AutoCAD files has been fixed.
    A startup crash in Windows ME has been fixed.
    Adding Text to a file could cause a crash in some circumstances. This is fixed.
    An intermittent bug that caused Rhino to crash when opening some files has been fixed.
    An obscure crash with Make2D has been fixed.
    Canceling the render process quickly with Esc caused Rhino to lock up. This is fixed.
    Certain option combination for naming multiple objects with incremental numbers in scripts crashed Rhino. Namely Increment=Yes and InsertZeros=No. This is fixed.
    Commands that were canceled with Esc could cause a crash when a new file was opened.
    Crash bug with Loft has been fixed.
    Deleting all command aliases caused a crash in Rhino. This is fixed.
    Editing very large toolbar buttons crashed Rhino. This is fixed.
    Empty dimension strings caused a lock-up when editing. This is fixed.
    InsertKnot could cause a crash in some cases. This is fixed.
    InterpCrvOnSrf on a cone could crash Rhino. This is fixed.
    Invalid surfaces cause OBJ export to crash. This is fixed.
    It is no longer possible to run commands from the keyboard or menus while an operation that takes a long time to run is in process.
    Make2D crashed frequently when cancelled with Esc. This is fixed.
    On Windows 98 systems, text in the Block Manager dialog box was either garbled or caused a crash.
    Pasting the text "Paste" crashed Rhino after a few rounds. This has been fixed.
    Running nestable commands, changing views, etc., while a long process and then canceling, caused Rhino to be prone to crashing. Keyboard and mouse can no longer run commands or change views during long processes.
    Running the List command while surface analysis was in effect crashed Rhino. This is fixed.
    Several crash and failure bugs in STEP import have been fixed.
    SynchronizeViews could cause a crash in some situations. This is fixed.
    The ExtractControlPolygon crashed with spheres and ellipsoids. This is fixed.
    The Patch command crashed when it ran out of memory. This is fixed.
    The Taper command crashed when used on surface control points. This is fixed.
    Trying to Extend closed curves dynamically could crash Rhino. This is fixed.
    Typing CloseViewport and pressing Enter caused Rhino to crash. This is fixed.
    Using ProjectToCPlane on a block object, created an object that crashed Rhino when the file was opened. This is fixed. In addition, ProjectToCPlane no longer allows this.
    Using UnrollSrf on a polysurface crashed. This is fixed.
    Using the deformable option on the Revolve command caused a crash. This is fixed.
    You can no longer cut, copy, or paste geometry while another command is running. This was a potential cause of crashing.

    Dragging many objects caused the viewport regeneration to be very slow. This is fixed.
    ShadedViewport was slower than RenderedViewport. This is fixed.
    A bug that caused meshes to continually generate on bad objects with view changes has been fixed.
    Control point editing while in analysis modes (e.g., Zebra) could cause the surface to go black. This is fixed.
    Dragging mesh primitives with dimensions in the same shaded viewport, caused the mesh to unshade. This is fixed.
    Several changes to OpenGL Display were made. Rhino should now do a better job selecting the correct OpenGL display mode and objects should display with less artifacts.
    The Options OpenGL page, list box labeled "driver display modes" incorrectly allowed modifying the list names. This is fixed.

    The Pan, Zoom, and Rotate commands incorrectly refreshed the screen in a very slow but accurate way. This made Pan, Zoom, and Rotate using these commands much slower than using the associated right mouse button techniques. This is now fixed.
    The edge display in ShowEdges did not always draw the objects in the correct order. This is fixed.

    Apparent intersections did not work in perspective views. This is fixed.
    Center object snap did not work on ellipses. This is fixed.
    Mixed unit input (for example, 9'9.5) did not work in V3. This is fixed.
    Object snap tooltips were difficult to read. This is improved.
    One-shot object snaps cannot snap to points you've already placed on a polyline. This is fixed.
    OnSrf and OnCrv osnaps did not work for picks above horizon in perspective view. This is fixed.
    Pan, Zoom and Lasso showed an incorrect object snap cursor. This is fixed.
    Point object snap incorrectly snapped to hidden control points. This is fixed.
    A special case Quad object snap has been added for ellipses so it uses the ellipse's own quad points as well as the x and y maximum.
    Drawing a line tangent to a line at a point object or edit point on the line doesn't work. This is fixed.
    Entering x and y coordinates using feet and inches notation did not work properly. This is fixed.
    Many bugs in object snap precedence have been fixed.
    The Between object snap did not work for the second pick of a command. This is fixed.
    The Center object snap did not find centers of holes in surfaces. This is fixed.
    The Center osnap did not find the center of lines joined into a rectangle. This is fixed.
    The Intersection object snap took precedence on coincident curves/edges. This is fixed.
    The Midpoint object snap has been tuned up to find the midpoint of elliptical curves.
    The Osnap dialog box became garbled after resizing the Windows task bar. This is fixed.
    The Point object snap incorrectly did not snap to the vertices of mesh objects. This is fixed.
    The object snap priority was a hard-coded. This has been changed so the closest solution has precedence.
    There was no feedback tracking line with the Project object snap. This is fixed.
    Using point filters did not allow Ortho. This is fixed.
    Projecting object snaps were incorrectly used when in elevator mode. This is fixed.

    Hidden points were shown by Undo. This is fixed.
    Options and Document Properties changes were reported by Undo, even though there was no action. This is fixed.
    Selected control points were deselected with Undo. This is fixed.
    Selected objects were deselected with Undo. This is fixed.
    Undo did not work properly on repeated scripts with ReadCommandFile. This is fixed.
    Pasting geometry from the clipboard was not subject to Undo. This is fixed.
    The Undo option in the Leader command did not work. This is fixed.
    User Interface:

    The Popup Toolbar did not disappear while a command dialog box was running, thus obscuring the view of the objects. This is fixed.
    Toolbar layout saving has been modified. If Rhino crashes while saving the your toolbar layout, it should no longer corrupt the toolbar layout file.
    Several problems with toolbar locations changing have been fixed.
    Several bugs with the display of tooltips on the toolbar buttons have been fixed.
    Toolbar properties allowed renaming a toolbar the same name as an existing toolbar. This is fixed.
    The toolbar icon was not properly refreshing when Float to Top was used. This is fixed.
    Changing an object layer in right-click Layer context menu was not undoable. This is fixed.
    Actions initiated by the Layer right-click context menu could not be undone. This is fixed.
    In the ChangeLayer dialog box if you typed a letter, the selection in the layer list incorrectly did not jump to the layer name starting with that letter. This is fixed.
    Pressing Enter incorrectly did not close the Document Properties dialog box Units page. This is fixed.
    When the command prompt area was floating, typing in the command prompt did not work. This is fixed.
    Other Bug Fixes:

    A bug that was causing many failures in Booleans and Fillets has been fixed.
    Aliases with ! did not cancel a script. This is fixed.
    Angular dimensions were not reported accurately in Properties. This is fixed.
    BlockManager did not properly display the link status with external files. This is fixed.
    Camera control points were not deselected with Esc. This is fixed.
    ChangeDegree did not work properly with trimmed surfaces of revolution. This is fixed.
    Circles in Rhino, did not export correctly as .ai and open in Illustrator. This is fixed.
    CircleTTR incorrectly did not allow picking two points to define a radius. This is fixed.
    Cone Vertical did not properly use the positive z-direction when a positive number was entered for the height. This is fixed.
    Convert failed to create arc approximations of a kinky curve. This is fixed.
    Copying a spotlight to a different layer using the Layer dialog box did not work. This is fixed.
    DigSketch incorrectly did not repeat with the left digitizer pedal click. This is fixed.
    Dimensions and text did not render when option to do so was selected. This is fixed.
    Duplicate points were created around periodic surface seams when extracting points from a polysurface that contains a periodic surface. This is fixed.
    Export to .AI was not correctly scaling dimensions. This is fixed.
    Extend has a new option to extend as arc segments.
    ExtendSrf would not allow picking two points to show the extension distance. This is fixed.
    Extrude a surface to a point did not work properly. This is fixed.
    Extruding a periodic curve did not create a periodic surface. This is fixed.
    Extruding multiple curves could cause invalid objects in some cases. This is fixed.
    Fillet with the ArcExtension option failed in many cases. This is fixed.
    Grouping lights did not work properly. This is fixed.
    Imported objects did not remain selected upon opening. This is fixed.
    Importing STEP files scaled the objects incorrectly. This is fixed.
    JoinEdge sometimes caused a problem with the normals of the joined polysurface. This is fixed.
    Layers containing only block references and lights incorrectly listed as empty. This is fixed.
    Lofting between an arc and a line created a polysurface. This is fixed.
    Mesh primitives sometimes created open objects with naked edges. This is fixed.
    Mirrored meshes were shading inside-out. This is fixed.
    Move Vertical needed a pick to show direction and did not accept positive and negative numbers as direction indicators. This is fixed.
    Moving dimensions did not survive saving and reopening the file. This is fixed.
    Object snaps have been tuned up to fix failures in certain conditions.
    OffsetSrf did not work properly with negative offset values. This is fixed.
    Opening "geometry only" files created a single viewport called "Viewport". Now a 4-viewport layout is used.

    OrientPerpToCrv did not always orient the object properly. This is fixed.
    OrientPerpToCrv incorrectly created the object copies on the construction plane. This is fixed.
    Pan in V2 allowed you to pan past the edge of the screen and the wrap around to the other side of the viewport. In V3 the Pan command stopped at the edge of the screen. This has to do with the view manipulation commands, not right-drag mouse moves in viewports. This is fixed.
    Panning while using the OnCrv and OnSrf object snaps incorrectly canceled the command. This is fixed.
    PlanarSrf incorrectly created an trimmed surface when used on a rectangular curve. This is fixed.
    Point filters did not work correctly with custom construction planes. This is fixed.
    Point objects printed as tiny dots. This is changed to a small box with crosshairs.
    PolylineOnMesh (and SketchOnMesh) did not work when the view was such that the part of the object being drawn on is above the horizon of the CPlane. This is fixed.
    Print to Scale did not print out with the correct scale in Millimeters. This is fixed.
    PrintPreview could cause the viewports to blank. This is fixed.
    RemoveKnot did not work for objects above the construction plane horizon line. This is fixed.
    Revolve incorrectly did not accept 4 as deformable revolve point count. This is fixed.
    Revolve incorrectly did not accept 4 as deformable revolve point count. This is fixed.
    ScreenCaptureToFile captured the mouse pointer in the center of the screen where you click to save the file in the dialog. This is fixed. ScreenCaptureToFile does not capture the cursor. ScreenCaptureToClipboard and Ctrl+C does.
    Scripting text objects with spaces in the font name did not work. This is fixed.
    SelDup failed to find copied surfaces and curves. This is fixed.
    SelDup incorrectly ignored curves if they had different directions. This is fixed.
    SelDup was not finding duplicate surfaces and curves. This is fixed.
    SelDup would sometimes incorrectly select objects. This is fixed.
    Selection of some planar surfaces didn't work in the last beta. This is now fixed.
    SelGroup incorrectly did not select the control points in a group when the points are on. This is fixed.
    Settings for exporting to AI format were not preserved. This has been fixed.
    SetWorkingDirectory did not allow selecting the network path. This is fixed.
    Split by isocurve failed on some surfaces. This is fixed.
    STL export shows the approximate size of the resulting STL file. A new button allows adjusting the mesh settings before continuing if selected objects are NURBS.

    STL import now splits the file into separate meshes as it comes into Rhino.
    STL file size information is now displayed on export.
    Sweep1 could fail when using arcs as the input curves. This is fixed.
    Textures did not properly update to texture files in the same folder as the model. This is fixed.
    Textures were not displaying properly in Rendered Viewport mode. This is fixed.
    Tooltips failed to display intermittently. This is fixed.
    Trimming a polysurface did not always delete all parts. This is fixed.
    UndoMultiple did not work in a script or button. This is fixed.
    UndoView did not work correctly. This is fixed.
    UndoView did not work properly if the view was zoomed into a corner. This is fixed.
    ViewportProperties place Target skewed the view. This is fixed.
    VRML import did not import color. This is fixed.
    Window select would not work on trimmed surfaces if the surface did not display any isocurves and the control points were outside the window box. This is fixed.
    Window selecting control points in grouped objects did not work. This is fixed.
    Wireframe objects did not render when option to do so was checked. This is fixed.
    Zoom Extents All did not take text into account. This is fixed.
    Zoom Target did not work if the target picked with an object snap and above the horizon. This is fixed.
    ArraySrf did not accept a polysurface as the target surface for the array. This is fixed.

    OffsetSrf did not properly offset a box polysurface. This is fixed.

    A U/V direction toggle has been added to CrvThroughControlPt, ExtractIsocurve, InsertKnot, SelUV and Split Isocurve.

    A bug in the Extrude command could cause naked eges. This is fixed.
    A bug with Export to DXF that moved objects has been fixed.
    A bug with UnrollSrf with polysurfaces has been fixed.
    A failure with Trim and Split in non-plan views by lines that are perpendicular to the construction plane has been fixed.
    A file saved with Notes and Notes open in XP opens with Notes blank in 98. This is fixed.
    A problem opening Rhino V1 files has been fixed.
    After creating text dots, creating a blank Dot object failed. This is fixed.
    All PageUp/Down shortcut combinations are now hard coded so that Arrow Keys/Alt+Arrow Keys Options toggle can work properly.
    An error message incorrectly displayed when removing objects from the Zebra and other analysis modes. This is fixed.
    An obscure bug in the InsertKnot command has been fixed.
    An obscure bug in the Join command has been fixed.
    Attaching a Worksession file with lights deleted old lights and placed the worksession file lights on the default layer. This is fixed.
    Cancelling Export to STL with Esc, did not properly stop the export. This is fixed.
    Changing background and text colors in command area did not work. This is fixed.
    Clicking selected control points did not deselect previously selected points. This is fixed.
    Closed rectangles offset to the outside were listed as open. This is fixed.
    Closing polysurfaces sometimes did not make the normals face the outside of the surface. This is fixed.
    Copies of block instances selected with the SelBadObjects command. This is fixed.
    Copying and pasting geometry cause list of layers in Layer dialog box to reorder alphabetically. This is fixed.
    Curves in progress did not display while rotating the view with the RotateView command. This is fixed.
    Editing control points during draft angle analysis caused the analysis to fail. This is fixed.
    Empty keyboard shortcuts were being replaced with space characters, causing hard-coded shortcuts like PageUp to fail. This is fixed.
    Error message added to Revolve to describe command failure.
    Exporting to DWG/DXF format and reimporting the geometry caused the geometry location to shift. This is fixed.
    Extra Pause and Enter commands will no longer cause a script to stop.
    Failure to open a render plug-in generated an error message containing the render plug-in ID number. This now displays the render plug-in name.
    Flamingo could not open an IES Data distribution file. This is fixed.
    Floating toolbars could become truncated when closing and reopening Rhino. This is fixed.
    Hourglass cursor added to Array command.
    If Ortho was on, Ellipse only paid attention to world coordinates instead of construction plane coordinates. This is fixed.
    If a surface contained a kink, and its degree is changed or control point weight adjusted, and the kink is incorrectly G0 after the degree change, resulting in a polysurface. This is fixed.
    If ortho was on, Ellipse Corner failed. This is fixed.
    If you deliberately undefine one of the "standard" shortcuts, Rhino incorrectly redefined it. This is fixed.

    In BlockManager, the status fields were not displaying correct information. This is fixed.
    In Document Properties, the custom Render Resolution was not saved. This is fixed.
    In MergeEdge, if you picked an edge that was already merged, the command terminated instead of allowing you to continue. This is fixed.
    In OffsetSrf, the Solid option deletes the original surface.
    In Scale2D, changing the viewport to pick the scale factors did not work correctly. This is fixed.
    In Text, changing case with Properties did not update the text. This is fixed.
    In a file with units set to inches, importing a DWG file caused the units to be reset to millimeters.
    In Document Properties the Ambient Light color resets to black when closing dialog box. This is fixed.
    In the ChangeLayer dialog box, the arrow keys did not scroll through the list of layers. This is fixed.

    In the CPlane command, the order of the options has been changed to make the accelerator letters more consistent.
    In the ExtractSrf command after selecting the surfaces to extract, clicking Copy on the command line incorrectly deselected the objects. This is fixed.
    In the Japanese language version, the dimension font incorrectly returned to the default after restarting Rhino. This is fixed.
    In the Loft command, using input curves that had zero-length segments caused a failure. This has been fixed.
    In the MoveUVNOn command, poles of spheres incorrectly moved when editing other control points.
    In the Rebuild command if the input is not valid (not enough points to match the degree, for example) when the point count is less or equal to degree, the point count is automatically set to degree+1.
    In the Scale2D command, the second reference point pick was incorrectly not constrained to a plane based on the first two points and the active view. This is fixed.
    In the Sweep1 and Sweep2 commands, the minimum number of control points for the Rebuild option is now set to 5.
    In V3 the MakePeriodic command does not remove fully-multiple interior knots as it did in V2. This is a design change.
    Installed fonts did not always appear in Text and Dimensions. This is fixed.
    Installing Rhino 3 was disabling the usual Windows system sounds. This is fixed.
    Items on the Arc menu did not work properly. This is fixed.
    Keyboard shortcut settings in the options were not saved properly. This is fixed.
    Long Do not repeat and Startup commands lists in Options were difficult to read and edit because of no scroll mechanism. This is fixed.
    Nestable commands, one-shot osnaps, and even typing random letters for option incorrectly turned off Tab direction constraint. This is fixed.
    Objects in groups were incorrectly subject to the Select One Object. This is fixed.
    Odd characters appeared in the status bar distance display. This is fixed.
    On Windows NT systems, the Notes did not save and update properly. This is fixed.
    Pressing Tab did not instantly show the tracking line. You had to move the mouse for the tracking line to appear. This is fixed.
    Pressing F1 for help in the Layer dialog box caused the Layer command to continue after the dialog box was closed. This is fixed.
    Pressing Esc could cause the Properties dialog to become unusable. This is fixed.
    Projecting a mesh to the construction plane with ProjectToCPlane failed to recalculate the vertex normals. This is fixed.
    Restoring a view with Wallpaper removed the Wallpaper. This is fixed.
    Rhino 3 installer does not allow Flamingo upgrade to install. This is fixed.
    Rhino did not recognize plug-in data in a template on startup. This is fixed.
    Saving or exporting objects as LWO meshes created an empty file when the process is canceled. This is fixed.
    Saving or exporting objects as OBJ meshes created an empty file when the process is canceled. This is fixed.
    Saving to the BMP file format has been changed to 24-bit color. This allows the files to be opened in Adobe PhotoShop.
    Selecting trimmed surfaces with a window would fail if the object's control points or isocurves were not within the window. This is fixed.
    Selecting the grip to edit in EndBulge did not work in perspective viewport if the grip is above the horizon. This is fixed.
    Setting the degree to 1 when rebuilding a surface, resulted in a polysurface. This is fixed.
    Several keyboard shortcuts that maximized viewports did not run the commands transparently. These are fixed.
    Several bugs in Split Isocurve have been fixed.
    Several bugs in the Fillet command have been fixed.
    Several bugs in the FilletEdge command have been fixed.
    Several bugs in the FilletSrf command have been fixed.
    Several bugs in the Intersect command have been fixed.
    Several bugs in the Trim command have been fixed.
    Several bugs related to the Rebuild command retrimming surfaces have been fixed.
    Several bugs with BackgroundBitmap have been fixed.
    Several bugs with restoring Named Views have been fixed.
    Several bugs with the MergeEdge command have been fixed.
    Several failure bugs in the BooleanDifference command have been fixed.
    Several obscure bugs finding intersections of surfaces have been fixed.
    Several problems with Print Preview have been fixed.
    Several problems with UnrollSrf have been fixed.
    Some speed issues with importing STEP files has been fixed.
    Some built-in command aliases did not repeat properly. This is fixed.
    Some inaccuracies in UnrollSrf have been fixed.
    Some one-shot object snaps in toolbars did not work because of localization characters. This is fixed.
    Some problems with saving to V2 surfaces that have microscopic edges have been fixed. There may still be problems saving as Rhino 2.0 3DM files.
    Some scripting options for Save to DXF/DWG caused the opposite action from the option. This is fixed.
    Some speed problems with reading STEP files have been fixed.
    The "Use this file when Rhino starts" template setting did not set the template. The default template was always used. This is fixed.
    The alias list did not alphabetize. This is fixed.
    The BlendSrf bulge sliders were incorrectly not reset to the defaults between uses. This is fixed.
    The BlendSrf command bulge curves were black. They now use the Feedback color.
    The BlendSrf command did not accept edges of joined surfaces. This is fixed.
    The Camera object interfered with picking objects. This is fixed.
    The Choose One Object menu did not work correctly with groups. This is fixed.
    The CPlane Rotate option broken for custom construction planes did not work properly. This is fixed.
    The CPlane command option order has changed to make the accellerator letters more consisent.
    The CrvDeviation command reported that surfaces are closer than tolerance, yet joining sometimes failed. This is fixed.
    The Deformable option of the Arc and Circle command now retain the last value used.
    The Divide command was less accurate on rational curves (circles/arcs). This is fixed.
    The DupBorder command did not use the same tolerance as the Join command, which could cause joining the border curves to fail. This is fixed.
    The Edge Tools toolbar opend at the top above the command menu. This is fixed.
    The EndBulge command did not work with polysurfaces. This is fixed.
    The feedback line has been removed from CPlane Origin and 3Point options. The feedback lines remain for the Elevation and Through options.
    The file type in the bitmap File Open dialog incorrectly did not default to "All." This is fixed.
    The FlatShade toggle was not scriptable. This is fixed.
    The hourglass cursor now displays correctly during time consuming operations.
    The Join command allowed selecting closed solids that were invalid input for the command. This is fixed.
    The Join command incorrectly did not terminate when the joined objects made a closed solid. This is fixed.
    The Join command sometimes did not complete when a polysurface was closed. This is fixed.
    The Loft command did not respond to the end the loft curves were picked to prevent twisting. This is fixed.
    The mass properties command did not work on some kinds of solids. This is fixed.
    The MicroScribe failed to digitize on Windows 98. This is fixed.
    The Normal arrows in the MoveUVN command moved the control points in the wrong direction. This is fixed.
    The NoSnap command incorrectly disabled one-shot object snaps. This is fixed.
    The Notes window now uses the same Rich Edit control and font as the command window, and the Tab key works to place tabs in the Notes window.
    The Object Properties window could become unusable when switching between pages or by pressing Esc. This is fixed.
    The OneLayerOn dialog box could not be resized. This is fixed.
    The Open Texture dialog box did not store the image format. This is fixed.
    The PictureFrame image did not display in RenderedViewport. This is fixed.
    The Properties Match did not match the Glossiness setting. This is fixed.
    The PushViewportToBack command did not work. This is fixed.
    The Rebuild command Retrim option failed in some circumstances. This is fixed.
    The select objects on a layer through the Layer dialog box select mechanism did not work for lights. This is fixed.
    The shaded mode switches in Viewport Title menu incorrectly canceled the current command. This is fixed.
    The ShadeSelected toggle is not controllably scriptable. This is changed so the scripting version has On/Off/Toggle options.
    The SketchOnMesh and PolylineOnMesh commands have changed the mesh display so it looks better in shaded mode.
    The sort order of layers in the Layers dialog box was not saved. This is fixed.
    The status bar did not update distance values correctly. This is fixed.
    The status bar readout displayed garbage characters when the cursor was in an impossible pick area. This is fixed.
    The SynchronizeViews command only worked in 3 or 4 viewport layouts. This is fixed.
    The TextObject command did not accept 0 as a location meaning construction plane 0,0,0. This is fixed.
    The Turntable command was not using the "Increments in divisions of a circle" setting. This is fixed.
    The Volume command now works on objects that are not closed. A warning will display.
    The Weld command did not properly use the angle tolerance. This is fixed.
    The area deviation message did not appear the first time the UnrollSrf command was run. This is fixed.
    The behavior for Scale and Scale2D is changed so when the Copy option is set to Yes, a second Enter stops the command rather than Esc.
    The Camera object (Camera command) did not update properly when canceling the Turntable command. This is fixed.
    The default setting for Print was incorrectly changed to 1:1. It is now is set to Scaled to Fit.
    The following display modes were NOT transparent commands: GhostedViewport, XRayViewport, RenderedViewport. This is fixed.
    The last point pick in CPlane Curve did not work with scripting. This is fixed.
    The last set of mesh settings used for export to a particular file type is remembered for the next export to that file type.
    The last-used folder was not saved in Windows XP. This is fixed.
    The lengths of the layer names created by Make2D command were limited to 23 characters. This is fixed.
    The list of Keyboard shortcuts is blank. This is fixed.
    The Options > Files Search Path was not scriptable. This is fixed.
    The order curves were selected for joining affected whether they closed or not. This is fixed.
    The persistent settings in the Trim command were not saved between sessions. This is fixed.
    The render mesh did not get updated when the U or V was changed with the Dir command. This is fixed.
    The rendering progress message was incorrect with the Treefrog renderer. This is fixed.
    The Rhino incorrectly displayed the wrong current user name in the Zoo. This is fixed.
    The Surface menu selection Extrude To Point incorrectly capped the surface. This is fixed.
    The view of worksession files was sometimes clipped. This is fixed.
    The viewport title menu location when the viewport was close to the bottom of the screen made it easy to accidentally close the viewport. This is fixed.
    The Windows file option Send To did not work to open files other than Rhino .3dm. This is fixed.
    The current nudge value now shows in the status bar in the pane to the right of the x,y,z coordinate readout as it did in V2.
    To make saving as V2 scriptable, a new "AsV2" option has been added to -Save, -SaveAs and -Export commands.
    Using Esc to cancel functions in the Properties dialog box could cause it to become unusable. This is fixed.
    Using Alt+arrow keys to nudge did not work in shaded mode. This is fixed.
    V2 Command Aliases.txt is a file containing a list of aliases that emulate V2 commands. The file is installed in the Rhino System folder.
    When extending a line by factor or dynamically, the curve did not get simplified afterwards. This is fixed.
    When Printing, the paper units setting were not maintained properly.
    When printing, you can now select the printer unit system using inches and millimeters.
    When rotating a construction plane around the x, y or a axis using ortho, the ortho directions incorrectly were not based on the construction plane axes. This is fixed.

    When chosen from the pulldown menu, the Print, PrintPreview, and PrintSetup commands did not repeat with Enter. This is fixed.
    When entering relative coordinates in inch format, "r" works but "@" did not. This is fixed.
    When exporting to IGES, the Maximum Degree setting did not restrict the surface degree. This is fixed.
    When HP1050C is the current printer, the paper size and the preview do not work properly. This is fixed.
    When in analysis modes, turning on control points incorrectly also displayed surface isocurves. This is fixed.
    When rendering a maximized viewport with the render resolution set to viewport resolution, the rendered image was larger than the viewport size. This is fixed.
    When using .x, .y, or .z functions while drawing a curve, the drawn object disappeared, making it impossible to snap to its control points. This is fixed.
    When using maximized viewports, the Tab drawing constraint incorrectly caused the viewport to cycle to the next viewport. This is fixed.
    When using the scroll wheel to browse through bitmaps in the EMap list, Rhino switches between the last two used bitmaps in the top of the list. This is fixed so it scrolls through the entire list.
    Window selecting an entire object for ExtractSrf, incorrectly extracted all the surfaces, but left the original object intact as well. This is fixed.

    With ShowCamera, objects directly behind the camera apex point, displayed upside-down in the perspective viewport while being dragged. This is fixed.


    What's New - Service Release 1 (SR1, 5-Mar-2003)

    Download Rhino 3.0 Service Release 1 Now...

    Bug Fixes:
    Several crash bugs fixed in MergeSrf, SetPt, and Scale have been fixed. These fixes may also fix other unreported crashes in Beta 15.
    Selection of objects inGhostedViewport is now better - you can select objects through ghosted surfaces by picking on wires.
    Fixed crash bugs in cancelling mechanism. This fix affects any command that printed "Press Esc. to Cancel" on the command prompt. Prior to this fix, the cancelling mechanism could corrupt memory, causing unrelated crashes in the future. This is now fixed.
    Fixed several obscure crash bugs. Commands such as Sweep1, Sweep2, BlendSrf, MatchSrf, and others may have crashed because of this bug.
    Toolbar buttons updated to reflect changed command name CurvatureGraph.
    Alt + letter key combination did not work to access several menus. This is fixed.
    The "Add object", "Remove Object", and horizontal divider do not resize correctly in the CurvatureAnalysis dialog box.
    When Dimensions Precision is set to 1, dimensions below 1 do not round to the nearest unit. This is fixed.
    Scaling dimensions left the arrowheads behind. This is fixed.
    Lights did not scale when changing units settings. This is fixed.
    Fillet now displays error information on the command line when it fails.
    The Intersect command could give a different output depending on the order the surfaces are picked. This is fixed.
    An error message that displayed when no default template was found, has been fixed.
    A bug that caused files to Open slowly across Samba links has been fixed.
    Several OpenGL display and crash bugs with specific files and graphics cards have been fixed.
    When printing to 1:1 scale, the printed page always used model units as inches no matter what the setting in the Print dialog. This is fixed

    Undo did not properly refresh the location of spotlight control points. This is fixed.
    Placing the Camera and Target locations from the ViewportProperties dialog box sometimes locked up Rhino. This is now fixed.
    The Weld command did not retain vertex normal information. This is fixed.

    When using Wor

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