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В чем разница?

Тема в разделе "SoftImage", создана пользователем PJ, 7 июн 2002.

Модераторы: Григорий Чаленко
  1. PJ

    PJ Активный участник

    С нами с:
    А существенна ли разница между версиями 2. 03, 02 и 01?
    Какие отличия? Стоит ли ее качать если есть 01?
  2. Guest

    стоит. в 2.03 пофиксино куча багов
  3. PJ

    PJ Активный участник

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    Искал у них на сайте более подробную инфу( что в 03 исправлено и добавлено), что то не нашел. Может кто даст ссылочку.
  4. Glazirin Evgeny ( depol )

    Glazirin Evgeny ( depol ) Мастер

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    List of features, bug fixes and performance enhancements in Xsi v2.0.1


    66125 Need a function in IK to set kine states to skeletal object
    73489 Ability to set defaults for Animation Editor Preference
    74821 AXSI-time control loading its own frame rate causes problem when the latter different from scene frame rate.
    74895 Model pop during playback (model is animated using mixer i.e. with one frame long clips and standard transition)
    74900 Refresh problem when moving locked in X Curve -> Keys don't follow the curve.
    74948 XSI-Crash-with replace shape ( added edge )-topology edits not supported. Need error not a crash.
    75008 ATrim after not working sometimes...
    75012 XSI-Problems with shape animation-bad twisting/flipping of normals.
    75131 DND a source (should be on a folder) from another model on a track -> Two sources created.
    75142 XSI- link with orientation crash-Client script
    75301 Keyframe will be deleted when adding a new key (only happens with specific framerate)
    75328 No longer able to delete instantiated shape clips
    75371 Explode compound clip then undo assert and if you do few times will crash XSI.
    75383 CRASH when leaving the the cursor over animation divot in the mixer (while playing back in loop)
    75423 Copy\Paste multi-selected keys from one object to another no longer working (single copy\paste is OK)

    74967 DotXSI - Import incomplete files make XSI crash
    75088 XSI-Crash-Import SI3D-Customer 3x scene
    75112 W2K Japanese OS - SI3D Loader -importing this scene crashes XSI
    75266 Regression -DotXSI chain not imported correctly when branch selected prior to Export
    75276 DotXSI Import - Materials not Imported with this scene
    75298 DotXSI Import resets the framerate to 29.97 ,even if both the dotXSI file and scene are set to 24 FPS
    75316 Dotxsi Import rotates parts of character 180 degrees
    75325 DotXSI-Import - crash when importing this dot XSI file
    75370 Crash loading scene from 1.5.3 with explicit UV
    75469 DotXSI : Assert importing IK and envelope

    Data Management
    72770 IRIX LINUX | Saving first preset takes a long time .... App looks like its frozen
    74153 Assert when re-doing the deletion of an object | C3DTaskHandler.cpp
    74693 Implement Channel manager on Linux
    74956 Texture shader nodes, should have their own namespace (old scenes)
    75223 Render: Options: relative Image filename path isn't accurate.
    75292 Ref Models - persistence - scaling animation lost on referenced model when scene reopened
    75311 Asserts and CRASH : deleting specific scene
    75378 Assert (C3DActiveData_Cnx.cpp): Open a scene then File\New.


    75480 No_Icon pic lost it's alpha channel.


    73868 Information missing on the DuplicationOptions for "Copy Animation and Share Mixer Sources" and "Copy Animation and Copy Mixer Sources".
    74877 XSI crashes using freeze followed by multiple undo's Client Script
    74975 Cannot make Local properties on Clusters ['ERROR : "2003-PROP-SIMakeLocal - Interface not supported."]
    74977 User is unable to delete Inherited Texture map properties on a cluster
    75144 Hair: Crash when persisting scenes
    75289 Assert and crash upon "delete all" with specific scene
    75312 Unexpected failure when trying to delete an object in a specific scene.
    75489 CRASH in duplicate hierarchy with branch operator

    73554 Hair: BRACES: Assert when switching to selection mode (.... while doing some Shape deform animation)
    73917 Extrude along Curve with Polygon
    74156 Duplicate Using Geometry Approx- flips model around in Z axis
    74229 CRASH - Do Surface\Loft with more than one identical curve that are at the same position.
    74751 Corrupt scene - FreezeObj causes XSI to freeze or crash
    74858 Deformer Name sorting should be Case Insensitive
    74882 Duplicate Using Geometry Approx fails on customers model
    74906 CRASH when applying extend to curve
    74950 Conflict in Weight Panel / Weight Editor Display of envelope after Cage Deform is added.
    74963 Regression EPS file import yields incorrect results
    75000 Extract from polygons should carry the hard-edge flag over to the new mesh
    75039 CRASH: Deform->Cluster Center on itself crash (interactive only, not scripting)
    75091 Client Scene has Problems with merge (poly mesh)
    75113 Duplicate Using Geometry Approx will result in error message in script editor
    75135 Linux : Loft doesn't work with boundaries
    75222 Crash when selecting cluster in the Texture Editor
    75381 Mirror weights not working on client scene
    75455 CRASH: Copying and pasting a cluster from one object to another
    75542 Weight panel : paint tool is not painting the Right colors on the envelope
    75553 Mesh feature versioning can be corrupted, breaking all backcomp
    75567 Preset: Regenerate preset for curve net to have Feature match OFF by default


    62924 Texture management logic must be moved out of SPCs
    66058 PERFORMANCE: even if an object is hidden, XSI will still push it to mental ray, with the textures
    73109 Running particular script twice asserts and Crashes XSI
    73168 Rendering at resolution 1400, doesn't display on 1600x1200 screen
    73992 Render Vertex Colors overwrite Alpha (add option in rendermap)
    74107 Shader wizard should offer frame buffers options for output shaders
    74185 Switch pass performance problem
    74224 Object references don't work with NULLs - sib_lightning
    74308 Ren/region/options help is missing a few FG options
    74454 Xsibatch -prescript/-postscript using .vbs or .js files will simply hang
    74657 HUGE memory buildups when switching Render Passes
    75027 Invalid texture files are always reloaded upon xsi regain focus, it should attempt to load only once
    75151 CRASH : drawing a render region in specific scene
    75205 Crash if you select as an image a .vbs and render
    75229 Render Pass renders Twice on loaded scenes with pre-post scripts
    75524 No elliptical filtering in bump mapping
    75526 RTS - Linux only : nvidia nodes crashed XSI


    45852 Support Python/PerlScript subroutines
    75279 XSI freezes when running a script that execute a "FreezeObj" command


    67120 Setting a scripted Op on a scripted Op variable makes the scripted Op (1rst one) not working.
    67647 OM review functionality/documentation related to type checking
    69418 Shader wizard doesn't create project directory for you
    73585 UNIX : XSIApplication_OnKeyUp does not work
    73833 OM: Custom commands not properly exposed to scripting
    74207 OM: Kinematics.Local.Transform is just a copy of the object's kine pose (by design)
    74215 WORKGROUPS : the file spdl.xsiindex is not properly cleaned when the master uninstalls an addon
    74552 Shader wizard needs to generates a GUID
    74636 .so installed in the "Other" section of an addon are not registred on UNIX like DLLs are on NT
    74660 When packaging a custom command associated to a DLL, the DLL is not listed in the library section
    74662 Custom Commands not working in workgroup
    74688 WORKGROUP: shared plug-in still announced after unsetting workgroup ( xsi -w ).
    74758 Show edges : Guids in show_edges.spdl should have values (and not be set to zeros)
    74780 Xsi -i should have an option to install an addon at user location
    75009 Assert (C3DScriptedOpHostEditable.cpp) when opening a scene with scripted Operators.
    75215 ShapeClip.MappedItems return E_NOINTERFACE
    75385 Add-On - missing "Realtime Shader" category

    74452 Need Particle Error Messages a) if not enough space to create a valid ptp at current frame and b) if ptp cannot be read at current frame (invalid/incomplete,permission,etc)


    List of features, bug fixes and performance enhancements in Xsi v2.0.2


    75317 "Merge to New Source" not working on Linux (OK on NT)

    75707 Keep FCurve timing fixed (Fcurves scaled to compensate the framerate change) not working.

    76129 IK effector transforms should always be exported in local


    75925 FX: Fxtree - when rendering to .AVI or .MOV, the images are highly compressed and look bad

    Data management

    75313 XSI is unable to properly save scenes, from a Mapped DFS network mount

    75736 Data management: File-Open-cancel from Load scene window, causes XSI to crash.

    76007 XSI -r -import doesn't or XSI -script toto-ignor.vbs doesn't work
    76065 Forward cross-model reference of Instanced FCurves not supported

    76475 Scene crash on load - Cage Deform corruption

    76474 RefModel : Properties on referenced model are not saved anymore

    77130 Lost of image clips: image clip are flagged "not used" even if shaders do use it

    77018 Shape animation imports badly from SI3D


    76926 Documentation cd: Guides will open to cover pages of other areas (Links in the HTML documentation that point to other guides in the collection now work as long as you open the guides from the main menu pages)

    77625 Documentation CD | Info page of PDF format | keeping the menu open directions refers to acrobat 4.05 (The instructions for how to use the Acrobat Reader has been updated)

    77647 Documentation CD | Can't install Acrobat on Linux, DOS2Linux needs to be done (Acrobat Reader installer for Linux works without the user having to do a To_Unix on the files first)


    76193 RTS - image clips are not updated in realtime shaders


    75812 With warning message: accepting to continue loading a scene from an unsupported version results in bad viewports

    75813 No more warning message when you are trying to load a scene from a version no longer supported


    75960 SPM can not handle 64+ (spm connections) on windows platforms

    76294 XSIbatch does not share -guilic

    76830 License fall back when using xsibatch
    77217 Incremental Setup : Unable to find the help file from script editor

    77273 XSI 2.0.2 : New feature tour installation path is different from the shortcut path

    77036 2D motion blur doesn't work under Linux. A file is missing

    77399 SPM | Cloth token should be called on demand

    77378 XSI Batch Package | XSI can not render advanced features with batch package

    76678 SPM | Orphaned Licenses remain checked out on SPM server

    78019 SPM communication socket protocol causes anti-tempering mechanisms to be enabled.

    77192 MI_ADD_PLATFORM | need to recompile sibase so that MI_ADD is in sync with the Hair changes


    75781 Texture Editor - Heal doesn't work on simple example of topology edited cube

    75987 XSI - view volume culling is disabled by default (regression)

    75999 Need to expose Seam U and V when freezing texture projection
    76230 Performance - OGLTexture2D always uploading the texture even if time has not changed

    76866 Material and textures are missing when load the .emdl in a new XSI session


    76035 XSI SDK: Command line option: xsi -script test-hQA_Batchscript.vbs not working


    75793 Hair: Rendered Hairs Jitter

    75809 Simulation-Particles: XSI crashes after deleting multiple obstacle properties using script command.

    75877 Scenes with a SoftBody applied to an open geometry will crash when rendered with "xsibatch -r".
    76026 XSI-Bug with script used to apply 'object to particle' is missing statement to correctly ignore targets if tangency is not used.

    76054 Hair: Crash Rendering Scene

    75906 Crash reloading Scene if Hair Cache Files are inaccessible.

    76836 Crash on multiple hair volumes

    77019 Hair: Hair disappears if Obstacle Object deleted.

    77229 Hairs appear/disappear in alpha channel

    76283 Spherical artifacts between Hair Segments

    75810 Hair: Transparency incorrectly dealing with shadows.

    76018 Hair Renders Ambient/Specular components incorrectly.

    75810 Hair: Transparency incorrectly dealing with shadows.

    77293 Help update for sib_hair shader


    74259 XSI-inprecisions and usability issues with snapping

    75744 XSI - OpenGL versions > 1.2 are treated as version 1.0 (performance issue)

    77970 MAJOR slowdown between 2.0.2 rc2 and 2.0 when minimizing \ maximizing the application


    List of features, bug fixes and performance enhancements in Xsi v2.0.3


    76202 AE - Add a hotkey for set slopes to slope zero
    79342 When a user deletes a key, the result is different from SI|3D.
    79343 SI3D style slope appears longer in xsi than in SI3D
    74145 Animation Mixer - audio is turned off when closing the window
    78912 Export Action to ANI file, does not export slopes.
    75875 AE - full SI3D style slopes (optional) support in XSI.
    77342 Animation Mixer - when keyframes are edited in the Animation Editor, the keys are placed on incorrect frames
    70289 AE - icons (and hotkeys) for quick access to the View menu choices (marked params, animated, selected)
    78732 Delete marking set on one cube deletes it from another cube also
    77888 Wrong result when doing "Zero slope lengh" whith SI 3DCurve style.
    76647 Press the ? on the dopesheet PPG -> old screenshot (Clear button is missing)
    78579 Corrupted Customer Scene - scene will not load
    76345 The View menu 'interactive Zoom Tool' entry doesn't show up the hotkey mapping next to it ('C')
    77114 AE - keep the Si3D/XSI-style for curves when performing topological operations


    76117 Some FXs are not working on Linux.
    78187 Proxy Scaling : output wrong with transform & crop node


    77961 dotXSI - Memory usage in FTK write and read is too high

    Data Management

    77629 RefModel: Referenced model are missing when reloading a scene using the same model many times.
    59996 No pop up window to warn that disk is full when exporting external model
    78136 Crash recovery on Linux... well... doesn't
    78107 Customer scene that crashes on load even with QFE 14.

    78041 Reference Models not saving with client scene even with QFE 14 (need Local Modification flags 'off')
    78965 SPDL & Addon installation on the command line should have an option to FORCE reinstallation (when teh spdl already exists)


    79439 Online help update for SI3D Style slopes support
    76296 Help info needed for Custom "DisplayInfo" Parameters

    79874 Some links are not working on IRIX

    78268 XSI-Corrupt Scenes(Crash)
    76792 Invalid model connection crashes XSI on load

    75986 Crash with smooth weight (Apply smooth)
    78886 Bulge / Twist -OP PROBLEM
    79670 Trims: drawing of NURBS with trims: points at infinity
    76000 Crash when adjusting the brush size (weight paint)

    77865 Trims: Crash in trim tesselator on client data.

    77287 .scn association is binded to xsi.exe and not xsi.bat, so a lot of env vars are missing on startup
    77289 .scn no longer work, it will simply start xsi without load the .scn
    74503 Installer doesn't detect existing port for the service mi-ray3xsi2_0
    77130 Loss of image clips: image clip are flagged "not used" even if shaders do use it
    79275 Light list crashes on linux
    77965 XSI cannot render 6k image... ran out of memory...
    78369 MI_ADD_PLATFORM | Need to add motionblur.so/dll to the distribution
    77827 LINUX / IRIX | XSIbatch can not render scenes that use the FX compositor
    75984 Passes and overrides: (deactivation reduce to one *ONLY*) switching passes: speed and memory consumption (Client scene)

    74879 Client scene: Load scene, switch pass = crash!

    78196 Angle Discontinuity has no effect when the shape combiner operator is present.
    78196 Angle discontinuity has no effect when shape combiner op is present
    74879 Customer scene: Load scene, switch pass = crash!

    78077 Memory leak with scripted Operator (memory is growing up when doing a playback)
    78833 SDK - Huge Memory Leak in Scripting Language (Phoenix)
    78938 SDK - xsi -i : multiple spdl with same dll (Pheonix)
    78937 SDK - xsi -u corrupting shader_plugin.mi (Pheonix)
    77368 SDK - LINUX : Regression - Crash while parsing IsnerSpine.addon in current

    78186 SPM | License reconnection dialog box no longer displays in the UI when license connection is lost

    75806 Transfer map crash on Nurbs.
    77632 Hair: Horizontal Banding Artifacts with Shadows.
    77358 HAIR - Save Scene on Frame other than where Hair and Obstacles were created causes hair to Disappear.

    79331 HAIR - Crash with Render Region with customer scene if texture applied to root and tips of Hair

    79801 Regression | Linux | Crash in 2.0.3 when loading customer scene [Libsparks.so]
Модераторы: Григорий Чаленко

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