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УРА RHINO 5 wip уже анонсирован

Тема в разделе "Rhino", создана пользователем Javax, 8 апр 2009.

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    Как я уже и собщал на форуме "Рино 5 на подходе". Вчера был анансирован wip реализ далее будет бета. Разработчики пока не знают дату выхода беты но возможно максимальный срок будет около года. Что нового бедет в ринке могу отписатся если заинтересует.
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    Installing Rhino 5.0 WIP will not affect Rhino 4.0 - you can have both on your computer at the same time.

    What's New, WIP 2009-04-07 (7-Apr-2009)
    (Printer Friendly)New Features:
    3dsImportOptions: New command - Sets the weld angle for importing 3ds files.
    Arc: New Start, Center, Angle option.
    Circle - New Option - Circumference: Pick a center and enter a value for the circumfrence.
    ClippingPlane: The Dir command now recognizes clipping planes and allows flipping.
    CommandHelp: Supports fuzzy string search identical to command autocomplete. So now you don't need to worry about the spelling so much.
    CPlane: The Object option now allows clipping planes to be selected in addition to curves and surfaces.
    CreaseSplitting: New command - By default, when Rhino surface creation commands such as ExtudeCrv, Loft, and Sweep, uses input that has kinks, the result is a polysurface with edges corresponding to the kinks. CreaseSplitting changes this behavior. If the option SplitAlongCreases=No the result is a single surface; if SplitAlongCreases=Yes, a polysurface will be the result.
    Curvature: Automatically snaps to curve inflection points (where the sign of the curvature changes.)
    DigLine: New command: When a point is picked with the digitizer, a line is drawn starting at the probe tip and ending Length units away from the tip, in the direction opposite the probe direction vector.
    DisableClippingPlanes: New command - Turns clipping plane effect off/on for all clipping planes in the current viewport.

    EnableClippingPlanes: New command - Makes selected clipping plane objects clip a specified viewport.
    Hatch: New Basepoint option sets the starting point for the hatch pattern.
    HatchBase: New command - Sets the starting point of the pattern for existing hatches.
    InsertControlPoint: When picking either a curve or surface, you can now insert multiple control points (or rows in the case of surfaces) in the same command session.
    InterpCrv: New Free option for start and end tangent direction allows more tangent control.
    IntersectTwoSets: New command - Variation of Intersect command - allows selecting two sets of objects for finding intersections. The command only find the intersection between the two groups, ignore intersection between objects in the same group.
    Lasso: New Selection Modes: Window, Crossing, and Invert Window options allow selecting objects inside, crossing, or outside of a multi-sided polygon enclosure
    Layer: If you right-click in the Layer window and do not have anything selected, you will see new "Collapse All" and "Expand All" options on the context menu. If you right-click and have one or more layers selected, you will see new "Collapse Sublayers" and "Expand Sublayers" that collapse and expand just the sublayers in that branch.
    Layer: New Match Properties option creates a new layer with the same color, material, line style, etc. as an existing layer.
    MirrorHole: New command - mirrors holes in polysurface.
    Mouse: The middle-mouse button can now be customized to emulate view manipulation in other software.
    MPlane: New option - UseObjectPlane lets you set the plane to a curve or surface.
    Object snaps now work when dragging objects. If you start dragging, and a drag osnap is active, the snap point will be used as the drag base point, and osnaps will be enabled for the "to" point pick too.
    Object Snaps: New Vertex snap for polygon meshes. It works for osnapping to the mesh vertices.
    Options, Appearance: A new option to toggle command line autocompletion has been added.
    OSnap:Cen: Now works on annotation text bounding boxes.
    OSnap:point: Now works on the center and corners of rectangular lights.
    OSnap:point: The Point object snap now works on text base points and block insertion points even if control points are off.
    Pan: Press Shift after starting to rotate with the right mouse button to lock the rotation to horizont or vertical.
    PopupPopular: New command - Works like PopupMenu, but pops up a menu containing 15-most-used commands, sorted most popular first.
    Project, Pull, DupEdge, DupFaceBorder, ExtractWireframe, ExtractControlPolygon, ExtractPt: New OutputLayer option.
    Purge: Now deletes empty groups and unused linetypes from the model.
    Radius: The Radius command ignores the Cen object snap.
    Repeat: New Command - Specify by typing or selecting a command or macro from a list.
    Save:DWG/DXF - New feature: It is now possible to import and export existing named schemes.
    Save:DWG: Simple solids now export to AutoCAD as 3DSolids.
    SelBoundary: New command - Selects objects based on a boundary defined by a closed polyline.Selection is based on the curves apparent shape relative to the view, not it's 3-D shape or a projection from the construction plane.
    SelClippingPlane: New command - Selects all clipping planes.
    ShowEdges: Now can "false color" highlight all edges, naked edges, or non-manifold edges.
    New FromCurve option sets a radius to match an existing curve.
    New FromTwoPoints option defines a radius by picking two points.
    VPoint: New command - Specifies the viewing angle as a vector from a specified point to 0,0,0.
    Weld: Edges that will be affected by Weld or Unweld will now be highlighted.
    ZoomNonManifold: New command - Paints, marks, and zooms in on non-manfold edges of polysurfaces and meshes, following the behavior of the ZoomNaked command.
    Enhanced Features:
    3DFace: Added dynamic feedback wires connecting the picked points to give an indication in what order the points should be picked.
    Analysis commands that show numbers that are not distances (Angle, EvaluateUVPt, Distance (the angles), GCon, Domain) now pay attention to the precision setting on the doc properties Units page.
    Array - Changed behavior: Array now automatically previews the result instead of having an optional preview.
    Arrow key behavior: Arrow keys now always pan in plan view parallel viewports instead of rotating the view. Accidental rotation of the view caused problems.
    ChangeDegree/Rebuild/FitSrf: U and V direction indicators have been added.
    ClippingPlane - Interface change: Now automatically uses the active viewport when the command starts instead of requesting one.
    ClippingPlane: Clipping planes will always display in all views unless they are hidden or on a hidden layer just like other Rhino objects.
    Command prompt: Now backspace always erases the last typed character, overriding autocomplete.
    Copy option: The state of the Copy option for these commands is now remembered: Rotate, Rotate3D, Scale, Shear, Scale1D, Scale2D, ScaleNU, Orient, Orient3Pt, Mirror, OrientOnCrv, OrientCurveToEdge, RemapCPlane, Twist, Bend, Taper, Flow, FlowAlongSrf.
    CurvatureGraphOn - Interface change: New edit boxes allow typing the scale and density as well as incrementing the numbers.
    CurvatureGraphOn - Interface change: Now colors for u- and v-directions can be specified separately.
    Delete - Interface change: Pressing the Delete key will now remove a row of selected surface control points.
    DupEdge: Single mesh polygon edges can now be duplicated.
    ExportOptions/ImportOptions: Now include advanced display mode settings.
    Extend: Typing a negative number now shortens the curve.
    FilletEdge: The new FromTwoPoints option sets the radius distance by picking two points.
    Insert: Dialog box layout improved:
    InsertKnot: You can now snap to the knot-span midpoints with Point osnap.
    Join: When the script mode fails, will now print a command line message rather than displaying a dialog box.
    Layers: New Yes to All and No to All buttons have been added to the Delete Multiple Layers dialog box.
    Line: Perpendicular FromFirstPoint now draws a line perpendicular to a curve point to any direction. Use Ortho to draw a line parallel to the CPlane.
    Line: Since the letter shortcuts were different at various stages of the command, the BothSides option is moved to the beginning of the list. That way BothSides gets "b" for shortcut and Bisector is left with "i".
    Menu change: CheckMesh has been added to the Mesh > Mesh repair menu.
    Mirror: Option to mirror around construction plane axes has been added.
    OffsetMesh: New BothSides option creates meshes on each side of the selected mesh object.
    Options > Selection Menu: New options for what information is displayed in the Selection menu.
    OrientOnSrf: UI change: Copy checkbox has been removed from the dialog box and added as a command line option.
    Osnap - Interface change: The wireframe of the object you are osnapping to now thickens slightly.
    Print: When printing to vector, PictureFrame objects are now detected and printed as a raster image.
    RemoveKnot: Undo option added.
    Rotate: Now remembers the last used angle (in degrees) for the duration of the Rhino session.
    Save:3dm: Rhino V5 files are smaller than V4.
    Scale: The Copy option is now a Yes/No toggle and is remembered within a Rhino session.

    Scale1D: The Copy option is now a Yes/No toggle and is remembered within a Rhino session.

    Scale2D: The Copy option is now a Yes/No toggle and is remembered within a Rhino session.

    ScaleNU: The Copy option is now a Yes/No toggle and is remembered within a Rhino session.
    Select - Changed behavior: For grouped objects control+click deselects the whole group, Shift+Control+click deselects the clicked item only.
    Selection menu: An All option has been added the the Selection menu.
    Shear: The Copy option is now a Yes/No toggle and is remembered within a Rhino session.
    SoftMove: a new MoveNormal option moves the grip points normal to the surface.
    SoftMove: The interface for control points has been improved.
    Sweep1: A new Simple option has been added.
    Taper: The Copy, Rigid, Flat, and Infinite options are now Yes/No toggles and are remembered within a Rhino session.
    Text: Options for 9 justification types have been added.
    UnTrim: New RemoveAllTrims option removes all trims on the object.
    Bug Fixes:
    AlignMeshVertices: Pressing Esc completed the command instead of exiting. This is fixed.
    Angle: A new TwoObjects option measures the angle betwen two planar surfaces or two lines.
    Arc: All angle entry methods should now: 45d, 39deg, 22.875degs, 12.345e2degree, 180degrees, 47.653395°.
    Arc: New Length option allows defining an arc by center, start, and arc length.
    Arc: When drawing an Arc Extension with Center option, the sign of the arc was wrong. The arc pointing away from the curve should be positive and the one folding back on the curve should be negative. This is fixed.
    BooleanDifference: Many improvements to Boolean commands.
    BooleanUnion: Failures with the new intersector have been fixed.
    BoundingBox: When a surface is flat, an attempt is made to make the bounding box a planar rectangle rather than a box with the vertical sides compressed.
    Camera: Locations for cameras in parallel views could become corrupted. This has been fixed by having a test for reasonable camera locations when the file is opened.
    Cap: Failure bug fixed.
    Cap: In some cases Cap built a surface that when untrimmed, leaves a margin between the surface edges and the trim; in other cases, no margin was left. This is fixed. A small margin is now always created.
    Circle 3Point: A new Radius option allows drawing a circle through two points with a defined radius similar to the Arc command Start-End-Radius option.
    Circle: A new Orientation option allows setting the circle plane perpendicular to any picked direction.
    Circle: A new Circumference option is now available after the center has been picked.
    ClippingPlane: A problem with clipping planes and ATI graphics cards has been fixed.
    Command feedback: Feedback when a command fails has been enhanced for many commands.
    Contour: A surface intersection problem has been fixed.
    Contour: Too few or too many contour curves were incorrectly created. This is fixed.
    Control points: Deleting a kink control point at the start/end of a closed polycurve incorrectly smoothed all kinks. This is fixed.
    Convert: Conversion of TrueType font curves has been improved.
    Convert: Curve-to-arcs has been improved.
    CPlane > Surface: New IgnoreTrims option uses the entire untrimmed surface for determining the construction plane orientation.
    CurvatureGraph: Display speed has been improved.
    DeleteSubCrv: Alias added for the old BreakCrv command.
    Dir: Now allows selection of more than one object.
    Display Engine: Many display problems have been fixed.
    Control points displayed incorrectly on curves that were very far from the origin.
    Divide: A problem with the calculation speed has been fixed.
    Ellipse: New option - PointsAtFoci. Works on open and closed elliptic and circular curves.
    ExtendTrimmedSrf: No longer shrinks (ShrinkTrimmedSrf) the result.
    ExtractSubCrv: New options - Copy=Yes/No and Join = Yes/No (for the output).
    FilletEdge: Now ignores block instances as input.
    FilletEdge: Several UI problems with locating and adding handles.
    FilletSrf/Chamfersrf: Error messages now display when the fillet fails.
    Floating Viewports now float when closing and reopening a file.
    Flow: Option state for Copy, Rigid, and Stretch is now remembered.
    HBar: New FixedHandleLength=Yes/No option.
    Insert: The last inserted block name and the Group, Individual Objects and Block settings are now remembered.
    InsertKink - Interface change: Existing kinks or potential kinks are now drawn as blips on curves and as isocurves on surfaces.
    Intersect: Curve/Surface intersection for commands such as Trim, Booleans, etc., has been improved.
    Intersect: Many accuracy and speed improvements have been made.
    Intersect: Many intersection bugs affecting Trim, Split, Booleans, etc., have been fixed.
    Intersect: Many special-case surface/surface intersection bugs have been fixed.
    Intersect: Several Curve/Surface intersection bugs have been fixed.
    Intersection: Many special-case curve/curve intersection bugs have been fixed.
    Intersection: (Affects many commands): Surface to Surface intersections involving pointy singularities (like the tip of a cone) has been improved.
    Intersection: Many curve/surface and surface/surface intersection failures have been fixed.
    Intersection: Many special-case curve/surface intersection bugs have been fixed.
    Intersection: Many surface/surface intersection failures have been fixed.
    Intersection: Several surface-surface intersection bugs have been fixed.
    Lasso can now select all types of objects; not just points.
    Layer: When objects were selected through the Layer dialog box for deletion, the layer was deleted instead of the objects. This is fixed.
    New option DeleteInput has been added.
    Mesh: Many failure bugs have been fixed.
    NetworkSrf: Input curves were incorrectly calculated in some cases. This is fixed.
    OffsetCrvOnSrf: A problem that created multiple curves has been fixed.
    Open:DWG/DXF: A problem with importing paperspace objects into Rhino layouts has been fixed.
    Open:DWG/DXF: AutoCAD paperspace entities now import to Rhino layout objects and vice versa.
    Open:DWG: A problem with unsupported entity types from AutoCAD 2009 has been fixed.
    Open:pLY: Imported failed to recognize tokens in the header and clopsed. This is fixed.
    Open:STEP: Opening a STEP file should be faster because of the new intersector code.
    Open:STL: STL import now welds at 22.5 degrees by default. The command STLImportOptions changes the behavior for the duration of the session.
    Open:VRML: A problem opening VRML files created with PhotoModeler has been fixed.
    Option toggle state: Many commands now remember the state of the option toggles within a Rhino session.
    OSnap:Tan: The Tangent object snap sometimes incorrectly allowed a tangent to be located. This is fixed.
    Pan: The tolerance for determining whether a view is a plan view in order to switch from right-mouse button Pan to right-mouse button tumble has been tightened.
    PercentageSnap - New one-shot object snap: Prompts for an end to snap from and a percentage. The curve is marked with temporary points that are automatically snapped to.

    If the percentage is less than 50, you get multiple snap points. For example if you type 30, you get snap points at 30%, 60% and 90%.
    PictureFrame: A problem with OpenGL display caused the image to turn white. This is fixed.
    Print: PictureFrame objects now print in vector output.
    Project: A problem with projecting polylines onto mesh objects has been fixed.
    Properties, Material: Scripting options have been changed: Reflectivefinish > GlossFinish and Specular > GlossColor.
    Purge: Incorrectly attempted to purge linetypes in use by layers or objects. This is fixed.
    Pyramid/Cylinder/Cone: The DirectionConstraint option has been improved.
    Quad osnap did not override Perp in the case when the two are both valid. This is fixed.
    Render: Out of memory crash has been improved.
    RhinoScript: Now supports any scripting language that supports Microsoft's Active Scripting interfaces including JScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, TCL, Haskel, Lua and others.
    Rotate: A problem with storing the rotation angle with the Copy option has been fixed.
    Rotate: The Copy option is now a Yes/No toggle and is remembered within a Rhino session.
    Rotate3D, Rectangle > 3Point: Ortho feedback incorrectly referenced world coordinates instead of construction plane coordinates. This is fixed.
    Rotate3D: The Angle is now remembered within a Rhino session.
    Rotate3D: The Copy option is now a Yes/No toggle and is remembered within a Rhino session.
    RotateView: When rotating the view with the right mouse button, switching to another application with Alt+Tab and back to Rhino caused the view to rotate without pressing the right mouse button. This is fixed.
    RoundHole: Input for the command changed the drill point angle instead of the radius. This is fixed.
    RoundHole: New SrfNormal, CPlaneNormal, and Pick direction options have been added.
    Save:SAT: Exporting SAT to .dwg has been improved.

    ScaleByPlane - New Command: A non-uniform Scale2D. Options: Copy (similar to the other Scale commands), and construction plane selection.
    Section: Many special-case bugs caused by intersection failures have been fixed.
    SelBrush: New commmand - Selects objects based on painting a thick brush stroke. It supports click'n'dragging or repeatedly clicking to draw the stroke.

    By default it uses crossing select: Objects touched by the stroke are selected. There is a SelectionMode=Window/Crossing/InvertWindow/InverCrossing command option for controlling the behavior.

    BrushWidth setting controls the brush width in pixels. Initially the default width is 40
    SelCircular: New command - Works like SelWindow/SelCrossing, but the selection area is circular instead of rectangular.
    Select objects: Improvements have been made in speed and accuracy.
    Select: Selecting curves in shaded viewports has been improved.
    SelLayer: New option in scripting version (-SelLayer) allows selection of an object to set the layer.
    SetPt: Typing a number when only one of the axis checkboxes is selected now accepts that number for the z-coordinate, leaving the other values unchanged.
    SmartTrack: Tangent and perpendicular tracking lines are contolled separately by the SmartTrack Options.
    Split/Trim: Many special-case failures have been fixed.
    TextObject: In some cases, surfaces were created with flipped normals compared with the other characters. This is fixed. Surface normals face construction plane z-axis.
    Twist: The Copy, Rigid, and Infinite options are now Yes/No toggles and are remembered within a Rhino session
    Untrim: The All option was set to Yes if a surface's natural edge was selected. Untrim now untrims all boundary selecting natural edge, but keeps option unchanged for next selection.
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    Да рано ее ставить, сырая очень, большинство плагинов не работают
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    Друзья так когда всё же не сырая будет :)))

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